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Its that time again of the year again

Was very luck to capture this shot as I was on a train and thought the guy would shout at me for talking his photo





I recently took part in a triathlon as we were challenged by our company president to join him!
I thought if a older guy like him can do it....then so can I.... It was an exhilarating experience and a good learning.
The pink swim cap I wore here was a visibilty aid for lifeguards in case any of us were going to drown during the 800 metre sea swim (which nearly happened to me as I had a bad cramp - can you see my face screwed up in pain here due to my leg cramps?).
There were also howls of laughter when I showed this around the office with me being mentioned in the same sentance as steamed chicken or white frog! To top it off, you can actually buy this photo of me from a online shop but dont even bloody think about it!. So there you have it, Angony, Ecstasy, Laughter and Embarassment. An experience I will remember forever. I must thank Carolyn for putting up with my last minute application, and our president for making us do things out of our usual comfort zone.






 Erni + Philip = Geordi

This is my good friend/collegue Erni who just had a ceasarian 2 days previously. Erni is one of the most funniest, straightforward, and intelligent people I have met, and I felt it my duty to take this photo for her and was worried I screwed the photo up at the time. Ive known Erni for about 3 years and even remember when she first came into the office wearing her engagement ring the day after Philip proposed to her. Then I attended her subsequent wedding from which you can see the photos below, and now Im here at the birth of her first child Geordi. Thanks for letting me be present during these milestones in your life.


This is a shot of my collegue Hiro while we were waiting for the football (soccer) match to start between Singapore and Japan. I framed the photograph like this as I wanted the blue sky and the green field to combine with his T-shirt.
Thanks to Hiro I was very lucky to get tickets for this match as all the tickets were sold out within hours.


Red Sun

This was taken at the same Singapore Vs Japan football match, people were queing up to get little mini flags sprayed onto their arms and faces for free. This was a great night with the Japanese SCSC team who really let their emotions come to the surface during certain parts of the match. Eventually Japan barely managed to beat singapore by 2 goals to 1.






Novena Square

The building complex (called Novena Square) where I work comprises of two towers, A and B. This is a photo of Tower A, (the one I work in) you will also be able to see a reflection of towerB. I also waited till the right moment to capture enough cloud over on the left hand side to bring balance to the photo. Otherwise it would look too blue and empty.





Cards and Beer

Taken late at night at friends birthday party and I had drank 3 cans of beer by this time. This picture is a bit grainy as I used Ilford 3200 (low light film) and I also didnt meter the light properly as I had a 4th beer in my other hand and was thinking about getting more beer in case I ran out.




Dragon Dancers

This was shot at a Convention Centre called Suntec City, I remember walking home very hungry carrying my dinner (a packet of Roti Prata) when I heard all this noise. It turned out to be a large group of performers dancing about with a chinese dragon. I dropped my food and started shooting.
Instead of using a fast shutter to freeze the action, I sensed from the flowing movement of the dragons that this would a good opportunity to paint the frame, like the flowing movement of a chinese character. Thus I used shutter speeds of 1/4 of a second. Camera was my Pentax MX with my last roll of Fuji Provia 400 slide film.





Sorry, this photo might seem like a boring building shot, but for some reason I like it, Camera was a Pentax MX and a 28mm lens using Fuiji Provia 400.






This was taken during chinese new year. Red is the colour to wear. The things they are selling here are dried preserved chinese sausages.
I like eating chinese sausages, my mum makes them steamed with dried oysters and sliced ginger! YUM!





Rings of fire

Shot at the bottom of my office Novena Square facing the fountain at about 8pm (I was in darkness).
I shot a whole roll of Kodak 400CN using long shutter speeds and hand holding my camera with telephoto lens to get the long trailing light effects.





The Arrow

This was taken waiting for the green light at the traffic junction opposite my office, I had just finished playing badminton was hot, hungry and and tired. As you can see, there is a wierd stroke of light to the right of the arrow, this is caused by the shutter fault of my 50 year old rolleiflex. This camera needs to be replaced. I was thinking of buying one new from the states for $3,000 USD . What do you think, does the above fault justify it?





Anxious Monkey

All I remember what that this Howler Monkey kept moving amongst these trees very quickly. It kept looking left and right for some reason. Just in case you are wondering, the Howlers in Singapore Zoo are allowed to walk about anywhere, yes even the footpaths we used.
I have visited the zoo only once, Im thinking of going back there, but the cost to get there and the admission fee, makes me think that the money would better spent buying film. This was taken using colour negative film.





This girl Erni is a good friend of mine and asked me to take some photos at her wedding. I think she was smiling because I actually made it there on time for the start. They might be happy, but at that moment I was starting to get worried, and the adrenaline was starting to kick in.


Looking Back

I remember shouting to get her attention, at this point, everyone inside the church stood up and turned to look at the doorway where both of them were standing and then the wedding music started. I remember asking myself....who's more nervous....me or her?



Holding hands

They all joined hands to celebrate the wedding





" The Three Graces "

Here we have 2 married ladies congratulating a new member of the club.
This is one of my favourite photos and I named it after the famous statue of 3 greek ladies.



In the bedroom

This shot was taken after the wedding in their bedroom.
It was lit only by window light, no flash used (I dont have a flash!). Now you are probably asking what on earth am I doing in a newly married couple's bedroom after they had gotten married! They invited me......honest!





Bloody hot when I took this this is a shot of Singapore's Arts Centre The Esplanade. I am try to contrast the sharp manufactured dome Vs the soft fluffy and natural clouds. I used my Pentax MX and my cheap $20 USD 135mm lens.




Night Party

Taken on Singapores national day, I was alone watching all the shows when I came across this giant fabric screen getting the image of a live band projected on it. I had always wanted to get a nightshot of the singapore city at night, but wanted to do it differently to the standard postcard shot.
This shot was hand held and Fuji provia400 was used.




The $350 photograph

This photo is so called as shortly after, I lost my expensive sunglasses after taking this shot. I get so absorbed when taking photos that I forget about everything else. In this picture, there are 2 girls doing ballet on stage together, I deliberately used very slow sutter speeds to get the blurred effect to emphasise their movements.
Ps. This was not a ballet show I was attending in case you think I like to attend such womanly events







Question 7 to the bride & groom: What first attracted you to him.......


He writes....."because im cute"......... :-)





I took this during my weekly badminton seesion, this was taken very quickly during a break in the game.



Indians in a trance

Taken at a Hindu festival festival in singapore called Thaipusam.
Both these guys were in a trance. Thaipusam is so-called as the day falls on a full moon day in the 10th Tamil month of Thai when the Pusam star constellantion is prominant

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