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This is the country of my birth, and the country where my parents and my best friends are, this is the country where I learned photography, that formed basically who I am today. When I look at this its, of old memories, and brings me sadness as it contains people I once knew, and except for one or two people, most I have lost contact with since having been in singapore for the last 4 years.

My Best Friends

I have 4 best friends. Ive put this photo here as a reminder of the importance of friendship. I will put up photos of my other 2 best friends Scott and Kashaf when I find photos of them

May May!

One of my favourite photos - I was supposed to help wash her hands, notice she has splashed droplets on her nose.....Awwww



Film:Kodak 400CN Camera:Minolta Dynax 700si Lens:70-210mm f2.8


Film:Ilford Delta 400 Pro Camera:Pentax MX Lens:28mm f2.8


Film:Kodak 400CN Camera:Minolta Dynax 700si Lens:70-210mm f2.8

In crowd

Film:Ilford Delta 400 Pro Camera:Pentax MX Lens:28mm f2.8


Film:Ilford Delta 400 Pro Camera:Pentax MX Lens:135mm f2.8 Prinzflex


Film:Ilford Delta 400 Pro Camera:Pentax MX Lens:135mm f2.8 Prinzflex

Canal Swan

Fuji Reala Camera:Rollieflex Lens:75mm Planar


Studio Lamp,
Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Ilford Delta 3200 Camera:Rollieflex Lens:75mm Planar


Assembly, Edinburgh, 2000

Ilford Delta 3200 Camera:Minolta Dynax 700si Lens:28-70mm f2.8


Kelvin, Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Fuji Neopan 1600 Camera:Pentax MX Lens:135mm f2.8 Prinzflex

This was taken in an open courtyard and we were surrounded on all 4 sides by 100+ year old buildings. It was simply beautiful, I was sitting having a picnic, talking, relaxing. Kelvin had 2 kids and they were running about free. I snapped this when his daughter had decided cuddle up to her dad. I find there is something beautiful and natural about this picture.


Kelvin's Kids, Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Ilford XP2 Super Camera:Rollieflex Lens:75mm Planar 

I was having my picnic to the left of this shot but got up and grabbed this photo when I saw them starting to play with the clothesline. Subsequently I sat down and continued to eat what was a great bbq chicken. What a great day!

Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Fuji Neopan 1600 Camera:Pentax MX Lens:50mm f2

Kelvins son was quite a handful. He kept running about as young kids do.


Kodak 400CN Camera:Pentax MX Lens:28mm f2.8

Wiston, 2000

This was a teambuilding excercise. I remember it was very cold (about 5 C) and was wondering whether my camera would freeze up. Thankfully since my Pentax is fully mechanical and requires no batteries, i did not encounter any problems. Again this is full frame shot without cropping. I tried to get the tree harness, the ropes, the climbers and the rope handler all together.



Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Fuji Neopan 1600 Camera:Pentax MX Lens:135mm f2.8 Prinzflex

This is a shot of someone reading racist propaganda from the BNP party. The BNP or British National Party is a so-called British political party with racist views, they are sympathetic to the Ku Klux Klan in the USA and the Nazis in Germany. I caught my friend Alan (who is not racist but does have intimidating tattoos) reading this and thought it would make a interesting photo bearing in mind the usually stereotypical image of a neo nazi thug.



Film:Ilford Delta 3200 Camera:Rollieflex Lens:75mm Planar

Cath Walker, Edinburgh, 2000

I took a beginners course in studio photography, learning how to set up lights and stuff. I never really put my heart into it as studio work requires a lot of setting up and planning. I like to take my photos off the cuff without preparation or planning as I believe they will look more natural.

This picture was the beginning of my upside down photo taking technique and is one of my favourites, I saw fellow course mates print out a test sheet of studio portraits and go to the window (where it was brighter) to inspect them more clearly. For some reason I sensed that this might make a good picture, I usually hold and focus my camera at chest height, but this didn't look like a good shot as I was getting the back of people's heads, thus I hoisted the Rolleiflex above my head, focused and got this shot.



Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Ilford Delta 3200 Camera:Rollieflex Lens:75mm Planar



Editor of The Sentinel,
Edinburgh, 2000

Film:Ilford Delta 3200 Camera:Pentax MX Lens:50mm f2


Maureen photographing Louisa, Edinburgh, 2000

Louisa being photographed by Maureen, Edinburgh, 2000

Ilford Delta 3200 Camera:Pentax MX Lens:50mm f2

The two photos here were taken one after each other, I was actually helping out and holding a white polystyrene reflector to help Maureen balance the light on Louisa's face. From the photo on the right, you can see that top of the reflector causing the photo to be mid grey on the bottom


Glen Affric,
Scotland 1994

Film:SuperG 200 Camera:Pentax ME Super Lens:28mm

This was taken outside a hut in the middle of a vast stretch of wilderness in Scotland called Glen Affric.It was the morning-after a 16 mile trek.
This trek was part of a 100+mile walking trip across the north of
Scotland organised by my friend Andrew. This is the only time in my life when I went 6 days without a shower (but it was worth it for the experience). I still remember the beauty of the lanscape to this day, there is something special walking in a region as unpopulated as this.

Car, Scotland 1997

Film:delta100 pro Camera:Minolta 700si Lens:70-210mm



Edinburgh Art Gallery, Scotland 1997

Film:T-Max 3200 Camera:Minolta 700si Lens:70-210mm 2.8

Taken on a freezing cold december night. These performers were pretending to cut the hair of a member of the public



Loch Lomond, Scotland 1995

Film:FP4+ Camera:Pentax ME Super Lens:28mm

The shot was taken whilst sitting on a pier on Loch Lomond. Hours earlier I had just climbed Ben Lomond which is 3,300 ft from sea level. Mountains in Scotland are called "Ben" and lakes are called Lochs.



Film:T400 CN Camera:Pentax MX Lens:28mm

Big Break, Scotland 1998

My friend Stuart was showing us the amount of power he can hit the ball with. As you can see he has just launched his whole bodyweight into this shot and the white ball eventually flew off the table at great speed. The guy standing next to him is Nasser, who had come all the way from Oman to study with us. Both were 2 very good friends.


Buchaille Etive Mor, Scotland 1998

Film:Velvia Camera:Rolleiflex 3.5 Planar

The mountain you see here is about 3,300 feet. People like me that have climbed to the summit affectionately refer to it as THE BOOKLE.

Months before I had climbed it with my friend John (see the photo of John below), I think it took about 4 hours up and 2 hours down.The Bookle is located in a spectacular region of Scotland called Glencoe. When I climbed this mountain the weather was definately not as good as what you see in the above photo. In fact when John and I got to the top, we could see nothing but whiteness. Visibility was about 20 feet. Not the best reward for such a strenuous climb.

Anyway months later I came back with another set of friends (not to climb but to photograph it). We spent about several hours looking for the right spot, and then I remember spending another several hours waiting for the sun to come out and hit the mountain. I dont normally do landscapes but with scenery as good as this, one cannot go wrong. Suffice to say this is only the second landscape photo I am happy with.





Party, Scotland 1998

Fuji HG1600 Camera:Minolta 700si Lens:28-70mm 2.8

My friend John, (4th in from the right) invited me to a party at his cottage in the north of Scotland. I rememeber having to take about 3 different buses and several hours to get there. John lived in the middle of the countryside. Thinking back to this day brings fond memories flooding back. I met John at Uni, and we instantly clicked as friends, his party went on till way past midnight. When I took this photo it was already pitch black and I was using the light from the fire to light their faces. I also had started drinking allsorted beers as soon as I arrived and probably was on my 5th bottle by then. Due to the darknesss the shutter speed was set for several seconds and Im amazed I was able to hold the camera steady for that.
After this shot was taken I went and got totally drunk. I also remember bedding down for the night in Johns empty cottage next door, he had no central heating and thus we lit another fire in the fireplace in his living room and about 6 drunk people slept in the room. A FABULOUS PARTY. I am so glad I have this momento of it.


A quiet walk

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