You are The Devil

Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession

The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.

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BALI TRIP - day2 Sun April 15th 2007

11.25am : Breakfast at Krispy Kreme (approx $10 for 12)






1.30pm : Ketupat Restaurant (approx $15 per person)



Sate Madura (Beef satay in madurese style)



Wajan Laut (Seafood fried rice with prawns, calamari and spicy eggplant)



Watermelon juice



Pakis ala Bali (fern tips, tofu and shimps with fresh chilli)




5.50pm : Staring out at the Indian Ocean at Ku De Tah (



6.13pm : Sunset Beach ball



7.30pm : Jimabaran Beach Seafood (approx $25 per head)







BALI TRIP - day1 Sat April 14th 2007 Warung Made ($10 per person approx)

Gado Gado (indonesian vegetable salad in peanut sauce)



Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice)




Sat April 14th 2007 Brek Ristorante ($30 for a cheese & tomato)

About to fly off to Bali....

This is only the 2nd time I felt impressed enough to write about a food experience in this photo gallery, it took place at the departure lounge at Changi Airport. As a background, Brek in singapore is the only branch in the famous Italy based Brek chain outside of italy. I wondered why a chain of respected Italy based restaurants would open in Singapore of all places, thus my interest was piqued and it was on this day that I tasted the best pizza ever. As a pizza purist, I ordered the most plain pizza possible, the cheese and tomato so the the real soul of the pizza would not be masked by unecessary toppings. What follows below is a sublime food experience shared between 4 friends, each gobbling down the 2 large slices allotted to them. It was actually difficult to hold the camera steady to focus as the lure of the pizza was tugging on my tastebuds.

The current branches of Brek in italy



A huge pizza, that looked rather plain from the outside



The rich marbling of the mozzarella and tomato



thin and crispy



even after 10 mins the base was still stiff and crispy, the true mark of a well made pizza




Thurs April 12th 2007 Wing Seong Fatty's ($20 per head approx)

Yam Pot (still fried veg with chicken and cashew nuts served in a mini pot made up of mashed Yam)





Sun April 8th 2007

Lunch @ NYDC ($12 per person) Ciabatta with bratwurst sausage




Dinner @ new singapore outlet of Marutama Raman ($13 a bowl)





Fri April 6th 2007


Victors Kitchen (lunch)



Har Gao (steamed king prawn dumpling) $3.50 per portion



Dinner : Steamed Chicken @ 5 Star chicken rice



Squid in sambal sauce




Thurs April 5th 2007 La Nonna @ Namely Avenue


Bread, balsamic vinegar and olive oil



puttanesca penne









The waiters




Sun April 1st 2007 Lazy sunday brunch

15 malaysian mangos for $5 (bought day before in malaysia)



Malaysian pork and rice dumpling (aka bachang) for $1.50





ARRGHHH!!!! April fools trick from friends ($10 per ticket) : tricked into watching a truly awful film Mr Bean's Holiday, I was an unwilling passenger in this move as I hate Mr Bean and thought I was going to see german awarding winning movie The Lives of Others




Sat March 31st 2007 A cross border trip to Johor Bahru in Malaysia




huge mug of sugarcane $1



Oyster and egg omlette ($5)



its a tradition to wash your teacups in bath of water before using it (hygene reasons)



Malaysian style spice infused pig bone soup in claypot (bah kut teh)



steamed otah (spicy mashed makarel)





Fri March 30th 2007 Wasabi Tei ($9 per single portion)

A double portion of salmon sashimi with some extra creamy salmon belly thrown in




Wed March 28th 2007 Waraku Japanese Restaurant($13 per bowl)

Tonkatsu Ramen





Mon March 26th 2007 Din Tai Fung ($7 per bowl)

Vermicilli soup with deep fried bean curd and minced meat roll





Sun March 25th 2007 Noo Cheng Big Prawn Noodle ($8 a bowl)

Huge prawns floating in the sweetest prawn soup base in Singapore





Sat March 24th 2007


Saturday Breakfast : Rum and Raisin Icecream ( and Pure Orange Juice (




Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak ($3.50 per portion)




Aston's Specialities at East Coast Road ($15 per head)



Ribeye steak



I like it bloody





Fri March 23rd 2007 Noodle House Ken ($15 per bowl)


Cold noodle ramen in sweet sesame sauce





Sun March 18th 2007 Tian Tian Chicken Rice ($3 per plate)


The famous owner of the single most famous food stall in singapore selling singapores most famous dish



Chicken Rice - Singapores National Dish



Char sui Chee cheong fun ($3 per portion)




Sat March 17th 2007


Delicious Muffins @ Sunshine Plaza ($1.30 each)

Staring out of the window whilst eating the muffins and chicken pie bought the day before



One of singapore national dishes : 828 Katong Laksa @ United Square ($3 a bowl)




Fri March 16th 2007 Victor's Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza

late night snack : Steamed ginger milk pudding ($2.50 each)




Sat March 10th 2007 Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Takashimaya SC

Wonton Noodle ($6.50 per portion)



Pea shoots ($12 per plate)




Fri March 9th 2007


3.08 pm : Fresh & French @ Vivocity

here is Benoit caramelizing my Creme Brulée ($4.20 each)






4.15 pm : Modestos @ Vivocity ( approx $20 per head


Rucola and parma ham pizza



4 cheeses pizza



A very good friend's farewell dinner



6 pm : Mei Heong Yuen Dessert @ Chinatown



Mango, Sago and Pomelo pudding ($3 each)





9 pm : Hachi @ Orchard Emerald ($60 per head)








Sea shell



Otoro - fatty tuna sashimi



dumpling soup



mizuna leaf salad




steamed red snapper head (surprisingly no fishy smell at all)




Sat March 3rd 2007 McDonalds Potato wedges ($2 per portion)




Fri March 2nd 2007 Sabai ($43 per head)


9.30pm : On the 4th floor of Takashimaya Shopping Centre......




...there is a grand entrance to a thai restaurant called




....Sabai....which in Thai means....




"Khao Tang Naa Tang" - Crispy rice crackers with minced chicken & prawn coconut cream dip







"Som Tum Malakoh" - Spicy papaya salad




"Gang Daeng" - Red Curry




"Kow Neuw Mamuang" - sticky rice with mango




Thurs March 1st 2007 House of Hunan ($388 for table of 10)


Bakwa (bbq sweetened pork)



Lo Hei is to toss the yuseng in the air, a common tradition in Singapore, during the chinese new year



Yu Seng aka Yu Sheng (literal translation : fish raw)



Cold jellyfish appetizer



Prawns with pickled chilli





Wed Feb 21st 2007 Tonkichi Tonkatsu Seafood ($60 for 3 person Tonkichi Set)

The pestle and mortar is used to crush the sesame seeds after which you add the Tonkatsu sauce (similar to a thick worcestershire sauce) to form a dip


Suggested by Mina & Emi. Tonkichi Seafood Restaurant in Takashimaya is quite an authentic Japanese restaurant. Tonkatsu is breaded deep fried pork cutlet served with shredded cabbage, miso soup, yellow mustard, and rice.




Tues Feb 20th 2007 Yee Cheong Yuen Noodle Restaurant (since 1970)


An old restarant based at Holland Village, allegedly selling really good ipoh hor fun



This is the famous Yee Cheong Yuen "Ipoh Hor Fun" ($3 per plate)



Yee Cheong Yuen Chicken Rice ($3 per plate)





Mon Feb 19th 2007 Victor's Kitchen (approx $20 per head)


Simple and small dim sum menu, at very reasonable prices




Victor preparing the dim sums (he's worked for 20 years in HK restarants as a dim sum chef before coming to Singapore)




Scallop sausage and carrot cake




Victor's "har gao" which is a King prawn dumpling (foreground) and prawn dumpling with parsley (background)




steamed BBQ pork buns "Char siu bao"





Sun Feb 11th 2007


Late 4pm lunch - Ichibantei ($14 a bowl of shoyu ramen)




A perfect sunday with friends




I love to smash (photo taken by Davin Tan)




Geylang Lorong 9 dried chilli frog legs with porridge ($24 for a portion)




Sat Feb 10th 2007 - a long day

1.40am : Senoko Fishery Port (

In a search for high quality fresh food, I went to the port for just caught live prawns at $20 SGD per kilo


















3am : Chong Pang Nasi Lemak ($3 each) . The award winning stall on Sembwang Road opens till 6am



Grabbed a few Deep fried peanut ball at 50 cents each




4.20am : Natalies house



4.40am: eating and photographing



1.30pm: Yan Palace ($19 per head approx)

Century egg porridge



Char Sui Bao



4.30pm: East Coast Park, Working off the calories with a stroll






10pm: Mr Prata



Tea Halia (warm ginger tea) and Roti Prata (dough pancake)




Dosai (savoury southern indian crêpe)






Wed Feb 7th 2007 : Togi Korean Restaurant ($15 per head)




Kim-chi Jeon and tuigim mandu (fried dumpling)




The smoke arising from the thick chunks of frying pork (Samgyeopsal)




Mul Naeng-Myun (Water Cold noodle)




Tteokbokki (Rice sticks in chilli sauce)




Mon Feb 5th 2007 : Wacha ($40 for set meal)

I dont write much on this page as its supposed to be a photographic diary, but this time I cannot resist to share in the total joy I had eating here at Wacha.

This was one of the most value for money (and more importantly) tasty meals Ive had. Wacha is a high end japanese crockery and craft boutique that happens to have a few seats for eating.Theres only 3 tables, with the owner serving, and another lady (the chef) downstairs creating the food. It was so quiet and relaxing that I felt like I was sitting in a friends beautiful living room eating dinner.

As I talked with the chef she expressed her suprise and was worried that too many people would find out about them and come to eat. She probably would not be able to handle the large crowds being the only person cooking. I get the feeling that this place will not be the quaint little place it currently is for much longer due to the exposure from other websites, so everyone that reads this do yourself a favour and go visit before they increase prices (as they rightly should).


The very gracious host, (who we later found out was the co-owner) patiently explaining the dishes.




I knew I was in for a special time as soon as the laquer table mats and painted wooden chopsticks were laid.




As mentioned this is a high end crockery shop, 3 cups and saucers for $2,400 SGD ($1,500 USD)



Excitement as the starter comes in a strange enclosed basket, which looks like it contains 3 dishes



...but its revealed to contain 6 dishes in total




Octopus with wasabi, scallop frills, enoki mushrooms



Stewed burdock root and beef



Potato gratin



Gyokuro green tea fried rice




black sesami ice cream sundae with nata de coco and ogura (add extra $10)




Sencha green tea from Shizuoka (extra $7)




Home made green tea cheesecake (extra $6)





Sun Feb 4th 2007 : Boon Tong Kee ($20 per head)


Dinner at the new air con section at the famous boon tong kee branch at Balestier Rd



fried fish with crab




garlic prawns




4 veg stir fry with pine nuts




Sat Feb 3rd 2007 : Hong Kong Street family restaurant ($18 per head)


A late dinner at Novena Square after the saturday badminton session



Honey lemon chicken with corriander and chilli



Sambal belacan water spinich



deep fried pork and water chestnut in a sweet plum sauce (hei jo)




Fri Feb 2nd 2007 : Da Paolo pizza bar ($22 per head)


Dining outside under the night sky




impressive wine rack




Rocket and parma ham pizza




Cheese and tomato pizza








Fri Feb 2nd 2007 : Deli France (free)

Egg mayonaise in ciabatta bread




Fri Jan 26th 2007 : Borgo on Bukit timah Road ($50 per head)


Bread with balsalmic vinegar and olive oil



Baby spincih with Ricotta cheese, sliced almond and italian dressing




Crayfish with broccoli sauce




Margharita pizza




Ossobuco dello chef




Gnocchi with pumpkin sauce and crispy bacon





Fri Jan 26th 2007 : Canadian 2 for 1 pizza ($28.90 for 2 pizzas)


the "Alantis" seafood pizza from singapore based company "Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza".


Wed 24th Jan 2007 : Song Trang Restaurant ($30 per head)



Assortment of fresh and fried spring roll starter




Special Song Trang fish salad




Steamed shrimp cake




Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup)




Stewed beef shin soup




Fri 19th Jan 2007 : Blue Lobster Seafood restaurant ($45 per head)




Crabcake on mango salad




Seafood soup with brandy



Grilled prawns with thyme and tarragon rice



Cod with Lychee



lobster spaghetti



Lime sorbet and vanilla chocolate chip ice cream with sugar shards




Jan 13th 2007 : Dining IN @ Vivocity ($21 per head)


the fantastic long entrance to Dining In



crab herbal soup






eggplant with rice sticks



fried rice with pine nuts




Sat Jan 13th 2007 : Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice ($9 each)


Mashed ginger with corriander



Roasted Chicken



Prawn and pork dumpling



Kailan in oyster sauce




Fri Jan 12th 2007 : Crystal Jade Kitchen @ Plaza Singapura ($17 per head)

Seafood hor fun



Baby kailan with garlic



Eggplant with pork in hotpot




Sun Jan 7th 2007 : Adam road food centre



Selera rasa Nasi Lemak ( this is supposed to be the best example of Nasi Lemak in singapore



Nasi Lemak using basmati rice



Noo Cheng Adam Rd Prawn Noodle




the $12 crab noodle




the $7 dollar standard big prawn noodle with amazingly sweet & tasty prawn soup




Sat Jan 6th 2007 : Boon Tong Kee + Founder bak ku teh + Durian


The very tasty chilli sauce



the ginger and chicken stock infused rice



pea shoots



Kang kong



the cinema at balastier had interesting architecture



Founder late night bah kut teh



night time durian snack



this was the XO variety selling for $11 each




Fri Jan 5th 2007 : Eating with kids @ Pasta Fresca ($20 per head approx)




spinich pasta with mushroom




4 cheeses pizza



eggplant pasta



crabmeat pasta



olive pasta with peppercorns





Mon Jan 1st 2007 : Air flown fresh salmon @ NTUC supermarket ($17 per piece)

Nothing beats buying sashimi grade salmon and cutting it yourself in the comfort of your home




Sun Dec 31st 2006 : Fig and Olive @ Vivocity ($26 per head)



Dory in cream sauce with pasta



Cable car ride to sentosa to see new years eve fireworks




Midnight snack : Fishball noodle ($3 per bowl)




Fri 12th May 2006 : Legendary Soto Ayam in Semarang, Indonesia

I am putting this old photo here as this is a dedication to one of the best ever meals I have had. Soto Ayam is basically Indonesian chicken soup. I was taken to the best known restaurant serving this. The delicious taste still lingers in my mind, and Im sure that my many indonesian friends will be licking their lips looking at this photo.




Thurs Dec 28th 2006 : Roquefort cheese ($8 per 100grams)

This unpasteurised goats milk is made only in the Roquefort village in France, dubbed the King of Cheeses, its my favourite cheese.




Wed Dec 27th 2006 : Noodle House Ken ($15 per bowl)

Large cold noodle in a sweet sauce




Tues Dec 26th 2006 : Swiss Culture @ Suntec ($30 per head)


Fried squid



Baked scallops with cheese



Steak and bratwurst



Basket of wedges




Mon Dec 25th 2006 : Corduroy and Finch ($30 per head)


Dimly lit, with large sofas and celebrity photos bringing a unique ambiance to the place



Sirlion steak burger



Salad to go with it




Sun Dec 24th 2006 : Prawn Noodle ($3 per bowl)


This is another award winning stall at the AMK food centre, the soup base is very sweet from all the boiled prawns




Thurs Dec 21st 2006 : Rasa Sayang Western Food ($5.50 per head)

The singapore version of fish and chips - complete with coleslaw and garlic bread





Mon Dec 18th 2006 : Economy rice @ Ang Mo Kio food centre ($4)


Typical affordable food in singapore, with optional bottle of freshly brewed barley water ($1)


Sun Dec 17th 2006 : Din Tai Fung @ Paragon


Sunday dinner, this chain of restaurants originated in Taiwan has now spread to Singapore



The famous Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork dumpling) with juices about to explode on the tastebuds



Pork and glutinous rice shaomai






Steamed shrimp and pork dumpling




Sun Dec 17th 2006 : Piper's Pies ($6.50 each)


Beef burgandy steak pie for lunch




Sat Dec 16th 2006 : Founder Bah Kut Teh & Balestier Rd ($9 per head)


The definition of Ego and Pride, a wall full of photos of yourself with TV stars.



The over-rated Bah Kut Teh (Pig Bone Soup)



The famous owner sleeping through the whole thing right behind us, you can tell his staff are impressed



Fri Dec 15th 2006


2pm lunch in office : Novena sliced fish soup ($5 a bowl)



10pm dinner with collegues : Noodle house Ken ($15 a bowl)




Thurs Dec 14th 2006 : Eng Seng Seafood ($25 per head)


A good friend's last day in singapore and she requested crab (note the very famous high pitched Owner behind)





Tues Dec 12th 2006 : office christmas party (free)




egg mayo sandwich



corriander and mint cutlet



turmeric and cabbage rice



paneer jalfrezi



dijon chicken and pesto pasta




Sun Dec 10th 2006 : my friend Rus' wedding

11.02am : catered food provided during tea pouring ceremony at groom's house





5.41pm : Home made queh lapis (layer cake) and banana cake made by Rus' mom



My friends and I : united by badminton (note this shot was taken using my camera by official wedding photographer Terry)




8.50pm : The first of nine courses arrive



fish maw soup



Steamed live prawn



Scallops with macadamia nuts



sea cucumber with garden vegetables



Steamed fish







Sat Dec 9th 2006 (11pm supper): Hong Kong family street restaurant ($10 per head)

NOTE : we went to a different branch of the same restaurant on the same day to eat Sambal kangkong again


Rice noodles



Fried tofu with mushrooms



Frogs legs with ginger



And for the second time tonight (since its so tasty and healthy), Sambal belacan kang kong


Sat Dec 9th 2006 (6pm dinner): Hong Kong family street restaurant ($14 per head)


2 - 5pm : The regular Saturday afternoon badminton session to work up an appetite



followed by a walk to the restaurant next door to eat the usual cannot go wrong dishes like, Yu tio






Extra large sambal belacan kangkong



Thai style jellyfish



honey spicy chicken



Cereal prawn





Fri Dec 8th 2006: Office christmas party (free)


Ruv's homemade seeni sambol sandwich




Naga's home made vegetarian bee hoon




Sun Dec 3rd 2006: Kuching Kolo Mee ($6.50 a bowl)





Sun Dec 3rd 2006: Mien by First Pasta ($3.90 per plate)


This is a hawker stall in Bukit Timah Food Centre



Frequented by expats and locals alike



seafood tomato pasta




Sat Dec 2nd 2006: Flo ($12 a beer)


Saturday night Calsbergs







Sat Dec 2nd 2006: Hong Kong Family Street Restarant ($14 per head)


Yu tiao stuffed with sotong



Baby kailang with garlic



Sambal belacan kangkong



spicy chicken with lemon lime




Fri Dec 1st 2006: Basil Alcove ($90 for 6 persons)


The ponytailed chef in his tiny kitchen with 2 helpers



Mushroom and bacon Aglio ($5.50)




BBQ pork ribs ($10.80)




Pan baked cod ($16.80)




Bratwurst sausage ($8.80)




Chicken advocado ($7.80)




Fri Dec 1st 2006: Pepper Lunch Pepper Steak Bowl ($15 each)



Sun Nov 26th 2006: Ikoi Sashimi buffet ($35 per head)


All you can eat raw salmon



The friendly sushi chef spent 10 mins meticulously sharpening his knife beforehand



Much more of this was to follow










Sat Nov 25th 2006: My friend Natalie's home cooking ($0)


Japanese chicken curry with coconut encrusted prawn



Cabernet Savignon




Sat Nov 25th 2006: Whitley road big prawn noodle ($4 a bowl)




Sat Nov 25th 2006: Marina Mandarin 8 course wedding lunch ($650 per table of 10)

Last course - Mango sago with ice cream




Fri Nov 24th 2006: Satowa Kitchen ($35 per head)

The Japanese chef named this restaurant after his wife






























Sun Nov 20th 2006: The Manhattan Fish Market ($25 per head)


Crispy shrimps




Premium sea catch whole fish platter




Mussels in Louisiana shrimp sauce





Sat Nov 18th 2006: Cha Cha Cha ($17 approx)











Fri Nov 17th 2006: Wasabi Tei ($20 per head approx)





Grilled Makarel





Sun Nov 12th 2006: Boon Tong Kee ($22 per head)


A sunday morning stroll to look at the lighting shops on Balestier Rd in Singapore



This same road has the legendary original branch of Boon Tong Kee chicken rice



Sambal belacan chilli kang kong



Fried tofu



The very famous, cooked to perfection, Boon Tong Kee steamed chicken



Four vegetable sambal belacan with macadamia nuts



Cheese king prawn




Sat Nov 11th 2006: Park Royal Hotel ($40 per head approx)


Double birthday party








Fresh Oysters



Teriyaki vegetables



Chocolate fondue




Mon Nov 6th 2006: Robatayaki Naniwa ($33 per head approx)

Amazing, a restaurant so authentic, their menu is completely in japanese and does not have prices!!!


Required : a japanese friend is needed to help with the ordering while I excitedly do the photographing!









Eggplant with miso and ginger








Some kind of grilled mushroom with grated raddish




Grilled Aji fish with yam paste





Sun Nov 5th 2006: Wild Rocket ($35 per head approx)


Focaccia with olive oil




Laksa pesto spaghetti with quails eggs




Wild rocket salad with pumpkin and feta cheese




Shitake mushroom pasta with truffle oil





Sat Nov 4th 2006: Raffles hotel ($70 per head reduced to $46 with discount)


The Bar and Billiard Room evening buffet with live music from Claressa Monteiro (far left)



Lobsters, fresh oysters, and Sashimi








Sat Nov 4th 2006: Local hawker food ($4 per plate)


Fresh sugar cane juice and fried carrot cake




Sun Oct 29th 2006: Hiong Kee Dumplings ($1.70 each)


Traditional Hokkien Bak Chang




Sat Oct 28th 2006: Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice($11 per head)


Hainanese chicken (roasted style)



Sambal belacan kankong (extra large portion)






Fri Oct 27th 2006: Pondok Jawa Timur ($8 per head)


Indonesian style, smashed fried chicken



Fri Oct 27th 2006: Thailand gummy sweets (free)





Saturday Oct 22nd : Eng Seng Seafood ($21 per head)





Yew tiao filled with fish paste



Seafood hor fun



Black pepper crab



Sambal chilli kangkong




Friday Oct 21st : Wasabi Tei ($21 per head)


Jellyfish with sesame oil




fermented soya beans




salmon sushi



The $42 bill




Saturday Oct 14th (supper): roti prata ($1.50 each)



Saturday Oct 14th (dinner): award winning beef kway teow ($5 a bowl)



Saturday Oct 14th (lunch): award winning food at Hong Lim Hawker centre


Tai Wah award winning minced pork noodle ($4 per bowl)



Outram Park Char Kway teow ($2 per plate)



Oct Friday 13th part II: Noodle House Ken ($14 a bowl)


authentic Chasu Ramen in Shoyu base with half boiled egg



pan fried gyoza (additional $5 per portion)




Oct Friday 13th: Kyoto Curry House ($8 a plate)


Japanese Beef Curry





Sunday Oct 8th: Kim's ($4 a plate)


Hokkien Prawn Noodle





Saturday Oct 7th: Church of St. Bernadette (free)


Indonesia food - Ketoprak





Friday Oct 6th: Nanbantei ($40 per head)






asparagus and bacon yakitori








beef with blackbean yakitori




more sashimi




Foie Gras




a different type of bacon yakitori




chefs recommendation yakitori




Next was drinks at the MezeBar at Meritus Mandarin ($15 a beer)





Sunday Oct 1st: Piper's Pies ($6.50 each)


"Peter's Special" version



inside....beef, red wine, mashed potato







Saturday September 30th : Wasabi Tei (approx $18 per head)


Hijiki - a starter with stewed pork and seaweed





Salmon sashimi





Salmon sushi





Nabe Yaki Udon - Noodles in Claypot





Cod fish teriyaki set




Beef teriyaki set





the very strict sushi chef and his assistant, this is a 2 person operation






Saturday September 24th : Yhingthai Palace Restaurant (approx $30 per head)


Thai ice tea




Rice cakes with coconut and chicken sauce




Pat thai




Sambal chilli kang kong




Green chicken curry







Saturday September 9th : The Sage Restaurant (approx $60 per head)




Not ordered free starter, not even on menu.




Fricassée of Burgundy escargot with lentil du puy and field mushrooms, poached egg and Italian parsley foam





Hot green pea veloute topped with a chilled espuma of sugar snap peas and crispy Prosciutto di Parma




Veloute of pumpkin and bittersweet chocolate with brioche crouton topped with chilled foie gras confit




Duck leg confit with sautéed field mushrooms, Layonnaise potatoes and whole grain mustard jus




Underneath! -sautéed field mushrooms, Layonnaise potatoes and whole grain mustard jus




Ravioli of braised lamb shank topped with sauce choron and crispy Parmigiano Reggiano, Provencal ratatouille and roasted garlic jus





Chocolate soufflé with homemade vanilla ice-cream and a Grand Marnier custard




Pumpkin crème brûlée with homemade pistachio ice-cream on blood orange jelly