I was asked by my good friend Erni to help photograph her son Geordi's 1 year old birthday party on 19th November 2005. Qualification for this event, was that you had to be a baby, or parents of a baby :-)




Geordi has tight hold of his present, though he probably doesnt know what to do with it!





Another present hes not sure of what to do with!





Eh?.... whats that you are pointing at me?










Geordi behaving himself in front of Grandma!





Hehehe, Im going to make your camera lens all oily!





Hehehe, Im going to make your camera lens all oily aswell!





Huh! dont look at me Im innocent!





Yay bubbles!





Geordi looks determined to climb this slide...





Ah!....must be to talk to the pretty girl at the top





happy hes nearly there!





But happier with mommy I guess






Eh what is this?






...and why are so many people clapping and singing?





proud mom looks on!





heh I wanted to blow that out by myself!





Hmm I wonder if I get to blow out candles too...





formal posed photo










everyone wants the cake!





Geordi fights with cake!





Playing with cousin






Geordi getting lifted by his aunty





no photos please!





No geordi, take that out of your mouth





The beauty of motherhood





favourite pastime : drooling on mom





cousin shows the way to eat cake





Geordi wants some cake too!





Sniff.....EEEEeee....but not like that!!





Geordi decides its all not very interesting and goes to explore jungle on his own


- The End -

To pre-empt any technical questions, the gear I used was :

Canon EOS 5D digital camera
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 lens
Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens (1 photo)
Transcend 4Gb CF card
BP511A battery

All photos shot in simultaneous Raw+jpeg mode but worked with the jpegs during post processing, and edited with Adobe Photoshop7.


Thanks for viewing.

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