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In december 2004, I went by myself to Thailand for 1 week of trekking in and rafting, here some snapshots.

Camera used was a digital Canon Powershot G6, and a film based 50 year old Rollieflex3.5 Planar. This was the first time I had used a digital camera and started the realise the power and flexibilty of digital photography.




karen village kid

I stayed in this village for 1 night, there was no electricity here, and I froze my butt off. From the amount of clothes you can see this kid wearing (in the morning sunshine) you can imagine how cold it was during the night!




floating market

This was taken at a large floating market a few hours drive from Bangkok. I was given about 30 minutes here! I really need to go here again!




quiet learning

This was taken the biggest temple/pagoda in Thailand, whose name currently escapes me. I was with a day tour group at time and was given 25 minutes to take photos here. Thankfully I was able to get 1 photo out of it, before having to sprint back to the bus.




to school








at peace











mother and child




the passenger





....and all that jazzzzz

This was a ladyboy show in Bangkok (a bit wierd), and I only went because the three girls i met whilst trekking in Chiang Mai met up with me again in Bangkok and persuaded me to go. I would not normally go to something like this, and am glad I walked away with atleast 1 photo Im happy with!





lahu village kid





my hotel - chiang mai





red chiang mai taxi





kings palace, bangkok






public bus, bangkok




local ladies




bamboo raft

I actually had to take a bath in this cold river, as you can see the water is brown. This is the same river that elephants poo and pee in. Thankfully elephant poo is not too smelly, and as I observed, the stuff floats so you can see it coming and dive out of the way before it hits you!
Never had I been so apreciative of a hot shower that on this day.




chiang mai street food

I ordered a green curry with chicken, it was so delicious I ordered another one.







bodily warmth

Pure luck I managed to get this shot of man and animal doing the same thing.

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