[1207] Sor Chandara
Phnom Penh

Impressive work... I have no words to say after seeing these photos; it's truly fact situation in my country which cannot be denied. We need more eyes to see and share for better change...

[1206] Dr. Michael Wenz
San Diego, California

Hi Julian,

I am a doctor of Oriental Medicine (TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine) and I am going to move to Cambodia in May 2012 to start a humanitarian Cambodia Acupuncture Project. The objective of the project is to: 1) provide free treatments to Cambodian orphans 2) Build a free TCM community clinic 3) build a free school of TCM for Cambodians.

Cambodia does not have a tradition of acupuncture.

After more than 30 years of social and economic devastation from civil war and genocide, the Cambodian health care situation is very dire.

According to WHO data there are 2.3 medical doctors per 10.000 inhabitants in Cambodia. (The regional average is 14.5 and in the USA the number is 36 physicians per 10.000 inhabitants).

The child mortality rate for children under 5 years old is 111 children per 1000 live births. Cambodia has one of the highest rates according to WHO data.

As 45% of the population is under 15 years of age, I will be treating a lot of pediatric cases. (Although there is a need in all age segments - especially for dengue fever, malaria, dysentery, traumas from road accidents, etc.).

95% of Cambodian's cannot afford any type of healthcare.

This leads me to my request for permission to use some of your amazing photos on my website and blog that are focused on generating donations for humanitarian projects in Cambodia.

I will give full credit to your photos and provide a link to your website.

Thank you in advance for your generous support!


[1205] kongsophal

Dear Sir.,

I appreciate very for your time to spend taking a value photo graph. I wish i could be like you have been doing.



[1204] kakmamad

Nice Photo and journey

[1203] Voeuth Voeun
Denver, NC , USA

Those are some amazing pictures. They are indeed very sad...I guess my family and I are the fortunate few who got to come to America. I would definitely visit one day? So what did you learn?

1202] grecia Erives Caballero
cancun, mexico

hello , i would love to help in any way !

grecia erives

[1201] James Williams
Rangoon, Burma

Thank you. I've been to Cambodia a few times, every time an emotional journey. Now I reside in Burma.

[1200] Bruce
Cape Town

A great set . . . well done!

[1199] Rollin Regan
innisfail canada

good pictures

[1198] Owen Perry
New Zealand

Hi Julian.
I lived and worked in Cambodia for 3 years and enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures and associated comments. Excellent. Thank you very much.

[1197] choub vorn
Phnom Penh

i feel sorry to those people who are in all photos. we are the same nation on the earth so we should distribute to those people who need help from us.

[1196] Patricia Tapia
New York, New York, USA

This was absolutely exceptional. I love photography that tells a story, offers perspective and creates emotion. It goes beyond just being a great photo and really teaches you something. The photos make you think outside of the box. All of the photos make you realize that the world is so much bigger than everything going on in your little bubble of American greed.
I loved this, thank you.

By the way, you are absolutely handsome. :)

- Patricia

[1195] Paddyrags

Dear Julian,I was searching for a teachers in my daughters class whose name was Julian Li.. i came across your blog..

Nice to see your work on capturing the street life in Cambodia .. its amazing .. and painful.. but that's life while politicians and rich are in their own happy world..

I am a serious amateur photographer - my style is contemporary street photography..

I use Nikon D700 - 24-70 2.8f nikon 70-200 2.8f sigma 50 1.4f nikon 50 1.8f nikon 180 2.8f nikon and few more lenses

my facebook account.

i am currently living and working in Dubai UAE

Keep up the good work


[1194] Hannah Yeo
Sipitang Malaysia

Love ur pic so much... !!

Montreal, Qc. Canada

Very nice yours photos, very human.
I like very much.
Congratulstion, keep good in your track.

[1192] Herb
Ohio, USA

Thank you for sharing. Very nice photos.

[1191] alistair k

sickest shots... guy in the boat on the lake is insane.

[1190] Bernard Pirenne
Monaco, Monaco

Dear Julian, I had a real pleasure in seeing and admiring your nice set of Morocco pictures. Titles and short comments are enhancintg the interest of the viewer. Continue making great pictures... for yourself and for us.

The only suggestion I would make is that I would prefer looking at your photos on a dark grey background rather than white.

Best regards,


[1189] yang
Emeryville, CA USA

Great Pics Julian! I love your travel pics and your narratives. Thank goodness you and your wife had a safe trip given the craziness that was going on over there at the time. Keep traveln and shooting, the world is too big to stop doing so.

Best Regards,


[1188] mike nicholas
Cleveland England

Stunning slice of life well documented in a series of breathtaking images
well done


[1187] Armando
Tallahassee, FL

Great pictures and great stories. Thanks for sharing!!

[1186] Avesh
Auckland, New Zealand

This is a wonderful set well done. I've just got boack from a trip through the States and Europe and am very impressed with what you've achieved.
I hope to see more such sets in future.



[1185] Marcus
Beijing, China

Brilliant. Thank you so much for posting these. I believe that you've done an excellent job telling stories and showing us a beautiful and rich culture.

[1184] Sambharie Fennell
Ridgefield, WA, USA

After seeing these pictures, it makes me miss home much more. I am Cambodian-American and I lived in Cambodia for 9 years. I am well aware of the poverty that Cambodia has suffered with for many many years. Not only that, the corrupt government has caused an impact on the country's economy and people. I love kids and seeing the pictures makes me want to just go back there and give them a home and love. Seeing these pictures also makes me feel appreciated that I have a house to live under, food, clean water and air to breathe...it makes me appreciate my life more. I have a dream to actually make a difference in the justice system in Cambodia. I want to major in Justice Studies at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona which I have already been accepted to. Afterwards, I want to spend at least 4 years in the US Navy as a Search and Rescue Swimmer. I am currently employed as a lifeguard and water safety instructor. That's pretty much where my love of kids come from since I teach ages ranging from 4-8. The last time I actually visited Cambodia was over this summer. The next time I'll visit is 2013 after I complete my freshman year of college. I bet visiting Cambodia has given you an amazing experience. It would be great to know that you went back to visit.

Sambharie M. Fennell, 17

[1183] James

great shots mate. love the realism.

[1182] Janet Foster

WOW, the photo's are really good. I enjoy how you photo the truth, good on you.

Thank you janet

[1181] Yos Sophourn


[1180] Hartmut Junge
Hamburg, Germany

Hi Julian,
stumble upon pointed me to your website and the Cambodian photo gallery. Thanks for sharing these impressive photos. Hope to see more of your pictures in the future!
See you

[1179] Sami Kappagantula
Simpsonville, SC


I was wondering if you are still collecting old games and shoes. I can mail some to you if you're still interested. I cannot donate money since I'm still a broke college student, but your photos are really moving. So I want to help in a manner I can.

[1178] Kim Darrough-Hayden
Ulysses, Kansas, USA

I loved your photos and commentary - I would like to use them and the information in my Sociology and Cultural Anthropology classes for a small community college that I teach at. Thank you for sharing.

[1177] Rachel Peterson
Minneapolis, MN USA

Your photos are fantastic! So incredibly heart wrentching! I am moving to Cambodia with my husband and family in a couple weeks. I have contacted the orphanage you listed in your photo listing and asked to visit and see their work. They said I can visit and I can not wait to spend time with these beautiful children! I am very interested in getting more children out of these horrid conditions and into places they can have clean water, food, and an education as well as a roof over their heads. I have organizations here in the US I work with to sponsor children to get them out of these conditions. I am asking your permission to use a few of your photos on our website and for our video to show people the types of children they are helping and the work we are going to do in Cambodia. I have not learned yet how to take pictures this amazing! I want people to see the faces of true poverty and sub human conditions the children are faced with in Cambodia. We are volunteering, teaching English, and working with organizations to improve the lives of children on the streets and in the dumps. I was there, Phnom Penh, last year (2010) but did not have a camera for some the places we went and volunteered. I did not visit this place but another simular and my heart broke for the children! Please email me your permission so I can get the funds and volunteers to help these children. I will give all the credit to you for your work! Thanks!

[1176] Rachel
Minneapolis, MN, USA

These are amazing pictures. You have done a fabulous job. Thank-you for sharing your love and heart for Cambodia thru your work. I am moving to Cambodia and would love to visit the home you have pictured above that is helping these children out of poverty. please feel free to email me and let me know if you come back to Cambodia.

[1175] Bunthoeunchhit

Dear Julian,
How are you? hope you are doing well. thank you so much for list our Cambodia pictures to your side.
have a nice day

[1174] sok leap hong
modesto, ca

Hi Julian! My name is Sokleap, Just wanna thank you for all the pictures u have taken. Those pictures has touched my heart! thank you again for taken all these pictures!!

[1173] Ada Khun

I stumbled upon your photographs by accident. I was looking for old vintage photographs of Cambodia. It's amazing how you were able to capture these moments through your lens, emotions and all. Thanks. 5+ yrs has passed, hopefully we'll be lucky enough to see what other adventures and part of the world you have explored. Digital is very convenient but there will always be something about film that really lingers.

[1172] Lindsay Black
Santa Barbara, California USA

You are an amazing photographer. I was just in Cambodia in June and I fell in love with the country, the people, the smiles. It's amazing to see genuine joy in the midst of heartbreaking poverty. I hope to go back there again soon. Continue taking stellar photos.

Lindsay Black

[1171] Abdi Ibrahim
London, England

You really have taken some fantastic photos, my favourite would the boy with the kite. I love the way how he is positioned right in the middle of the frame. I wanted to ask you things about the camera that are you are suing. The Minolta Dylax 700si, I have been looking to buy that camera for a while now but wasn't too sure, however, looking at your photos that you have taken with your Minolta has boosted me to buy the camera right now! Is there a reason why you only used one lens for that camera? I will be looking forward to your other work

Kind regards

From a 20 year old student

[1170] Edward Shuttleworth

Dear Julian. I think your pictures of Cambodia are fantastic. I love the way you have captures the indescribable mix of bravery, stoicism and dignity despite the appalling poverty of your pictures and despite the incomprehensible way of life for so many Cambodians still today. Ours not to judge of course, but my experiences there have driven me to find some way to try to do something positive. I am no Bill Gates of course, and no photographer either, but please look at our website at www.seebeyondborders.org. We are trying to do something for education in Cambodia - not large yet but getting a foothold and an understanding of some of the issues and where support is valuable. Can we have your permission to use some of your pictures to help explain what we do? that would be enormously helpful. You have a great gift for communication - unfortunately we don't have your level of skill and I wish you the best of luck in your career. With best wishes, Ed...

[1169] Genario Son
Slavador, Bahia, Brasil

Gostei muito destas fotos, nos mostra a realidade de um mundo ainda cruel onde o contrate do rico e do pobre cresce a cada dia.
Parabéns amigo.

[1168] Perry Jordaqn
St Robert Mo, Usa

Childrens Condition in Cambodia

[1167] john carlo d. desamito

ahhmmm, i really enjoy your photos.thank you for taking photos to cambodia you help me doing my project in social. and i have a lot many information and photos to cambodia. because of you i do my project/assigment. thank you very much and support to cambodia.. may god bless you.... tnx. :)i'm a second year highschool. and my name is carlo tnx again. and always be safe :)

[1166] Gianluca Chiarenza

Hello Julian, it's been so long time since we feel, how are you? Are you always traveling around the world taking pictures?:: Your photos are very beautiful, from the first day that I saw it, I liked a lot.
My best regards,

Lodi, Italy.

[1165] Radia

This is a really fantastic collection of photos... every moment must have been an eye-opening experience. Thanks so much for this

[1164] Michelle Boucher
United States of America

Hi, my name is Michelle and im going on a missions trip to Cambodia in October. Your pictures were great and really touched my heart a lot. I would love to Donate some cloths and shoes to the people there. My little brother is 7 and is giving some cloths and shoes away and I am 15 and I also have clothes and shoes i would be willing to donate. God is great and we all in the world need to help better the life of someone other then ourself. I am so appreciative of you and your pictures please email me at elvis_monkey07@yahoo.com
i would love to work with you and help by donating things me and my family dont need so if you could contact me that would be awesome! thanks
May God Bless You!

[1163] Dr. sally sayer
Siem Reap Cambodia

Julian, the trouble is things do not change! Our infant and maternal mortality rate has not dropped, there is still a total lack of education for health care professionals....and yes, I struggle here!
As a English Doctor I am getting to the stage where I see nearly as many first world country people.
The debate of NGO will continue but, there is no money unless I go begging to our rich cousins!
The pictures are great
Thank you

[1162] Meghan L.

I just stumbled upon this site and I found the pictures truly intriguing and horrifying. I am appalled by the living conditions of some of these folks. Despite their situation, the children seem utterly oblivious to the severity of the circumstances they live in.

I actually just read At First They Killed My Father, a memoir on the Cambodian genocide, and have since taken an interest in Cambodia. The genocide was a horrible tragedy and something that the country hasn't really bounced back from. These pictures brought that to life in a very real way.

Thank you for sharing.

[1161] Janet Finlayson
New Zealand

Hi, Julian
Thank you very much for putting these precious photo's on-line for others to share. They have touched my heart in a special way.
Bless you

[1160] liang
phnom penh , cambodia

it is the true story in my country, so hurt to see this while we are here live in a good condition. but how can we are simple one to make it more better? we have no power.

[1159] Nandith Jaisimha

julian firstly that's some great work and I appreciate the idea of showing the reality of life, in the 3rd world country like cambodia.

Let me introduce myself,I am nandith jaisimha a fellow photographer by profession & my quest to capture most amazing moments around the world. I was just doing a google search & I came across your gallery. Next week I am traveling to bangkok & cambodia. Hope I get to do some good work like you & open peoples mind & hearts.

Thank you
Nandith jaisimha

[1158] Carlos Araujo

Hialeah, USA

I start looking at your pictures since I just bought a Pentax ME Super SE and like to see how it shows.

Big surprise I really enjoy your photos,congratulations you have a great eye to rediscover a day to day.

Regards and keep bringing us the art of your heart.

[1157] Novin Nhek
Long Beach, CA. USA

Hello Julian Li,

I wanted to thank you for taking great photos of Cambodia. I really missed my former country. I am an amature photographer, using a Canon 7D also. Your photos have inspired me to become a better photographer.

[1156] Mickydee Sangma
Meghalaya, India

hi Julian ....

i would like to thank you for posting this gallery... you did a very great generous job...

it was very painful to go through this but at the same time, it made me realise how hard it is for some people to live their lives...

i feel like reaching out and helping them out but i don't know how...
i just wish i had lots of money but i am still a student trying to make my career and succeed in life...

it must have taken a lot of dedication on your part to do this.... i really appreciate what you have done for these people... you will always be blessed by God.

if you think i can help these people in any way, i wil be very glad to extent my help...

thank you and take care...
it was really nice knowing you :)

[1155] santhoshkumar


The photos are very nice.. It shows that you are professional in all the clips... keep on going all the best.. cheers always Mr. Julian..

[1154] Phil

Chicafo, IL

Great pictures some very powerful ones esp the ones at the dump. I too will have a different view of my wants and needs. I can't even imagine seeing my own son in that situation.

[1153] David Dyckhoff

Heart breaking, and we do so little to help, shame on the western world.

[1152] Penny Burley
Burnie Tasmania Australia

What amazing photographs and comments.
Thanks for the insight Julian, we are travelling to Cambodia in January as part of a team so your photographs were appreciated.

[1151] KG

The photos was great and sad, but more sad as I know how hard these people are facing in their life. Not like many of us they lives and depended on whatever they can find each day in the dump and risk their life with poor health and lack of food.

However, as you mentioned of the religious man who you siad to be your friend and praised he tried to help Cambodian people, that is rubbish! I have to say it such a cunning way of saying it but the true is he is there to try and convert Cambodian people into his whatever religious, and I have to agaist this completely. I don't think religous is wrong and of course I'm not agaist them either, but I think that religious should not buy people believe and fool their mind with many rediculous story of gods. I have once tried to convert to a muslim by this religious freak woman whom I have which aquantanced during a working shift. She really threaten me after I refused to admit into her religious. Of course she was nice and sweet at first, but hence I told her that I only believes in good deeds, she became very pushy and aggressively standing over me,and threaten me with words of sin because I don't believe in her god. And I have no doubt that your Friends is doing just that in my country. With my very honest word..Fuck off your religious freak!!!

[1150] daniel

hi there, a nice collections of photos you have gathered. Want to ask you when I shot in raw mode and how do i open up in photoshop and save it as jpeg. And I am a learning product shooter so wanted to find out more from an experienced shooter like yourself. Thanks.


[1149] kimberley muller

beautiful images that i feel priviliged to have seen

[1148] Michelle Yau


i am May May, now 13. I looked at the photos of me when I was little, i laughed!! I was three then, always getting into trouble. Hopefully you can upload some more photos of me when i was little!!

michelle x :)

[1147] Peter Gray
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Good work Julian. I have worked with an abused kids centre in Phnom Penh, for the past 5 years so understand your sentiments and feelings. Things will improve in time but only if the children , especially the poor and under priveledged receive an education, learn right from wrong, learn dignity and respect themselves and for others. Only then will Cambodia progress.

[1146] Aida Wilson

The photos of the Cambodia trip was amazing,makes me see how rotten spoil kids nowadays...

Thanks for the lovely pics...it open up our mind and eyes that the world is not just about ME..

[1145] Huy Chung


Awesome Gallery. I'm doing a charity auction to raise money to build a school in Cambodia. I was wondering if you would like to donate a print. I really like the one with the lady by the fruit stand. Or you can just send me the jpg and I can print the photo myself. Thanks.

[1144] Dibas Ghimire

nice pic

[1143] Sorachana Nhov
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Great capturing!

[1142] kathy whitham

absolutley brilliant photos they capture everything , i love the way you point out about material wealth in england and peaple paying to look good all the time , its so bad when theres so much shite going on in the world i have traveled to may parts of the world and seen this poverty and no oone is doing a thing about it. bless these poor children . i do think the wesern world cares do they , they would if they came to see all this poverty , good luck with everything kathy whitham

[1141] darre campbell

Hi there,

Your pictures tell a great ( i mean sad story) you really capture the emotion of Cambodia. This now is my second home. As O have just married my khmer wife. I do hope in the future i can help in anyway. If you know of any missionaries in Cambodia pls email
God bless

[1140] ronald
mish in usa

these people dont have much to live on or much work but most of them seem to smile poeple in the usa seem to have much more

[1139] Leong Weishan

Hi Julian,

I was searching for ways to help the orphanage in Cambodia when I came across your blog. The photos caught my eyes. Each of it captures a story and tug on my heart string.

I am a Singaporean backpacker going to Cambodia soon in coming Aug for some volunteering work in an orphanage in Phom Penh. The kids also sell some silk stuffs and have approached me for help. It's not easy to run an orphanage and school in Cambodia solely on voluntary contribution.

I sincerely hope your photos touched someone's life in someway. Hopefully, to be able to get of out the "me" rut and think about the rest of the fellow human race living out of the comfort zone.

Well Wishes,
Weishan aka backpackgal

[1138] Dr Robert Zerby
St.Croix, US Virgin Islands

I've been to Phnom Penh, Cambodia several times and your great photos brought back many memories. Visiting S-21 was a life " moment " for me. I wish all our world leaders could visit it. I think your photos are making a difference in our world.

Dr Robert William Zerby,
St.Croix, US Virgin Islands,

[1137] Clare A
Redondo beach, USA

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and sad photos. It's so important we show the world what is happening in Cambodia and photos are really the best way. If children aren't working in the rubbish dumps, too often they are forced into sex slavery. It's heartbreaking.

I'm involved with three Cambodian charities after seeing images like yours some time ago.

Thank you again.

[1136] Keith
Portland, Oregon, USA

Thank you for these powerful pictures. It's too easy to forget the smallest amongst us and just how far we have to come to ensure justice for all. Your talent is obvious. Keep capturing fantastic pictures to keep reminding us all of our duty to each other.

[1135] John Prior
Fremont, Ca. USA

My son is in Cambodia on a month mission trip that started from Azusa Pacific University. He asked me what I wanted from Cambodia as a gift to me. So, I did a Goggle search, "what to buy in Cambodia" and your web site came up.

After viewing your pictures and reading your comments I am going to tell my son to take the money and give what he would of spent on me to some needing children or a support home.

Thank you for your sharing and your touching words from your heart.

I will be looking into giving on a monthly basis to a reputable organization in Cambodia. If you know of some please let me know.

God bless you,
John Prior

[1134] Phillip Davis

Man. julian your pictures are very vivid, beautiful, and sad. It is amazing how people today still live in such conditions. Keep up the good work man.

[1133] Socheata Chan

Hi Julian! I guess u a chinese,right?Where do you live? Did u take all these photos while your vacation in Cambodia? I've spent around half an hour viewing all your photo and read some text. Thank you so much for taking time visit the poor. I think what u've captured and saw is just a pieces of cambodia's darkness. In deed, it thounsand more than these.Honestly, you are a good photograper.

[1132] Brian O'Mahony
Llandudno, Wales

Fabulous set of photos... I was in Bali back in 2004/5 during late December to Febuary. You really captured the essence of the island. Well done.

You can see some of my Bali shots here:


and my clubbing & nightlife shots on my website:


[1131] Meg

I am so glad to have found this while browsing the web. I've been trying to learn a bit about all of the countries and find out what life is actually like there, and so many sights are touristy and just tell about the nice hotels or good things about the country. It's pictures and stories like thes that I really treasure finding.

[1130] ALEX NG


[1129] claire paras
baguio city, philippines

very nice pictures. wish i could hang visit and wish i could help out.God Bless us all and we have to pray for this kids

[1128] Andy


Very nice photos.

I got a question for you. I'm planning on going to Vietnam this summer for two weeks with my Canon 7D dslr. I have the 17-55mm 2.8 IS and 50mm 1.4. I'm deciding which len(s) to take. Should I worry about the humidity over there and the potential damages on my equipment? My lenses don't have any weather sealing.


[1127] Martinez
Grants New Mexico USA

Wow! impresive!

[1126] Abdul Rahman

Hi Mr Julian, Nice photos! How can i contact you? If you have an email account please do drop me one.


good place


hi, my name is Minnie and I was doing my reseach on Cambodia and I found your website....and I can't stop crying.
Me and my friends are planning to go to Cambodia in March for my birthday (dying to see Angkor wat) and then head to Thailand to see family.
I do wants to help....is there anything I can do to help this people...pls let me know before March.

Take care!

[1123] Susanne Nguyen
Adelaide, Australia

these pictures are amazing and quite motivational. I really want to help these people, maybe when i've fully grown up

[1122] Calvin Chang
Singapore, Singapore


Very nice photos and great hardware you have there.::::Feel free to visit / comment on my photos on Flickr:

God bless...

Best rgds,

[1121] Jo Checketts
Salt Lake City, Utah USA

Thank you for sharing your pictures and your thoughts about the images you captured. I travel and take pictures and study culture. There is something about your pictures and comments that touched my heart.

Thank you,

[1120] fifi chan

really2 nice shoots about bali..

[1119] John Sampson

Windhoek, Namibia

Some really good pictures in the mix Julian.
I'm interested in Kodak 400CN at the moment. I'm using a number of different analogue cameras, but the one I'm enjoying at the moment is a Kodak Retina 1b from the 1950's that I bought at a flea market in Germany in September past.
I have put a number of different films through the camera and it is delivering excellent results for such an old timer. It is in very good condition. It is, in effect not a Kodak at all. It was manufactured in Stuttgart, Germany during the early 50's (up to 1958), and does not have a coated lens, so it does not manage flare very well, but in every other way, it was an excellent buy.
Could you indicate which of your b&w pictures were shot with 400CN.
I'm interested in everyone else's experience with this film. It's a bit of an odd ball film for me, but if the results are great, then why the hell not.

Kind Regards

[1118] Keld Fink


No-one can help all, but all can help someone!

I think you have just done that!

[1117] Kerel


Your last update was 2005. After 4 years, there is still no new update? Or do you have new website?

[1116] Nick Hummel
Waltham, MA, USA

Thank you for sharing these pictures with me, they truly touched my heart and filled me with a deep sadness for these people. They also gave me a feeling of anger, anger towards myself for feeling so weak and powerless in my own life when I have so much and so many opportunities. I don't have much money to give, as I am a young college student, but I was hoping you could guide me to any volunteer opportunities in this area as I am very eager to help. Thanks again for sharing this, it has made me feel stronger and reinforced my need to help those in dire poverty. Keep up your great work.


[1115] Dave

St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Hi Julian,
I stumbled on your site by a random click. I just wanted to tell you I love your pictures. I was searching for good photos, and looking for techiniques, composition, color, etc. I found a great site! I love how each picture tells a story, especially the facial expressions. The locations are fantastic (although the Cambodia shots are heartbreaking) and the people are very interesting.

Great portfolio!


[1114] thomasvladimir


sad,thank you for noticing.

[1113] Meng Srun


Thanks for recovering this information to cambodian people.

[1112] IN SAPHON
Gif sur Yvette- France

Thanks to you for bringing us the Cambodia News in images .
Burning the paper for a kind of sacrifice is not a real bouddhist practice . The burning of paper as a kind of giving moneys to ancestor souls are not bouddhist practice .These form of cult practice can be harmful till people does not really understand the right teaching of the Bouddha .
The Bouddha teached the mindfullness by the way of understanding and not the blind belief. We have to do a lot to learn to think for the poor Cambodia . The povety is started when we cease thinking for giving chance to every children the learn, to read and to write . On the moment, you are feeling helpless face of this kind of poverty, but you do a good job to bring the talking and the crying images to people which are sensible .
For this, my great thanks to you in the name of all the chidren sadness . IN SAPHON

[1111] kyaw zay latt

Dear Julian,

Thank you for your photos.
I really feel sad for the children of Cambodia.
There're a lot of such children in our country.
Cambodia is very same as our country.
Our country is also one of the poorest countries.
I'd like you to visit our country.
And I'd like you to send such photos from different parts of the world.

Thank you very much for your kind heart.
Kyaw Zay Latt

[1110] Natasha Willett
Torquay/ Australia

Im going to Cambodia soon with my husband.
Your photos are very moving.
I will never be able to make sence of the world.

[1109] Nigel walker

England Manchester

I have just returned from a bike ride through Asia. I lived in the mountains and travelled from south to north through the villages where still the pol pots solders live. Please look at my pictures away from the capital now I experienced beauty and happiness in these folk becausecthey also fear war when these people were solders killing they were themselves children and they live to fight that they can never fight or kill again in there lives. I lived with and have pictures on my facebook page. Your pictures and some wording are beautiful. I have given to the people I could there and I hope like you to return. May be this time to the capital, but the mountains and the villages where pol pots died are still occupied by these killers who were children but now the new children have life in there eyes. As for money cbodia will catch up and have new problems. I agree wonderful people.

[1108] teetoch
Bellflower,CA United State

I really miss all the stuff i did when i was young,...
this remind me a lots...

[1107] Bounnhot Vongboupha
Vientiane Capital

Hi friend, i could not believe that some pictures you took were terrible that made me take a pitty on them. i deeply believe that living situations in cambodia are not worse like that because i have some friends who are studying in Cambodia now, they tell me that cambodia are nice place to visit and there are many visitors from the third countries and around the world are heading to cambodia to visit the unigue places such as angor watt and other places
do you agree with me? and i hope so .....
next time i think i will have very nice photoes from you through the mail to me
Bounnhot from Vientiane

[1106] KIM Vuthy
Phnom Penh

Dear Mr. Julian Li,

Thank you very much for your valuable work for Cambodia. I am very proud of you! I almost cry when i see the photos and read your comments. I don't have money to donate to the orphanage yet for now but if possiple i would like to volunteer to teach them in Khmer or English for weekend class. Currently, i am also a student and work in a private company. Please do not hesitate to contact me throught my email address if you have class for me.

Thanks agian for helping my country. I wish you all the best and great success! Hope to see in the near future!

Kind regards,

[1105] Buntheng Chheav
Pnom Penh

I really like these pics it shows our khmer people life!
Great Pic!

[1104] Chheng Leap YIB
Cambodia,Phnom Penh

I accept that my courntry is poor,your photo is reality in the society.But this is only once side of corner.Every body try to work hard for their live, country.You can see other places are devoloping.Cambodia on the move,on the right way.Your interest in my country is very important to help those pepole. How is the way to help them?

Cambodia today have hundred of universitys and high schools,event thought private and public schools.

Finaly, I would like to apologize for my poor english.I was born in the civil war country, nearly 30 years I cannot study in a good school like you.
Bonn/Germany,Sun 8 Nov 2009
Chhengleap Yib
Kon Khmer

[1103] Thoura

Nothing to say, but the last pictures really make my heart sick...

Thanks for sharing this, anyway.

[1102] Sithen SUM


Thanks Julian for sharing this. Truth sometimes hurts, but it needs not stay there forever.

[1101] Vathana SEOURN

I really appreciate your work. You are doing the right thing, but remember this right thing can be wrong if your desire overshadows your conscience. Hopefully you are really helping Cambodian people...:-)

[1100] Saravuth you



I am see some pictures in Cambodia is trusty at stung Menarche Phom Penh City. If you some picture and article writer for Khmer send to i will put on my website..

[1099] Bun Many

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Mr Julian Li,

I'm feeling very touch after seeing all your photo, I'm completely Cambodian but i have never noticed all this situation. I truely feel shame to myself since i can't make any change now. Hopefully, i will in the future.

However,Cambodia is definately beautiful in most places.Tourism is our priority. So visit Cambodia, you will got an unforgetable experience.

With all my best regard.

[1098] Jeremy Cousins


Wonderful photos. A credit to you.

[1097] Paul Archibald
Toronto, Canada

Referred to your site by Kirby and I really like your style!

I'll be taking some time to check your photos in more detail.

Great work!

-- Paul

[1096] jackson pillage


very moving xD fail

[1095] Holly Jordan


Just beautiful...

tears, respect, and love for all mankind, it waht your photos have taught me

[1094] tommy ola
tokyo japan

i just wana thank you for your effoft,to bring all these pictures to the world.some people will not believe,but now seing is the believing.thanks and God bless

[1093] Kristin

i came upon this online gallery of yours by chance. am googling for cambodia news/ info as i'm planning for my trip to siem reap.

i'm glad you didn't delete this gallery. it shed light into many of us who lives in comfort and abundance who often forgets those who lives in poverty and sufferings.

thanks for sharing.

[1092] DT
Reading PA

Thank you for posting the pictures, Its sad and heart breaking to see this picture again. It remind me how my life back in cambodia century ago.

Thank you.

[1091] Calvin Vanak Tuon
Chicago, IL USA

Julian, if there is a God, you're a blessing to the people you came across in Cambodia.

My name's Calvin, but my family calls me "Nak" which is a shortened Cambodian name of Vanak. A little about myself: I was born in Battambang, Cambodia but before I was even 2 years old (maybe even a year old) my mom, younger brother, and I all fled to Thailand. There we stayed for about 2-3 years. We then went to Manila, Philippines where we stayed for another year. Finally by the time I was 6 years old, our family came to the U.S. and we've lived here since. I'm not 27 years old, this Thanksgiving marks the family 21st year anniversary. I guess I've been "blessed" or fortunate to have lived here most of my life. It's people like you that matter in this world and one that could make a difference for humanity.

Here's how I stumbled upon your page. I was in the Philippines with my friend for the past 2 weeks and we were discussing the similarities of his country and mine. The poverty and the greedy hands of the few corrupted men and women who could do so much more for their country, choose not to. I was looking through various pages and somehow, yours caught my attention. Thank you.

The Philippines brought sadness to my heart as I saw many children struggling to survive. Some beg on the streets, some work there trying to earn a single dollar. My point is, I'd love to help. Your page reminds me of what it's like to have what we have and take things for granted. You garbage anecdote is perfect, there are much worse things in life. I must admit, most of the pictures brought tears to my eyes. I was in Cambodian last in November, 2003 for just 2 short weeks. I did not get a chance to explore as much as I wanted to and hopefully one day go back and try to make a difference.

My email is above, please let me know how I can help


[1090] Malcolm Arnold
Khulna Bangladesh

An Australian artist living in Bangladesh .I see this type of poverty daily BUt I too have been to cambodia on two occassions .It is a country I truly love and made some life long friends there .I loved your photos .They needed to be taken so the rest of us can be more aware . I have produced a book of portraits of kids in Asia Proceeds from this book will go to orphanges in cambodia

[1089] dlh

maryland, usa

I am going to cambodia soon. Your pictures have really helped me to get an idea about the country. Do you sell prints of your photos? I love photography as well and would like some of your prints.

[1088] Julie Lettieri

Thank you for sharing this story along with your experience with pictures. I stumbled onto your web page and was very happy to do so. Thank you for an awakening. You have no idea what impact these pictures have on my thinking.

[1087] Claudia Madrigal
United states

Is so Sad to see as you said how the world can be so mean and selfish all your pictures make me cry I can't believe all this is such a pain, God bless you for sharing. I hope I can help a little.

[1086] Leo
Mainland, China

I have heard about the rubbish problems in cambodia...But I still feel very surprised when I am looking at your photo......

[1085] koeut sokharany


you photo very interesting,and good picture!

[1084] Matthew Pirotto

Bellingham, WA; USA

Absolutely wonderful work! Eye opening to say the least!

[1083] Sumer Maire Rayne
Lewistion, CA USA

thank you for this look at what other people in poverty go though everyday. i have it bad. and im homeless but im not that bad off. i just with i could do something to help.

[1082] Cindy Arreola

Just do wathever we can to help.

[1081] Chan Mei Yee
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Hi Julian,

I'm very grateful of what you are trying to help them.
I'm currently working on a projects with one of local ministry that feed the poor. She been there few years ago, but she didn't take a good & clear photo/video shoot. I was wondering, I could use your photos in her videos to raise fund and awareness to feed the poor.
Please give me a feedback.

[1080] Jerry Varney


I justed noticed that I know one of the kids in your photo "behind the smiles". She is the one with the hat on. I was with another charity that had a sponsor for her. We sponsored her for about a year. One time I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and unlike most kids that want to be doctors,teachers...ect she said "I want to help poor people like you". Soon after her dad made her quit and start working at the dump again. he said "she is very big now and can make lots of money at the dump". How sad.

Jerry Varney

[1079] Jerry Varney


I fav'ed one of your photo's and found your web site.
You should put these photo's on flickr. I think I could
fav all of them :}.

I visited Cambodia like you and came home and decided to
do something. We now have 8 kids that are being supported.
When I view your photo's it makes me think that I'm not
doing enough.

Jerry Varney

[1078] Dave Dell
N.American living in Spain

Have lived in Gambia, West Africa for 10 yrs. but have not witnessed anything like this. I read a similar article in Readers Digest about children (and adults in Mexico). I was deeply touched by thes poor Cambodians! I've read 'Prepared for Burial'-I think was the name of the book about Cambodia after the war, a long time ago. How they suffered with under Kmer Rouge. I really feel for thes people, God help them. I wish I could help the orphanage but was seriously ripped off in Gambia on a buisness venture which I even sold my house to finance. I need help myself at the moment but will keep them in mind if God ever sees fit to prosper me again. Love, Dave

Thank you for all those very moving pictures!! Thank you for helping them....I know nyou did. Could an English teacher earn a reasonable living there?

[1077] Enni

Nice and eye-opening pics, Jule! Let me know if you're going back there again!

[1076] Ty John

I have never been to Cambodia but I have been to Thailand. I knew of the poverty but had no idea it was this bad.
I intend to donate money to CCH.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

[1075] Nichole Sue

Hi,Julian,looking at your photo,Sadness immediately set into my heart.I read through your article..,Between needs and wants.The record shown..they didn't grant to have any choice.I felt so small and weak,when I came to realise it.But I hope that it's always not too late for me.To try all my best to bring joy for them.Thanks Lord for leading me to your blog.I will be travelling to Cambodia this on coming Friday.May Lord bless us with faith and love.


[1074] John Naessig
Harvey's Lake, United States

After seeing these pictures, I was taken back quite a bit. The people of Cambodia do not know of the term luxury, and enjoy what they have. I was amazed by their will to even live in such conditions. I was wondering if you knew of any charities designed to help anybody else in Cambodia. I plan to donate to the orphanage, and possibly attempt to start a fundraiser of some sort for larger donations.

[1073] RAI

Very nice job on these here fotos. Keep up the great work.

[1072] Val Kerry
Manchester, England UK

Hello Julian,

I found you via your link on the Flickr website which led me here. Thankyou so much for sharing your amazingly powerful photographs which are a social commentary on the living conditions that other human beings much less fortunate than us have to endure.

They have raised all sorts of feeling for me which is a testiment to your candid and skillful portrayal of the rubbish dumps.

You have also some very beautiful portraits which allow peoples spirits to shine through.

Excellent work..!

Thanks for raising my own awareness on this matter which I shall now act on in my own small way which is all we can do as individuals.

Best wishes for the future, I suspect you have great things ahead of you with all that talent.
Val Kerry
Flickr member: ArtMakesMeSmile

[1071] Jim Fowler


I am considered poor in this country, but I have never felt poor. Many in this country struggle much more than I do, but no one lives as these people must. Whomever is able to invent a plan to heal this planet of suffering such as this will be as a Buddha to the humans of Earth and the bringer of Peace and Prosperity for all. Power to the Peaceful!

[1070] Winer Chen

Jakarta, Ind

hi,, great photos..
really like it.. :)

[1069] tiffany le
San Francisco, USA

I have two children age 10 & 13. I am planning a summer vacation, instead of luxury resorts; I am taking them to spend a week in the Cambodia's Orphanage.

I was born in a small town in Cambodia in 1966 during the Vietnam War. Our house, village were burned to the ground by the B-52 aircraft where bomb crafts metal, blindly flying all directions, killing many innocent women and children that are not fast enough to dig into the underground protection. Where grandmother got her head chop off for sticking it out to look for her grandchild.

We were extremely lucky to survive the war and with the genius father who led his family to Vietnam in 1975, that did saved us from the killing era of Khemer Rough. Our life long journey from one country to another, one episode to the next, had taught me many value lessons in life.

Your pictures told the aftermath genocide of the worst human cruelty and the stupidity leader with monstrous act that led this once, beautiful country into decades of poverty.

Like you, for many years, my father had help rebuilding schools, temples and orphanage facilities in Cambodia. I am proud to be able to travel with him during his last visit in December 2006 to meet some of these children whose life he had touched.
I hope the trip I plan for my kids would help them underst and there are more to life than their generation of TV, games, gadgets, phones, games and "Give Me".

Can you tell me what city these pictures are taken from? I would love to bring them there.
Thank you for sharing these photos.

[1068] David Tatge

Mr. Li,

This is a remarkable set of photos. I've lived in Singapore for less than a year (from the U.S.) and am just learning about the reality that was and is Cambodia.

I commend your work.
Dave Tatge

[1067] Mj Menor
Manila, Phils

i lile ur photos.

[1066] Stephen Chapman
London, UK

Astonishing, Inspiring, Fantastic. Brilliant photo essay. Thanks for sharing these photos and your thoughts Julian.

[1065] Michelle Pak
Osaka, Japan

Wow, your pictures are so inspiring that it not only gears me up for my South East Asian trip this year, but also makes me want to take out my DSLR and practice even more so.

Thanks for the inspiration.


[1064] Nguyen L

LOL...i think the view in Ho Chi Minh City[saigon] is much better than in hanoi...but the pictures that you took was really nice..:)

[1063] rameshkumar

I like the cambodia people. But government action the all the people life increaing the life please

[1062] Petriza Giovanni
Jakarta, Indonesia

WOW! Most of the pictures are cute...^_^ I think you have talent in photography. Although I don't really understand about the techniques in making picture, I do enjoy your pictures (and your comments) ;)

[1061] habibur rahman
Alexandria, VA, US

brought tears to my eyes...i am from Bangladesh, I thought I would be used to this kind of pictures. Unfortunately, no matter how much sorrow I have seen, one can never go numb. These pictures kicked me in the gut and told me to appreciate all the little things I have going for me....On a JOB well done, wish you all the best in the future....

[1060] Dina Hill
Germantown MD USA

This was an excellent series of photos. Thank you for sharing them.

[1059] Rachael
Phnom Penh

Hi Julian! Thanks for your photos of Cambodia. I'm living in Phnom Penh for a year and as I'm halfway through my stay, I find myself a little jaded by life around me. Your photos were warm and refreshing and helped me to see the city in a new light. I added a link to your site on my blog http://rae-does-contiki.blogspot.com. :)

[1058] amar amellal

I like your photo i thing you are just natural not the nice thing but reality I agoing to canbodia in 6 monts i will give some monay to orphanage went i go you are honest hope you all the best

[1057] Jean-Christophe LECOQ

Thank you for this moment of surprise.

[1056] patrick james fisher
Phnom Pehn

I'm in Phnom Pehn right now, I just had my orientation with Star Kampuchea, an organization that helps volunteers get into the field. I start teaching English to young children tomorrow at an orphanage on the outskirts of town, It is very poor and it looked to me like learning English was the least of there worries. I appreciate your photos very much, they just helped remind me of why I'm here. I'm from Victoria British Columbia Canada and I'm at the orphanage for a month.

[1055] nathaly gomez

i would love to send clothes or anything that i can but i wonder where should i send them and to who? please let me know to my emai lregistered above

[1054] Lenora Chhouk
Albuquerque,NM USA

I'm half Cambodian and I'm currently doing a report in school on Cambodia. I stumbled upon your page while doing research and I have to say they truly touched my heart. It makes me want to work even harder so that one day I can help the country my family came from.

[1053] Dewi


These are amazing photos and have a very personal touch.
Great work!

[1052] Matthew Darner

Completely and utterly staggering to see. In capturing these horrible conditions you've also created a monument to human spirit and the will to carry on.

You've also made it even more clear the horrifying rift between the impossibly rich and the absolute poor in this world. It isn't right.

Thank you for doing this, more people need to see this kind of imagery or they can't seem to believe it's really happening. It just seems like another news story. The looks on the faces of those children weren't something that should just fade away as one more example of the horrible things we never do anything about.

Thank you for opening the door to this.

-Matt, StumbleUpon

[1051] amo
montpellier france

stumbled upon this...

obviously moving subject matter
obviously moving work
obviously our [first world] needs to wake up & see their reality
obviously we'll always be too late!

thanks for sharing your work

[1050] José-Luis Preza

Hola Julian,

Please do not post my message

I just wanted to say hello and congratulate you for your fine photo-art

Best regards,


JoséLuis Preza
+43 699 1029 7430
Vienna, Austria

SPACEDWorks Music Project
Instrumental Guitar, Atmospheric Rock

[1049] ineke nickisch

Wonderful Pictures with Character of your Land.
best regards

[1048] Simone D

As I want to travel to cambodia next year I googled cambodia photos to get a better idea on what i wanted to see.

Thank you for putting your photos online. They have made a massive impact on me. Red and Black just brought tears to my eyes.

[1047] Simon Thompson
The Hague, The Netherlands

Hi Julian,

These photo's are excellent!

I'm wondering if it is possible for me to post some on the website of our foundation:www.dukkhafoundation.com. Maybe for a limited time. We raise money to send kids of the Stung Meanchey dumpsite to school. I have also visited the dumpsite and taken some photo's, but they aren't nearly as good as yours.

I would greatly appreciate it if that would be possible. Of course stated to your credit and a link to this webpage.

Hope to hear from you!

Warm regards,


[1046] Kiffin parkin
spanish Fork, Utah

Thanks for posting this. It's very good to let people know about this.
I went to Cambodia last year. I love the kids and think it's good to raise an awareness to those of us here in America who take so much for granted.
Thanks again

[1045] Penelope Verdan

These photos have really touched me. I see why you are frustrated by what people here "need", and what people there dream of. I have been reasearching Cambodia for a project I must do, and I found your pictures. You are an amazing photographer, and a good hearted person. I wish you well on your journeys, and please, for my sake, keep trying to help people.

Best wishes,

[1044] romina
florence , italy

your photo essat really touched me ... i wanted to invite you to my social blog as well.. www.livingonloring.wordpress.com
your images brought alot of memories back..

[1043] Candie Cameron
Winnipeg, Canada

Your pictures were stunning, heartwrenching and yet
happiness came thru. I am very excited to be going
to Phenom Penh in January. I arrived on the 3rd and
am volunteering at an Orphanage for 4wks. Then have
to leave the 31st as we are only allowed 1mth.in the
country. I have to look for a place to stay and am
wondering if you could recommend somewhere. I hope my
needs don't seem to great considering how simple the
people live, but I need internet to keep in contact
with my kids, hot water/tub and maybe fridge so I can
keep some fruit, water, etc. instead of restaurants all
the time. Any help you can lend my way would be so very
much appreciated.
Thank you,
In Peace & Light,


[1042] Won Kim
San Francisco, California

I just finishing reading a memoir of life under Pol Pot by Loung Ung so I was curious to find out how Cambodia has changed in 30 years. I was surprised to see your pictures and see that many people still live in poverty and desperation that was so clearly depicted in the book even many years after the Khmer Rouge. It makes me really upset that people in this modern day can live in such poverty while people living in more fortunate countries waste so much money on material goods without thinking of helping one person in need. I hope your photos continue to inspire people to make a difference and show the world what real hardship is.

[1041] Matthew James/ Som Sniat
kurtitown hi, US

Hi their
I'm a pure cambodian live in the stats of the us (hawaii). I'm 22 years old and was adopted at 4.
I'm right now station in the army on a deploment in Kuwait.

I took the time to look at the pic u took and made happy and sad. you take great pictures, i too a take piture and love doing it.

I thank u for what u did and hope to see more of ur work.

[1040] spearies

Hi! Happen to find out about your photo album when i'm searching for Cambodia info for my volunteering trip to Cambodia, Baray in coming december! It's nice to see the photos but sad at certain moments when I see people who are unable to even have 3 meals a day as well as proper clothings and necessities! The photos really give me a perspective of the life in Cambodia!

[1039] Hai Prak-Thuy
Burnsville, MN, USA

Hello Julian,

My name is Hai Prak-Thuy. I was just browsing the internet for pictures to use as my desktop wall paper, and happened to come across your website. I am cambodian myself and my family and I were very blessed to be sponsored to be living in America today. This website is amazing and has touched my heart. I will admit that it has made me cry...I am currently volunteering in a non profit organizate called the TITUS Foundation. We will traveling to Cambodia next week to visit schools, orphanages and things. Thanks again for sharing the website with the world.

[1038] RICHARD
Atlanta, Georgia

I "Stumbled Upon" this site via SU photo. You have a wonderful eye for composition and energy. Pleas keep up the good work.

[1037] Yasmine Ramouni

Michigan, U.S

this is a beautiful gallery. What is the name of the artist? maybe i'm just not looking hard enough.

[1036] Victoria Jakes

I was very moved by your photostory and it prompted me to donate some money to Cambodia' Children. I will be visiting there next year and hope to be able to look at the country differntly because of this.


[1035] Green Hartanto, Tan

very nice pics... 2 thumbs for you... can you teach me how to use camera..?

[1034] DingKuen Lane
Long Beach, USA

I love your photos. It's beautiful though it's sad. Tks for sharing these with us.
I am working on an art project about cambodia children with AIDS which I will use it as black and white. Do you have any resources?


[1033] Andrew Abbadusky
Clinton, Iowa, USA

I sit here this evening watching an "important" baseball game, drinking a beer, with whatever I want to eat sitting out in the kitchen. Your work touched me, I want you to know that. I think there is no higher goal than to help the suffering, whether it be be by education, direct aid, or prayer. Fantastic yet sad photos, that have left an indelible mark on my mind. Take care! I did "StumbleUpon" this if u were curious.

[1032] David Bowman

Great images!

-David Bowman

[1031] sad-san

nice pics.. makes me realize the 3rd pillar of faith in ISLAM..

to help the needy..

[1030] Jay Kalamazoo

Amazing photos! I've taught in many countries and am planning on adding Cambodia to my list. Thanx for the images!

[1029] Dorah Abdul Kadir
Putrajaya, Malaysia


the tale you told through your lenses are powerful and truly inspiring. thank you.


[1028] Nancy D.
new haven, ct

Im trying to hold back tears after seeing these pictures. It makes my heart ache to see people, especially children suffer in such a way. I agree with you in the sense that people spend so much money on things that are not necessary such as clothing, cosmetics, etc. After seeing how much people suffer and how little they have it truly makes me appreciate what i do have. People tend to loose vision of the importance of life.

[1027] Alli Mellon
Nashville, Tn USA


Just wanted to tell you that your pictures touched me deeply. I was in Phnom Penh at the end of July and will be moving there to work with children in January. Your pictures tell the stories that broke my heart. Great job!!!!!


[1026] P.W Ho

excellent puictures !!

[1025] Ron Hock
Fort Bragg, California, USA

Hi Julian,

I would like your permission to use: http://julian.li/food/IMG_0609.jpg in my book about sharpening. Please advise availability to: hocktools2 at yahoo dot com

Thanks in advance,

Ron Hock

PS: I visited Cambodia in '94 to attend a friend's wedding. It was a remarkable adventure for me. Your photos capture it beautifully. Thank you.

[1024] Candie Cameron-Ciaralli
Winnipeg,Manitoba, Canada

Bless you Julian,
I am going to Cambodia in Jan/09 to volunteer at an orphanage for approx.6wks. My 2 friends were already going and the director gave them her 1bdr apt. for free to stay. It is too small for 3 so I will find my own accomodations. I couldn't sleep last night and found the CCH online. Since I am providing my own accomodations I am free to volunteer wherever I am led. I was touched by your stories and pics. I am feeling very strongly about helping out there. I have worked with children games, face painting, puppet & kite making,etc. I cut hair & love cooking. I was moved by the scenes of the dump and emailed Mr.Sokha. I'm hoping that they can use my help for a time.
Thank you again for sharing your story.
In Peace & Light,


[1023] Johnston Ngoc Thach
Fall River, Massachusetts, USA

The photos, make me think about the way your interpreting what the people are feeling, but I sense that you only want to communicate what would stir emotion in the audience. As an American born Cambodian, I feel that I will have to work five times harder than I already do, to make enough money to move back to my homeland, and create change. Any help shouldn't have religion tainted in it, only good intentions, and I mean it. To convert someone into another religion is wrong because it's like brainwashing a person into believing an apple is an orange. Otherwise, I thank you for your gallery; It had awoken a part of me that wants change, and I am happy.

[1022] Graham Bouvier

Calgary, Canada

Thank you for sharing these photos. I'm deeply moved by the photos you've taken.

[1021] Eric Uy

Very Nice.... I did not know you are into this long time ago... the pictures are very realistic. It shows emotions, both of the subject and of the one capturing it.

how did you do that?

[1020] Karla

wow, your food photos are fantastic! good luck to you and if you ever want to sell some Asian food pics for internet use please contact me.

[1019] Edmond Phon

Hi Julian,
My organisation, Habitat for Humanity, is raising funds for Cambodia, to build houses for the resettlement of the people living in stung meanchey dump. You may be pleased to know that the government is intending to close down the dump. We're aiming to build 25 brick houses for them.
I was particularly interested in using your photo of the boy with a bleeding foot for fund-raising. Please do let me know if you could provide me with a license and high-res photo for free. I will send U more details. Please kindly email me so that I can converse with you.

Resource Development Executive
Habitat for Humanity Singapore

[1018] Dahvy Tran


Thank you for this gallery! I myself am Cambodian and have been working towards helping my country. I would love to contribute in anyway and please keep me updated on anything new.

[1017] Dahnie
Lowell, MA USA


My name is Dahnie Tran and I am a Cambodian-American. I am very touched by your pictures. I was born and raised in America and have never been outside my country. I've always wanted to visit Cambodia. I've heard, read, seen many stories about Cambodia and the people of Cambodia and the poverty that has plagued there since the Genocide. My mother visited there only once since the Khmer Genocide and she said it's not the same anymore. While there, she did a lot of charity work and visited her hometown and temples. She left with three full suitcases, and came back with nothing. She told me that when you're there, you can't help but want to give a piece of yourself to the people you come across. I'm planning to go to Cambodia, too, after I finish college. I've always wanted to help and my family and I have donated as much money as we can to causes that help children and victims of human trafficking in Cambodia. However, I realized that I want to be hands-on in my involvement. I want to physically be there. I want to help in any way I can (besides donating more money), how would I go about it?

Thank you,

P.S. If you can, please contact me through my email address. It would be wonderful if you can reply back.

[1016] Jac

My parents also told me that if I don't study hard enough in school, I'll end up working as a binman driving the rubbish trucks to collect everyone's waste.

Never would i dream seeing the factual living condiions of these people in Cambodia through your photos.

I was pondering about my future, but the thought of these people (esp th young children) makes me ponder even more on the kind of future they have... ...

Are situations getting any better now?

Anyway, just to drop you a note, came to this site by chance. And, your photos are great, esp loving the Morning Shower.

[1015] Janis Townsend
Erie, Colorado, U.S.A.

Hi Julian,
In searching for subject material of which to use for a bronze commemorative Khmer Rouge medal I will be creating in my jewelry/metal class, I came across your site. Having just returned from Cambodia (Thailand, Malaysia, & Singapore) about 2 weeks ago, I too experienced the poverty of Cambodia, although I only visited Siem Reap for about 5 days with my husband, initially just to see the temples and ruins. I fell in love with the people there, and the adorable children. It was a very difficult place to visit on "vacation" but so eye-opening and educational in the end. I found it quite difficult to return home to all of my "things" and "stuff" and in general, the very materialistic and easy world we live in here in America. It makes me very sad to think how unhappy and depressed many people are here, who have everything they need, and then the smiles I encountered there from people who had nothing. Your pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say, and tell a very powerful story of a country that is in desperate need of help and aid for its people. I was only taking photos on a little point and shoot camera, and although I took many, they do not nearly tell the story that yours do. Your pictures stirred up the emotions I felt when I was there, and I believe could do the same for anyone who has not visited Cambodia. I hope to help out financially any way I can in the near future, and only wish I could do more. Our guide and "friends" we made while there told us of their home villages that don't even have clean water wells to serve their community. We learned that even a few hundred dollars can build a good well to deliver clean water for everyone. I plan and hope to send money this Christmas for building a needed well, rather than spending more money on unnecessary Christmas gifts that are forgotten weeks later. (wouldn't it be nice, just once, to celebrate the holidays for what they represent, without the trouble of gifts?)
Thanks for posting your pictures and commentary on Cambodia. I hope that with the increasing tourism there, these people who are sharing their incredible history/ruins/country/culture/smiles with the world will reap the benefits of aid that will slowly begin to rebuild this country up from such a dark history just years ago. I too hope to return to Cambodia some day. It definitely holds a very special place in my heart

[1014] Lam Thi Cam Le ( Le-LT)
Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Hi Julian,
Likely you've just posted this China gallery recently though you made it 10 years ago as I did not see it in last visits to your page ( or I did not notice it)? Anyway, just to show my impression about the picture of your dad's village and the comment. Yeah, totally agree with you that our life would have been totally different and it would be very much depending on the earlier decision of our parents. That's why, being a mother of 2 children now (wow !), it takes me really some time to think and make decision for my own life that may impact to my kids's. Many things I did and did not were driven by this center of my life ( "7 habit language" ;-). Some were really painful but it's worthwhile.

You know, I always find some thing that make me feel good whenever looking at your photos. It's such a pleasure moment in these long days ( 4 months !)when I stay home during ML. Gratitude :-)

Look forward to viewing other good photos in your page :-)

Smile :-)

[1013] Christine Ong

Let me know when you're going again. Then can pass stuff to you.


[1012] Iswarya Balakrishnan
Chennai, India

Brilliant Photography there! Hats off!

[1011] nick robl
Kent, USA

Brilliant Photos.

[1010] John
Switzerland - Singapore


I chanced upon your website and really liked the photos of Bali (which reminded me of my honeymoon). I'm an aspiring photographer and was hoping if you could refer me to any websites to start reading up on photography and the kind of settings needed to take pictures like yours.


[1009] Errinn Voorhies
Seattle, Washington

What amazing photos! Your photography is beautiful and now Bali is my number one on my list of place to vacation. Way to sell the island!

I really enjoyed that gallery!

Thank you ~


[1008] john romero iv
lake charles, la, usa

breathtaking photographs.

[1007] Sean Mok

Thank you,

I am a deeply touched by your photos, it reminded me of my visit to Cambodia.

[1006] Grace
Beijing, China

i am from beijing! it really shocked me!!!!!! i know hw luck i was born in beijing!! the capital of china!!
bless them!!

[1005] kimvong

Thanks for your photo of Cambodia it is really useful for viewer who can help all though kind of child with their situation as you photos

Best wish

[1004] Joost de Wert
Breda, The Netherlands

Dear Julian,

Thank you for your images of people that should never be forgotten.


[1003] bunrath math
Philadelphia, Pa USA

Julian, thank you for the heart-wrenching pictures. I am touched by your compassion in highlighting the plight of the Cambodian poor to the world. The gaps between the haves and the have-nots are wide and unthinkable in Cambodia.

Bunrath Math

[1002] Darren Palliaer

Hi Julian,

Your photograph gallery of Cambodia and it's people is inspiring and i just wish to express my appreciation. I plan to be a ESL (English Teacher) in Vietnam,possibly Cambodia in the near future. Once again many thanks.

Darren Palliaer

[1001] bee

beautiful photos!

i am a tv cameraman/producer/editor and am looking to buy a canon 5d to get more into taking stills. i came across your site doing a search for reviews and prices of the 5d. your images have certainly sold me on the quality of the 5d.

though i can see that your talent, personality and approach is what really made your photos shine! have you had any of them published?

well done

[1000] Bryan Wells

DUDE! when are you going to update with some recent photos. It's been like 3 years, let's see some new amazing work! later!

[999] Tommy Ling Jong Chin
Sibu, Malaysia

Nice photographer.. :)

[998] Barbara

I have been so moved by your photographs taken in Cambodia and had to write to you. I did leave a message on your Cambodia page but not sure how these things work. In July 2004 my son spent 6 days in Siem Reap then went by boat to Phnom Penh. He wrote to us about what he saw and how he felt & fell in love with the people and country. My son was murdered in Thailand in August 2004. When he was killed we wanted to do something in his name and what better than to set up a Fund for children in Cambodia. He had visited a children's hospital and given blood. This hospital is run by a Swiss doctor and free for all children. We have since been to Siem Reap ourselves and spoken with the docotor as the Fund has been active since September 2004. I have to keep thinking of new ways to raise money and am now making greeting cards from some photos my son took when on a trip to China aged 14 in 1994. Would it be possible or allowed for me to use some of your Cambodian children on my cards? This Fund is helping us a little but I know it is helping others a great deal so it is important to go on sending money. I hope you are able to reply to this - if it is not allowed then that is fine, if it is then I will put your name on the back of each card. I await your answer. Thanks Barbara.

[997] Barbara

Thank you for sharing such wonderful photographs. You cannot look at them and remain unmoved. I am about to give a talk to 30 10 yr olds about a hospital in Siem Reap called Jayavarman VII - a children's hospital run by a Swiss doctor. My son visited there in 2004 and gave blood as he was so moved, like you, by the plight of children and poor families in Cambodia. He then travelled to Thailand where he was murdered. We have set up a Fund in his name to raise money for the hospital which is free to all children and allows them access to medicine and treatment that they could not otherwise afford. I hope you do not mind if I show the children I am going to talk to your wonderful pictures as it will help me explain just how important it is to help and support these children. Thank you Julian Li.

[996] david graham
new zealand

hello. great pictures.....they use this at some schools in cambodia I taught it to

[995] Phil Claffey

Thank you for your insightful photographs, I am about to embark on a 3 week trip to Cambodia to film a documentary primarily about the musicians that me and a fried will stumble across on our way - we have an itinerary, but are keeping if very lose. It will be broadcast on Danish TV sometime this year we hope. Could you please tell me where that dump was? Just outside Phon Pen??

Thank you once more for you inspirational work.


[994] suhani
new zeland

really good pictures i am touched on what you maen

[993] Carlos de la Rua
Bali, Indonesia

Thanks for you work, something necessary, thanks again.


Love and Peace,



[992] NJP
Washington, DC

I randomly came across this page. These photos are extremely moving and I had to skip a few of them because I couldn't bear looking at them. I must admit that they brought tears to my eyes. So many people around the world take their lives for granted and ungrateful for what they have. We are so fortunate to be where we are and have what we have. These poor people are living in hell. Life is so unfair. I hope they will get the help they much needed.

[991] adrynayana

nice....i really sat when i saw the pic.....

[990] jemal neal
united states

i wish there was somthing i could do to help the less fortunate but i am only 13 years old here we practice christianity

[989] Kerry Sloane
New Zealand

Hi there,
just came across your photos and they were/are very beautiful. great photography - you have captured such raw situations so honestly and impactfully.
Where are you from?
I am planning a trip to (Thailand and) Cambodia in the next few weeks and not sure how a 45 year old (going on 30!) female would travel there.
I am thinking to go to Bangkok and take a trip/tour/group/bus ticket(one of the above) from there. any suggestions would be welcomed.
I too, like you, want to see real life and the wonderful spirit of the children and capture some of the similar meaningful parts of the essence of the country as you seem to have done.
thanks in advance, Kerry

[988] S&W Tang
Sydney, Australia

Hi Julian,

Those pictures of Cambodia are so nice. But seeing those children at the rubbish dump made me cry.... very unfortunate kids in a very unfortunate country and were born at a wrong time.

Keep up with your good work.

[987] swathi

we r visiting cambodia this weekend and after looking at these snaps i shall atleast try and bring smile on one of such poor kids...i promise....thanx julian...

[986] Blair
Portland, Oregon

Hey Julian. Nice pictures. Email me and let me know what you are up to now days.

[985] Jennifer Detar
Pittsburgh, PA


I come to this set of pictures from Cambodia that you wonderfully captured about.. once a month and everytime I view them I am so touched!

You did such an amazing job.. I would LOVE to go there and capture images and do some volunteer work someday. It's one of my goals!

You did a really really amazing job with the pictures, they really do capture so much emotion!

I wondered if I could make a slide show of your images, (of course on the title I'd put something like 'Cambodia' by Julian Li.. not for professional use or anything. Let me know!!! Thanks so much, God bless!!


[984] Kathleen Lavender
Austin, Texas, USA

Very powerful pictures. I am not sure how I got to your site but I am glad I stumbled upon it. You say you will go back one day, have you been back? I am going to check out the orphanage and more of your pictures. Take care and God Bless.

[983] Jennie Brown
Victor Harbor , South Australia

I am doing my nursing and in diverse culture chose Cambodia as an Australian comparison country. I am so impressed with your photos. Your view was so unique that it bought me to tears. Thank you for your views on Cambodia, they were so honest and so so real. Thank you

[982] justine tan
malaysia, selangor

great pics, with deep feelings.

i am going to cambodia coming month.

[981] Lin Junyao


Hey, really appreciate all the photographs taken. Im current trying to do a system art which portrays the negligence of the society towards such group of more unfortuante people. I came across your photos and saw a couple that really will touch people's heart.

Here is a brief of my art. I need portrait photos of those 3rd world kids. And i will leave the photo on the floor of the street with a sentence " pick me up and help me" I will records down the time etc i put the photos on the ground and who really pick them up and help them. The photos ultimately will be filled with either the negligence footstep or names or those who help. There is other test to further prove such cruelty of society, hopefully to brig the awareness out of some people that there is someone who needs our help dearly.

migrant mother, untreated, dazed, survival, behind the smiles and happy meal --- Here is some photos that really hope you could send to me with a bigger version, hopefully A4 size.

Really hope to hear from you.

[980] Ivo Lacle

Great photographs and all of them telling a story.
Nice work Julien.

[979] Phong
HCM, Vietnam

Great pics! It takes me hours to view all of those pics, but I love them:)!

[978] Marie Eber

I went a few months after the bombings and will be going again soon. I love Bali.

Great great photos!

[977] Dan Augsburger
Michigan, USA

Hi. Your pictures were fantastic. I just returned from Cambodia where I spent 17 days. Part of our trip was to the dumps to see how the people live. Just prior to going there, we visited a school that our group operates where 50 children from the dumps go every day to learn to read, are fed, given nice clothes, etc., in an effort to help their lives improve. I shed a few tears in visiting, but was pleased that something is being done to help them. Your pictures are excellent. Could I use a few if I give you full attribution? Thank you! Dan

[976] vanessa non
Portland (united states)

My husband is Cambodian and is on deport back to Cambodia and doing all of this research on the country it saddens me that people have to live like this and if my husband does get deported this is somthing i will se with my own eyes.

[975] darcy gem
mandaue city

i am a volunteer here in cambodia. a filipino. i wanted to show my philippine family life in cambodia. i happen go see your pictures online. may i copy them in a cd and bring them to my country? i do not have a good camera like yours.
i am not selling any of your shots. my purpose is awareness for my friends on cambodia, and how they can help. i will not use your pictures for profits.

just asking...


[974] Kristoff Capa


you have an amazing eye. thank you from the bottom of my heart! this work needs to be seen.

[973] Angel

Hi Julian, chanced upon this website while searching for Cambodian style for some design work I'm doing.
I love your pictures, they really bring out the needs of Cambodia children. I am deeply touched and would like to do something for them. If you are planning a trip, let me know when and how I can help.


[972] James Cooper

Hi Julian

Just came across your photos - fantastic. You've certainly captured the essecence of urban decay and poverty. Very visual shots indeed.

I spent three weeks travelling round Cambodia a couple of months ago. I recently put up some photos on my site - let me know what you think - http://www.ramblingdogphotography.com/cambodia.htm



[971] Gemma Lee

Hello Julian

I stumbled on your website, and love your (may I call it) photo-journalistic style. Your images are vibrant and "of the moment". Keep up the good work, and let me know if you have more recent shots.


[970] Devan Singaram
Kuala Lumpur


This are powerful images, especially when you look for light in so much darkness.

A person viewing it, is first drawn to a child's smile and later a profoundness is experienced, when he sees the environment in which the smile takes place.

[969] Mike Tee


Thanks for the Cambodian photos Julian. Got your link from Pin's Kumomo article - it's really opened our eyes!

[968] Monte Tom
San Francisco, CA, USA

Dear Mr. Li

My name is Monte Tom. I am a Theater Arts student at San Francisco State University. I am directing a one act play called "Once A Boy", written by Claire A. Rice. It is about a Cambodian man who escaped from Cambodia during the Vietnam War and now lives in America. He is haunted daily by images and memories of his past life, as he tries desperately to forget and move on.

The reason I am emailing you is to ask for your permission to use one of your photographs as part of the promotion for the play. Because the production is technically a class, I am making no money for the show and all finances come out of my own pocket. Your photography is incredibly powerful and deeply moving and I believe that it would be a great way to help promote my show. You would receive full credit for your photography in the program. Following is a link to what it would look like.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Monte Tom

[967] Echo Zhang
Beijing, China

Looks cool.
Like "Crop Tending" most.

[966] Nin jassal

I really enjoyed looking through those photos.. They are beautiful..Im thinking of taking up a photography course i hope they are as great as yours..

Im planning a trip to cambodia this friday for 7 days..

Trips like these teach and give you gifts that you hold forever. Thanks for highlightening the whole truth..

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own little world its good to escape to places like that they bring you back down again.. Ive realized how materilistic i am and how more i can be.. I should be more greatfull for what i have..

Thanks for sharing your pictures

[965] Alvin Cheung
Hong Kong

Hi! I love your photos!

I found the photos you took of food on Google and they made me so hungry.

You do some really great work. Keep it up!

[964] Maria Baum
Naples, Fl

Wonderful work! Wish there were more people like you.

[963] kitti

hi i like your photography.can i view more your bali photo.thank

[962] Mark Mann

Great Photos thanks


Hi there, you are a Christian, like you photography very good.
You have capture some interesting moments.
I was in Cambodia last year and visited the dump twice.
Nothing prepared me for what I was about to witness, a man buried alive under tones of filthy rubbish.

My purpose in Cambodia was to film documentary for RTC,and further doc for release here in Australia concerning Cambodian poor plight etc.

It is planned that I return this year to film more of Cambodia.

Would you like a me to forward you a DVD " Tears for Cambodia" it is only a 12 minute clip that we produced and is the for runner to our final release.

God Bless
John Glasson
Blacksmith Productions.

[960] Joanna

Fantastic photos. I was in China last year and seeing your photos really made me feel i was right back there. The best set would have to Cedric and Shi Mins wedding. Humourous and creative, those photos captured the heart and feelings of the newly wed couple.

[959] Piotr Fila
Warsaw, Poland

Very Good photo's

[958] sarina lim

Hi Julian,

Remember me? Anyway great photos...I still like your photos u took in China! Natural... If you remember me, do drop me a line.

God Bless!

Sarina Lim

[957] Phil Vargas

I am looking to research your country and it moves me on how a way of life is in Cambodia if you could help me on my search i would greatly appreciate it furthermore maybe i can find good help in this part of the states to help you out anything is better then nothing thanks for you time and patients.
Phil V.

[956] Georgia Miari
Athens Greece

Hi Julian,

I am a friend of Yovita's from LR.
Great photos....


[955] pc

I fell sad
good wishes to all of them

[954] phany
montreal, canada

it was very interesting to take part of your journey through your pictures. i am from Cambodia but i have been raised in canada. so to witness the beauty but also the pain through you photos was a blessing. i would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and if you have the time write me back because i would love to hear more of your adventure in Cambodia.

Ps: i am planning to go back there this year too

[953] John Hwang
Federal Way, Washington USA

Your pictures are so wonderful. It takes me back to my mission trip this past year. I'm wondering if I can use some of your pictures to show what Cambodia looks like to some church members in a slide show. Thank you for your consideration. Let me know if I need to pay anything as I'd be glad to do so.

God bless,

John Hwang

[952] Bunsann Kim

Lakewood, US

HMMM as I read again, I was near to tears. Amazing pictures...

[951] john bygate
durham england

much moved by your photos of steung meanchey in phnom penh. our church's current project is raising money for a scheme based in phnom penh to help the dump kids get better education and medical care: as 'publicity manager' for the project, I find your photos very helpful in showing the REALITY of the situation - something I have been looking for for a while. I hope it is ok with you if I use some of these photos on our church noticeboard to get home the message.
John Bygate

[950] Le

Hi Julian,
Coming back GO from Binh Duong plant today at 6PM with a little bit tiring feeling, I didnt work as planned but went to my Favourites with intention for some music, saw your weblink booked there then went in again. I was taking a first look at your friend wedding's gallery to ensure the previous techincal issue is gone ;-) I could view through it this time. Well, fun and interesting !

I've also enjoyed through the England's, the Bali's galleries. The most impressive photo was the one of mom and her daughter. I've shared same feeling with you about the gentleness of the mother and the innocence of the kid, esp her eyes. However, still dont have full enjoyable feeling through all the photos in same gallery as it was first time I looked through Vietnam's. Maybe, some personal bias of sentiment is involved in the judgement, not really caused by the photos themselves. Overall, still feel good afterwards. Thanks Julian, once again, for what your photos have brought to me :-)

Until next time....


[949] Laura John (Kim)
Redlands, CA

Thank you for these pictures. I will be going to Cambodia with Martin Kim's group for two weeks in Feb. 2008. These pics will help me to prepare.

[948] LIM Kethia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Super photos! I am really surprised to see these photos. You might had spent a lot of times and your efforts to do this work. I am sure that you faced a hard time in your heart, when you saw those kind of people's life in Cambodia. We, Cambodian people really need to climb up from these disaster places.
Thank you so much!!!



[947] Trent and Saroeuth White

Those are some amazing photos you took out there.I am from Cambodia but have yet been back since we came here to canada in 1989.These are photos that my family can look at and say to themselves how blessed we are that we are here now and what our lives would of been like if we were to of not made it out of there.And it gives us a chance to help those who weren't as lucky as we were.

[946] anthony

Thank you for making these photos publicly viewable. Your ability at photography seems to be quite good.

I hope you continue to maintain this address. I will use these pictures to encourage me in my studies, as your photos remind me of the purpose of my education.

Keep on raising awareness.



[945] Calvin Kim
Seattle, WA


I was blessed by your pic's and comments. I have a strong passion for SE Asia. I will be heading to Cambodia for 2 weeks in February with a mission team. We will be in Siem Reap and then visit Pnom Penh(we will have a medical/dental team, children's ministry/evangelism) We will also be visiting the trash dumps. I just returned from North Korea last May from another humanitarian trip. My passion is to build awareness of the plight of our brothers and sisters in such destitute countries. Many of your comments and thoughts are akin to the thoughts that I have.

We in America are cursed with materialism and self absorbed.

May God bless your efforts!

Respectfully yours,

Calvin Kim

[944] Alden Ho
Berrien Springs, MI, USA

Hi Julian,

I came across your website searching for pictures from Cambodia as I will be going there on a mission trip in February.

As a professional photographer, I must say that your pictures are excellent and very informative, creative and powerful.

Where do you live? Singapore? I was born there.

I shoot Canon too. You can read my bio on my Photography link at www.aldenho.com

All the best.


[943] koky saly

Thank you for your beautiful photos. I was born in prison during the khmer rouge regime and lived the first three years of my life there.

Your pictures and stories are very moving. Today I fight for the rights of Cambodian children living in poverty and I invite you to get invlolved with us one day. We are not wealthy, but we don't let that stop us. Watch my video and visit my website if you have time.




[942] Paul Saly

very sad! !

[941] Lam Thi Cam Le
Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Hi Julian,
I've got a week vacation, have some rare time to surf net then happen to see your web marked in my Favourites. I eagerly logged in to view once again what used to make me feel impressed about the way a foreign photographer see my beloved hometown Hanoi. Then I saw "Wedding" photos at the home page and thought it was yours and curiously pressed the front photo to go inside to finally discover it's your friend's .... :) Unfortunately, I only could see around 5-6 first photos, the balance did not display, not sure what the issue is...However, still want to drop some lines to let you know then you may want to take a look if it's any error in posting the photos....

Maybe, it's not the right time to view other photos. It's the signal to ask me come back in some other days. Hope to view your wedding photos in your gallery when I get back :)


[940] Audrey Lo
Brunei Darussalam

I was raised to finish every pieces of rice off my plate and if you don't, your fate might just change and turn out to be like the starving children in Africa. At least thats what Ive always been told - never to waste.. Just like how most Asian parents would have told their children, similar to your caption on the picture, 'lowest of the low'.

I was never aware of how MY part of the world (ASEAN)would be even a closer example than Africa. After seeing your pictures, i feel so disgusted of my material wants and things I have been taking for granted all this while whilst some people in Cambodia only earn US$1/day.

Some of the pictures are quite disturbing but it catches the sense of reality most people would feel taken aback to when viewing these pictures.

Having lived in a country where almost everything is readily made available, these pictures have been a complete eye-opener. Thank you Julian.

Truth is, I came across this site while googling up Cambodia for Im still preparing myself to visit the country soon as Ive been seeing my Cambodian bf for almost a year now and now that he is back in Cambodia and is currently working for the Peaceful Children's Homes in the outskirt of Phnom Penh and in the province of Battambang, both run by the Khmer Foundation for Justice, Peace and Development, Ive been filled with many wondering stories of the underpriviledged orphans there. If anyone of you is reading this and is interested in helping these children by way of basic necessity supplies or simply providing English/education classes, you may contact me via this email address: lo_audrey@hotmail.com.

May God bless these children.

Audrey Lo

[939] Hamza


great job...
i wanted to say that living in the mideast made me understand that to sovle a problem u shouldnt look for an answer in faith because u will always wind up saying where the hell is god? god should do something about it.
i belive that the solution is in social justice and in world revolution...
anyway, i would like toinvite u to come to palestine..give us a visit in Jerusalim...

[938] james lobedica

informative and candid pictures of human drama

[937] Kara Uy
San Jose, California, USA


I couldn't hold the tears as I was viewing your album. The images in the pictures are not new to me as I have been to Cambodia more than once. No matter how many times I've familiarized myself with pictures or experiences, the impact remains the same...sadness, anger, a sense of despair are only some of the emotions used to decribe my heart-break. It's a stark reality relentlessly reminding me of how precious life really is and how much the world is still suffering around me. My brother and I organize a volunteer non-profit agency to raise money to aid those in Cambodia who are living in dire conditions. He goes to Cambodia once a year to for the charity event. It's hard to believe how much we have accomplished and how many have helped and donated. This experience, along with your site (and your passion towards the Children of Cambodia) helps restore my faith that the world is still left of many kind and courages people like you and me. Thank you!

I hope you continue to capture the moment and share it with all of us!

Kara Uy

[936] Julius


I enjoyed myself just browsing your pictures. Each of the pictures tell a different story. Thank you for sharing your colourful life. Looking forward to your new uploads. :)

[935] venesa tadic
bad urach germany


[934] bunsann kim

lakewood, ca

i am a cambodian too, but i am studying in united states at the moment.. nice photos

[933] Eunice Kow

Hi, I just want to say I loved your pictures from Bali. It really showed the rich culture and friendliness of the people there. Hope to see more of your great work from your future travels.


[932] David W. Rahfeldt
Medina, WA USA

Wonderful photography that well captures the essence of the humanity of these people, their joys, their plights, their dreams, their joys, and their sorrows.

The difference between an artist and a technician is the ability to see the soul of the person or situation and bring that to light ...

These pictures capture core elements of that humanity.

That individuals, no matter their situation or station, can aspire to joy, love, hope is indeed a testimony to the positive nature of humanity ... and should affirm for us all that we are indeed, "all in this together".


[931] SAM Hon
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Sir,

Please read this website www.pse.asso.fr ! I appreciate it more than the yours.


[930] SAM Hon
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

dear sir,

Thanks a lot to show athe reality in our country. But the plan of your photos looks not normal. I think that your photos are very critiqued.

Best Regard!

[929] Craig Ryan
Sydney/ Australia

Well done mate, The world needs more of these to understand the plight of some people in the world.

Keep up the good work
Craig Ryan

I would like to donate my time in January to the shcool or orphanage as Im an English Teacher here.

[928] Long Phanith
PhnomPenh, Cambodia

All picts are very impresive. I like the way you lnik them to issues and real life of present and past. Still, they all would be much better if they are in small sizes, but the same quality, so that they are easy to view. Anyway, the existing picts explain a lot about Cambodia. I hope Cambodians can express their ideas about their difficult life like the way the picts can do.
"Picts cannot lie, can they?"

Thank you

[927] Bryan Wells
keizer, oregon, U.S.A

Hey man how's it going? Do you have anything new? Would love to see some more work. http://damageinc86.googlepages.com/index.htm
have some recent stuff up on my site, keep up the good work!

[926] Pamela Denchfield
Duvall, WA, USA

Another good charity, one that devotes all funds directly to the children (no administrative overhead), is http://www.sustainablecambodia.org/

[925] Pamela Denchfield
Duvall, WA, USA

Thank you so much for taking these photos and making them available online. Great photos. I cannot comment on technique because I'm not a photographer, but as a writer, I really appreciate your informative and imaginative captions.

I will be spending almost a month in Cambodia in late 2007, with my daughter and two of my Cambodian relatives. (I'm not blood related but my daughter is.) It will be a first for both my daughter and me, so I'm sure it will transform our lives. I plan to bring lots of helpful items. My Cambodian family told me to bring aspirin and other medicine. We will visit the wats (temples) and hopefully some of the towns my Cambodian family lived in before Pol Pot.

I am doing a lot of "inner work" and hopefully helping my Cambodian family do so, too, through listening to them talk about their experiences and writing it down.

Please feel free to contact me with advice or suggestions for the trip and especially ideas to help while I'm there.

With much gratitude,
Pamela Denchfield
(near Seattle, WA, USA)

[924] Marvin Kim

Burnaby, BC, Canada

Thank you for your wonderful photos.
I am deeply impressed.

[923] Sugianto

Pontianak, Indonesia

I already enter your page, thanks for allow me watching Your photos. Are You still remember me ? The one who make a little conversation with You when You in My city several month ago. at that Time You were taking Picture of the kids Who had play GULI


Dear Julian,

Thank you very much for all these suffering photos.

You have a good heart to these suffering childred.

Are you living in USA?

Are you Khmer?


Kulen Monorom

[921] greg grant
richmond hill,Ga

that was very sad im only in tenth grade and found it emotional god bless

[920] Sokunthea Pheng
PP, Cambodia

Thank you so much for your hard work. Looking back , I am feeling so pitiful to Cambodia. I hope we can be better so soon.


[919] arie van der zalm
tussen maas en waal

mooie site met prachtige foto’s ziet er echt goed uit
gr arie

[918] David Jacques

Hong Kong

Some very good photos in all locations

[917] Danielle Reed

Excellent pictures and great comments. I will share this site with my friends. thank you

[916] CHAK Sopheap
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Dear Julian Li,

It was so amazing and I really appreciated your photographing talent and effort. As a Cambodian citizen, it is really shamful that foreigners could see the poverty problems and its circulating factor (i.e corruption and social injustice) while my government admire its effort of economic growth.

Btw, i and my university friends also launch "Youth for Change" network which we aim to build the youth network to contribute to social development, and to foster rural education sector through distributing school kids the book and study materials and to teach them the social and other benifical matters for their daily livelihood. I hope when u come to Cambodia next time, i can invite you to meet my team, and to experience rural livelihood and our activities wiht kids.

Bests, Sopheap

[915] Christopher Billey
Chandler, AZ

Absolutely Emotional work! It was the First time in ages that I was almost in tears.

My wife and I would love to host your work for the next First Friday in Downtown Phoenix. The First of September If your interested Give us a call. We can be reached at 480.204.1565

Chris & Tammie Billey

[914] Sonchumchuon

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Those most pictures which will be dangeroeus for health in their family and will be effected to social in recently. But some of those pictures to show the effort for their life in future.

[913] James Sok

New York City, USA

Dear Julian Li:

You took very interesting photos. The suffering of Cambodian children is the pain in my heart.


James Sok,

[912] Bun Heang Ung

Many thanks to Julian Li,
Great photos that you had shown us the suffering of Cambodia & its people.

Bun H.Ung

[911] Drew Tanner

Lovely wedding shots. It appears they all were shot simply using available light. What cameras and lenses were you using?

[910] Vince

Hi Julian,

Thank you for your photos and comments. I love them. I went to Hanoi and Halong and visited that cave as well. I learn so much from your pictures.

Good job!


[909] Bing

Some of these pics made me wanna cry... as i'm sure did many others. U're observant and your pics have a heart in them, that's what's powerful.

Careful too though... witnessing extreme poverty and deprivation, leading to profound grief and helplessness, ur righteous soul wanna shout WHY? WHERE IS HELP?... these can throw u into deep melancholic depression.

And, do not feel ashamed or guilt striken for being luckier. depriving oneself as a form of punichment for being unable to change what one wishes is not as effective as spreading awareness, which i must say you do very well, so use your talent to educate others. well done, keep it up! Photo Journalism may be your forte.

[908] Natalia

USA, San Francisco

Hi Julian, thank you for sharing this gallery. I have a question: how to help those children? is there a center to forward the clothes/things so it can be pass out to poor people? or how to send money and to whom? I've always wanted to help poor people by building a shelter or have free meals provided to them. It is still on the list of the things I wanted to do in life, but since for those plans I need to have bigger budjet, I wanted to make at least some donation right now and was wondering what's the right way to do it? Please let me know. Thank you.

[907] Ry Mak
Melbourne, FL. USA

Thank you for showing how the kids at stung mancheay lived. As well as Cambodia great photo's.

[906] Le-LT
Hochiminh city, Vietnam

Hi Julian,
Thanks for sharing the photos gallery ! Hanoi is where I was born and I'm really pleased feeling that people, including foreigners like you, coming there and feel impressed about the place, especially this is a possitive impression :-)

Recommend you spend some other times to north areas then you will see more places to take photos. Some ares near the bounderies with China like Cao Bang,Lang Son,Mong Cai provinces, etc. you can look at Vietnam map to look for those provinces. It's really worth another try :-) If you also enjoy the sea, you may want to go the central areas where we have some world famous beaches like Nha Trang, Phan Thiet, etc. with high class resorts but reasonable prices.

Thanks again. Look forwards to seeing further Vietnam photos from you :-)


P.S. I have no comments in terms of photo techniques as I have no idea abt it, so cant have any inputs abt this aspect. My comments come more from what I emotionally take away from your gallery :-)

[905] Sandra Greifenhagen
Dresden, Germany

Hey Julian,
I'm really impressed that you are besides your unique pictures and your comments which are really worth reading also calling out for help. i've never been before in cambodia...but i have been to brasil where i've seen also such poor people hanging around, begging, fishing in a dirty lake and sleeping outside...living homeless. i feel very sad watching your pictures of those little children. i mean it's not fair, here in germany as we have a social system which cathches everyone who's falling into a time without working place, you mustn't fear anything. everyday you can bye your food...
i'm dreaming of traveling and helping those poor people one day. i can't stand any longer doing nothing, only listening and watching about people starving of hunger.
well i hope you're goiung out and looking for more impressing pictures.
oh i have to admit..i love this photo of this little girl named srey mom. :)
so have a good time
greeting from a summertime dresden

[904] Jaz


I was searching for some information about Cambodia and I came across your website. Very nice photos. Indeed it tell the story about life in Cambodia. Rich is rich.. poor is very poor. We are very fortunate for what we have... not only donating, consider to sponsor a child there. You will save one of them.

[903] veronika

like it!

[902] Cheryl Tan


I happened to chance into your site while searching for mission trips. Your photos are so well taken and most importantly they are all so real. They really reflects the TRUTH in life. It was heartbreaking to see these children struggling with their lifes. I am sharing your site with my frens in my blog and I hope you do not mind. Thank you.

[901] Karl Johan Rahm
Stockholm, Sweden

Very strong photos!
Thanks for showing them. I think they can make a difference, somehow.

At the same time there is so much of natural resources and corruption and greed in Cambodia, so many extremely rich people. All these years of foreign aid, some 640 million USD a year from the early 90s and up til now, and still so many poor people. It should be like that. It is about time that something is done about how the country is run.

I lived in Cambodia in 1997-98, and from late 1999 to 2005. I miss it a lot, and I want to go back to see all good friends and speak Khmer again. I just need a job there, so if anyone know of anything, please let me know...

With my best wishes for the future of Cambodia // johan

[900] Hamid

Nice pics

[899] JMD

Nothing captures the souls of the world better than a camera. Well done.


[898] joseluis
lal linea España

buenas fotos. Me me traen bueno srecuerdos de mis viajes a Bali.

[897] Davina Leach

Wapato, Washington, USA

My Son-in-law was born in Cambodia in the 70's his family escaped to a refugee camp and settled in the united states. He was raised here. He later went to Bible College and he and my daughter are now Baptist Missionaries to Cambodia, My grandchildren are going to be raised there on the mission field, no longer the killing fields.



I am a colleague of Rus and believe you know her well. Your photographic skill is fantastic.

[895] BABE



[894] Jonh

Your photos are really bringing the emotions and message across! Self studied?

[893] vary chin
stockholm, sweden

Thanks for your establishment regarding the reality in Cambodia. They are not just only photos, all describe the lives over there. According to the photos i know how you feel, you might do same way as me, so painful and hard to see all these. Wish people on obligation turn up their way to take more attention on them with sympathy and help. Vary :)

[892] Derwin Marshall

Boston, USA

I've been to Cambodia, but I've never seen that part. This is so heartbreaking!

[891] Yew Har

I am very touched by these pictures you have taken, though they have posted some time back. How can I donate from Singapore to this orphanage that you talked about in Cambodia?



Oak Park Illinois

Absolutely, impressive photo's. Your photo's really touching and professional.

[889] Alvina Wongsosaputro

Tremendous pictures! It reminds me to my childhood. Me myself is from Indonesia, Chinese ethnic and I had seen these pictures in life when I was small. I grew up in middle up family but nearby our residence there was this small trash compounds where so many little children works out to collecting some valuables goods that they can found. I always passed the compounds on the way back home. I couldnt play with them as my parents would not allow me to get close with bacterias and dirtiness surround. I feel shame that my life different than them, where I can get the best education with parents money and they are not.
I feel shame that I spent lots money on shoes and clothes, only to look good in front people. Well, now I will try to think twice before spending money for fashion. It should worth with other poor people life and not just buy from rich people to make them richer. It really helps me to open my eyes and heart for this sad reality.

Anyway, the gap within poor and rich are still exist in Indonesia. It is hard to change but if people can learn to share with others, it will helps. As our mindset can shapes the world. Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

[888] Susan Toldam

Hi Julian

You are an amazing photographer. The pictures tell stories I can't imagine you've even thought of yourself. And I can tell from the pictures of the cambodian people that you love the country and people as much as I do.. (after a very short visit this december) Thank you for making an effort to see people the right way.


[887] V Smith
Tennessee, USA

All the pictures were fabulous. The are of capturing the harsh realities of life. These are the things we tend to forget and I saw things that made me sad, happy, joyful, worried; hopeful. But, most of all it made me realize how the needy are in every country and affects all walks of life. I will pray for all of them.

[886] Anne

I found your pictures on google by complete pot luck and i must admit that they really inspired me. I am going to Bali at the end of this month and the pics made me want to be there now! I would just like to know if you asked people before taking pictures of them?



[885] Rafael G. Mangulabnan

great photo that you have very professsional shot.

[884] Perry
Atlanta, USA


Great photos.
As a former refugee from Cambodia myself, I often forgot to recall what was then - more pre-occupied with other stuff.

Those kids - with our 1st 8 month child, I now appreciate more of what we have and still cannot understand why there are so many of have not.

Since '79, I have been back once and for one night only - buiness trip via Singapore. My mom went back earlier this year for her 1st time and passed away on the plane - on the way back. We just had her 100 day ceremony in VA.

As much as I missed Cambodia and with such sadness after seen the photos. At the same time, there is frustration in me and the reminder of "back luck/constant suffering" when doing anything of Cambodia.


[883] zara mahmood


I think we should all help the poor and needy people in the world so they can be happy 4 1nce!

[882] pawel ladniak

Lublin, Poland


[881] offspring

brilliant eye

[880] BT


great site, fabulous fotos. keep up the good work, BT

[879] Bariq

Hi Julian,

Fantastic heart touching portrayal of the hardships that people in under developed countries like cambodia face. Its really wonderful that you shed the natural tendency of going to see the major tourist attractions but inturn went to scoop something different. Really fantastic work.

From all mytikans i extend to you our appreciation of your work.



[878] Carolina


My name is Carolina, im studying photography in Australia (are from Sweden).

Thank u for good inspiration. Im going to Bali in aug-sep to do my last portfolio for this course Im going.

Any tips to where to go on Bali?

[877] Kate Gecolea
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dearest Julian,

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. They are powerful, beautiful and heart breaking @ the same time. I should be really sleeping soon since it's very late and I have to wake up early to work the next day but I was basically glued to all your Cambodia photos!!!

Traveling to Asia to volunteer is one of my goals for next year once I come up with enough money and enough guts to go there by myself and venture into new territory, but just seeing your photos reminded me of why I originally wanted to go - b/c they can use all the help they need in whatever form, whether that was monetary, volunteering, or just by you sharing your photos online and helping people become more aware of it.

Once again, thank you, and hope to see some other new photos soon, wherever you might be :) (as I will later look at all your other photos :) I hope all is well for you since it's been a long time since you updated, but please if you have a chance, please let me know you're alright and will update with new photos eventually :)

Peace and Respect,

Kate :)

[876] agung

capsoul band is awesome .. i remember when i see the performance of capsoul...it was amazing.

go for it capsoul

[875] Todd Bennett
Halifax, Nova Scotia,Canada

You have some great photos. I really enjoyed looking at them. Great use of the wide angle lens in a lot of them. How do you like the 5D? I'd love to hear your comments on that camera.




[874] Fiona Harris

Hi Julian,

I have to say, the photos that you have taken is absolutely stunning. It says lot about life but yet it is so simplistic.
It portray life beautifully. Images are wonderfully stunning. I really enjoyed looking at them.

Should have been my wedding photographer! =)


[873] jim hawkins

Dear Julian

I love your food gallery and i'd very much see it updated, though it's allready pretty big and therefore it's understandable if you don't feel like it anymore.

Keep up the superb work, best regards, from the snowy mountains, jim hawkins.

[872] Rudi van Starrex
Sydney, Australia

Good captures on your site Mr. Li - fresh and active.

[871] Ally Kay

Really fantastic photographs. Looking at your pictures made me feel like I was right back in Phnom Penh-

I am working with CCH and would really like to get in contact with you.

Please send me an email if you have time.

Kind regards,


[870] donny phillips

i want to see more about the crops in china

[869] fathan

exotic and futuristic

[868] Michael Bloise
Miami, USA

I happened upon your photos by accident and was captivated. I thouroughly appreciate your composition. Well done!


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dear sir,

I like so much and still indeep my heart about your albume photo . Try to find the life how to live. Great job.

[866] Courtney C
Irving Texas

love the photography. how many times did you go to cambodia?

[865] GINA

like pics just poped by so i decided to write this to u

[864] Sophorn
Oregon, U.S.A.

I just wanted to stop by and said hello. Your photographic skill is very outstanding. I love each photo you took. Thank you for helping to show another side of Cambodia to the world.



[863] Mbula S. N.
Pasadena, USA

Nice pics

AND for post 267 YASHUB, is that you?

[862] Rith By
Tacom, Washington. USA

Geat photos, I'm glad to see more and more great Cambodian photographers with vision like you. Thanks for shoring.

Hope everything go well.

Your viewer.

[861] Kim Leine Phok
Québec, Canada.

Very thank for all these great pictures from Cambodia...They meant alot to me...Me, one Cambodian living abroad...


[860] Adrian Yao
Taipei, Taiwan

thanks for showing this to the world

[859] Vasco Casquilho
Lisbon, Portugal


Have you gone back there yet? I would love to send you some stuff to take to those children.
Maybe even go there.
Txs a lot


[858] Jay Diep
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Thank you for putting up this great site. I have shown it to many of my co-workers and they have also recommended to try to contact TV shows like opera windfrey.

More attention should be raised to help the Khmer people. I will be visiting Cambodia in 2008.

Jay Diep

[857] Phuong

Hi Julian,

A lot of nice photos I found here in your site. Thanks for posting. Actually, I work for P&G as well, Vietnam Pantene. Got your name from my boss, Anhul Chauhan. I also love photography, and do agree with you that it is nothing but the moment of life that we capture.

Nice day,

[856] caroline

hi julian!

i must really admit that im really impressed with your photographs, though im not one who's a pro at taking photos.

im currently preparing to go to cambodia for a second community involvement programme, and you photos and captions has showed me alot about the rubbish dump.

in particular, i think the photo red and black has v clearly showed the living conditions of the people there. great job! =)


[855] David

Nice pics. I want to venture to Thailand too!!!

[854] Alexander Samu
Dresden, Germany

I like your pictures very well!! thats not just photos from the temple and other wonderfull things in cambodia thats also pictures from poorness and unjustice how we can us afford to live and how they can afford.

in 30 th may 2007 i will fly for 1 month down to cambodia and will visit the country and my father!also with my cam ^^ i´ve got a pentax dl 2!

a lot of days i think how we can or what can i do to help people with such a life!but its everytime great to see poor people with one dollar or fewer money for a day and they smile!its so great they smile between garbage and nothing they smile! i love it ........but in some ways it makes me really sad....

and people with the best car and the newest TV are looking every day pissed on!!

well i´m just 18 but anyhow i will find anyday a way to help!!!anyhow.........

greetz from the wonderfull dresden......

[853] tracy compean
baton rouge LA

your pictures moved my soul, and remined me of how greatful i am for the liberties i take for granted.

[852] Elaine

Hi, I chanced upon your site via clubsnap. I am really moved by your photos. Each of everyone of them has a story to tell... Especially the one taken at Cambodia. It was as if I am really travelling with you.

I love your shots.. But.. its been a year.. no updates? Pls carry on this passion and show us more!

[851] Sai Fai
Hong Kong

Hi Julian,
Nice to view you gallery, Good photo, good feel in your shot.
if you have any new gallery, could you still send me to enjoy!
I am very lucky to sreach you web site!
and I have some question of the 5D, how about the shutter lay time, did you feel slow or not, and how about the image processing time, is fast or not, it is because I want to change my camera to Canon 5D ^_^, Thanks a lot!

Sai Fai

[850] Shirley Wong
Portland, Oregon, USA

Dear Julian,

I would like to say that your photos moved me and they are very beautiful and stunning.

I just started taking photography seriously, and I am trying to learn the technicalities of capturing perfect photos under different conditions. I hope you are able to provide your critique to some of my photos in my personal blog here: www.photographymommy.wordpress.com.

Thank you very much for your time.


[849] shafi
london uk

hey man,

u capture the moment so well, very heart warming, pictures, say alot about someones life, but the commentry you give with each picture, just makes them alive, and for us to appreciate the moment more, as seen through the eyes of the photographer..man such cool job something i'd luv to do..but also contributing as i capture moments too...keep it up, be good to c more of ya stuff..

tkare man, one luv

[848] Willem Wernsen
The Netherlands



[847] Gail Powers
Macckenny, Florida USA

Dear Julian,

My husband and I just returned to the states from Cambodia. This is our third trip there, and each time we leave, we have left our hearts in Cambodia. We now plan to go back to Cambodia as missionaries.One of the goals I have is to start a orphange. I have looked at your pictures, and they have overwelmed me. I don't have a lot of money but would be willing to purchase them off of you. I would be more interested in the ones of the dumb and children at the dump. The one of the little boy you gave water to brought me to tears. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank You Gail Powers

[846] Olivera

omg i love these pictures they are tuching

[845] Jeslyn See

Hi Julian,

I am Julie's frd. She showed me ur web. I just came back from Siam Reap (part of Cambodia). I went there to see Angkor Wat... And I really see proverty... I feel so sad seeing the kids and the pple there. but like what u said helpless... I hope ur site can help to get more attention to pple to help the less fortunate. Thumbs up!

[844] Al Oakley
Cornwall, UK

Hey Julian,
Awesome pictures, I've just linked you to my blog at
Hope you don't mind

[843] sophea chea
New York City

Great pics..they're were very touching.

[842] Jen Chan

Hi Julian,

Hope this message finds you well. This is Jennifer Chan, the Project Executive from IdN. We are now working on a title under Tiger Beer's 2007 Campaign that aims to showcase emerging Asian artist's modern interpretations of the theme ¡°Translate Your Modern Asia¡±. We would very much like to invite you to come onboard for the third series of the project- "GOLD". Apologies that I'm sending you this invitation at your guest book. But I could only manage to track you down here.

I would love to let you know more about this project and we would really love for you to get involved if you are interested. Please kindly reply me to my email. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and regards,


[841] michelle littlejohn
piqua ohio usa

Dear Julian,

Thank you for your candid pictures. My friend and I are planning a trip to Phnom Penh in July 2007. Can we take shoes to the dump site? How many people did you see there? I was thinking maybe we could take bottled water and as many pairs of shoes we can --- not enough, I'm sure... do you think if we took shoes it would become a stampede? Thoughts? We would also like to visit the orphanage and leave a donation if possible. Michelle

[840] ThanhTam Pham
Ha Noi, Vietnam

Hello Julian,
I really love your photos in Vietnam. I'm doing a research on "Foreigners' culture shocks coming to Vietnam". And I know that you had many experiences in Vietnam. So could you help me give more information about your experience?
Thank you very much,
Thanh Tam

[839] Lucy

i'm searching "hiro" in google ('cause i'm seeing an american serie with a character with this name,and i really like him ^^"), and i found your website..and...woow...you're very great,you know?
i really love your photos,the colors are wonderfull..ok now you have an italian fan^^!i keep seeing your photos!
sorry for my english^^""

[838] Sara Hasnain
Edmonton, AB, Canada

i lov the pics,,,taken pretty well,,, that country sure is totally messed up,,,,

i feel bad ,,,n sorry for the kids,,,

[837] nor firdous

hello there!! i'm really impressed with the pictures.. its not only about a picture but in every shoot, i can feel that u put ur heart& ur determination into it.. what i can say... it is cool!!!

i almost cry seeing little fellow with dirty faces,poor people with lack of hygiene.. made me feel really thankful for being who i am rite now.. thank you=)


[836] Rick Sharp
United States

Thanks, Julian!! The photos are great, and do a wonderful job of bringing out the humanity, hopes, and dreams of these beautiful people. I am scheduled to go to Cambodia in July on a missions trip. Especially after seeing your photos, I look forward to bringing them a little bit of the love of Jesus Christ!

[835] Mandy

Hi Julian,
I chanced across your website while looking for photos of Bali, which i just returned from.

You take excellent photos and really manage to capture the feel and heart of people. They are very poignant and powerful photos. Do you do this for a living?


[834] Jimmu

Hi and Thanks for these photos. What emotions! Children, smile, poverty but also Hope are shown. Good Job.

[833] Wang Zhendong
Tianjin China

First,thank you for tell us a true Cambodian children ,I'm very pity for them ,but I'm a student now,can't earn money for a while,but I want to be a volunteer to try my best to help the orphans in my summer vacation,but I don't know how can I do that,and where orphanage need volunteer.Can you tell me ?
Thank you.
Good luck!

[832] lia
semarang, indonesia

beautiful and fantastic pictures you have taken!!

[831] Huseyin Ovayolu
Gazianteb - Turkey

hi my photographer friend!
you are very very succesfully photographers!

i want meet you!

please contact me!

see you !




[830] Jeff Parriott
Omaha , Nebraska, USA

Fantastic pics - I just returned from a week in bali - you did capture the people of bali, nice work , thank you


[829] Agnes, Ahn
South Korea

Hello! I'm Korean, Student
Your photos are so nice, I want to save and use them.
Thank you.

[828] Lavina

Love your photos. Photos taken with heart...touch many hearts.

[827] San Kim

Dear Julian,

I am writing to express my sincere apprication on your great work on this project in Cambodia.

What is your impression in general on the country and her futhure?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best, San

[826] charles martellaro

new york, USA

Spectacular pictures and a good narrative. What was your favorite lens for shooting these pictures.

[825] Thear
Medicine Hat, AB Canada

Your photos are really good, I will go there one day soon.

[824] jashie fishie

penang ,malaysia

it very nice...if can get me more this type gallery..look forward to it ..keep the nice works on.

[823] Dara Chheng
La Mirada, California

Your photos realy touch my heart.I have leaved there once, so I know how it is there. Please let me know how I got help. I don't have much, every lettle thing help.

Thank you,

Dara Chheng

[822] gela bedianashvli
Rustavi, Georgia

really really really great job. nicelly done dude go on like that it was fool of emotions thanks

[821] prakan
Carlsbad, CA

Hi, I just looked at your photo gallery and I thought it was moving.

We tend to forget about our homeland when we have been living here in America, clean, fed, and clothed. Even if they weren't the lasted fashion trend, we were clothed. The poor here pretty much can get a hot meal and items of clothing if they choose to. But there, its like there isn't a choice to even go and get cold food. or a pair of shoes.

It is so sad. My sadness too turns into anger. I feel if the government isn't as corupt, perhaps Cambodians can have a chance. And not enough advocates to help steer Cambodians in that direction of over throwing the government or something. I know, it's easier said than done. But it's just one of those things you just have to say!

Thank you for sharing your pictures.

[820] Julie Lockman

Your photo's are stunning. I cried when i saw the photo of the baby who needed to be held and loved.
I was in Cambodia in 2004 and have never been the same since. It is a place I hope to return to,
Thanks for taking photo's such as this.


[819] chris ham
burnsville, Minnesota, USA

I've just spent over an hour on this page looking and reading, and then going back to look again ... it was worth every second

I really enjoyed your commentary and your photo's were honestly terrific - by the time I was finished, I almost felt like I had been there

the pictures you took did't seem 'common' ... they were more genuine somehow and VERY much like photo's I might have taken in your place

wonderful job ... I'm off to visit your Cambodia page, thanks for putting these online, I've really enjoyed them

Chris from Minnesota

[818] Farida Chehata
Los Angeles, California

Your pictures are amazing. They have the capacity to immediately capture the viewer and they emanate a depth of emotion that is both touching and saddening.You're very talented. Thank you for the opportunity to view a piece of others' lives I would otherwise not have.

[817] Krina

This is a verry sad situation. It makes me sad to know that this is happening in our beutifull planet.

[816] Dimitre Ivanov

San Francisco, USA

I visited Cambodia two years ago and saw some of the poverty there, but I never really know it was that bad. Your pictures are moving and I hope more people see them and help those poor people. I had my company sponsor medical care projects for poor countries and hope others do so too.

[815] Mr. Anders Loof
Exapt, now in Korea

Hello Julian,

I am an expat, orginally from Sweden but now halfway through a 3-year assingment in Korea. I have spent last 14 years in different countries, including first half of those in California. I have lived in 9 countries and been to a total of 35.

Traveling to developing world teach us something, as also observed in your photos. My reflection from my own travels is similar to yours initially... then... my mind begain and did think. When I travel to poor country I am frequently greeted by smiles, friendliness, generousity and respect. If I travel to rich country I am greeted by the opposite and greed. It has led myself to think what is life, and what life I seek. It is important with balance, somewhere between rich and poor perhaps... or perhaps what poor people can teach us are values and happiness. Actually I have come to think they can teach us more than we can teach them! Surpricing, it is not, with how we from rich countries are geared to believe we are best. Not really I think.

At first we wish to change them into who we are, right? But... the truth is perhaps the change that they make on us... on our inside is far deeper. Material is only material. Sure, it good with some... but if we bring that to the poor, then their values will be forgotten... Life is life... there are so many poor countries out there... traveling with camera in them is like seeing the essence of life and of people... while rich country is rather boring perhaps, at least that is my reflection.

Above is just my writing. I was in Cambodia last year also, but only to Ankor. I have been to many poor places in Asia, also Africa and Peru. The good side is also that they bring us the possibility of cheaper travels than rich country... and if we can touch those people with our own dignity,

[814] James Freeman


Brilliant Moving Images

[813] Laimonas Stasiulis
preston, england

This is a very emotional gallery... have to say it nearly made me cry...

[812] Herb Dunn
Bakersfield, CA - USA

Absolutely incredible photography. You have told a story that we all need to think about. Thanks so much for your work and sharing it with us.

[811] Craig
New Zealand

Amazing but very sad images, the image Dazed just jumped out at me

[810] Dee

Your photos touched me deeply.

[809] Laura Lee Hubbard
Borden, USA

It really is very sad to see these pictures of the children. I have 6 children of my own and all they think about is what they are going to get. They dont worry about anything these cambodian children worry about.. I am not rich or anything like that but I would like to offer some help... I can send shoes and clothes. where do I send them to? I will also donate money to the orphanage.Maybe someday these children will no longer have to live this way...Laura

[808] Xay Vang
San Diego, USA

I love your photos and the stories behind. I'm really touched.

[807] Chad Soriano
Tampa,FL, USA

Great Pics! I just spent 3 weeks in the Phillipines with the family and the inlaws. Had the same issues like you. I literally just arrived back to the states. Email me. I will talk to you soon.

[806] Jose Reyes

California, USA

You did an excellent job capturing the spirit of these people in Cambodia. I can almost feel the hardship of life but at the same time, they are still happy. I myself was born in South East Asia(Philippines). Life can also be tough there as well. I would like to visit one day and caputure the day to day life there. Thanks for sharing these photos. Great job again.

Jose Reyes
Discovery Bay Photography

[805] Amin Sabet
Baltimore, US

I try to avoid things like what you posted. When the "save the children" commercial comes on TV, I change the channel faster than anything. I started looking at your photos thinking they would be some nice typical tourist pics and really got caught by surprise. I went from enjoying the photos technically, to feeling guilty, to feeling critical of you, to feeling very sad, then more guilt, then donating. I doubt I will publicize this further outside of this thread, but I just might. I have no technical or ethical criticisms for you. If I donated, I think it's safe to say you've probably made a lot of money for that place by posting this - after all, I almost never give any poor person money unless I can put it in their hand (basic distrust that the money will get to the intended poor person). Congratulations on helping these children.


very nice photograpy very nice and it does tell a story
a sad story it made me feel sad not many photos make me feel anything hope you do some more


[803] lucinda



[802] michael hinsberger
calgary ab canada

I really enjoyed your photo galleries. they were very real and didn't show only one side of the coin so to speak, but all sides ,good,bad,happy,sad, beautiful and ugly.I really intend to visit this site again thank you very much.

[801] Mike
san diego, USA

Thanks for sharing your photos and story. I have learned something more about Vietnam. I am thinking to go there for a visit in 2008.

Thanks again....

[800] roberto tassinari
padova Italy

your work is very very good !

best regard

[799] Cassandra
Indiana, USA

You are very talented.

[798] Steve Elliott
Little Rock, AR, USA

I love your pictures. I am an amature photographer and just cant wait to travel and send images to people who would never be able to see them in person. Thanks for your captions, it makes me want to keep seeing more

[797] roger fournier

I really enjoy visiting your galleries found by chance on my review of 5d at noendpress site, a lot of love is shining there, have a great 2007 year.

[796] Meira Kindling
Devon, UK

Wow, I went to Thailand for 2 weeks trekking and sightseeing with a group from my college. We went to Chiang Mai as well. Did you travel around the Chiang Dao park, or just Chiang Mai? And did you go to the Elephant village?

[795] Mark Fuqua

Parkton, MD USA

Moving pictures. For my own curiosity and vague sense of a plan to help, what percentage of primary and university students there speak english? I assume it is very low.

Thank you for sharing.


[794] Mariel Clark

I am so impressed by the photos you have on your site. I just came back from a week in Bali and I must say you have truly captured the spirit of the island. I love the poignant shot of the old lady, as I felt the same seeing so many locals' livelihood threatened by the decline in tourism. As the t-shirt says...

I hope tourists would return to Bali, and I hope they spend a lot to help the local economy when they do!

[793] santosh kumar

i felt very happy on seeing ur photos, which represent the culture over that area. I wish u to update ur gallerius in future

[792] Monica van der Weele
Zurich, Switzerland

Thank you for bringing the lives of these communities to our attention, in such a personal and poignant manner.

It must have been very hard to witness these scenes.

I have just looked at the photo gallery with my seven year old son.

He now realizes that being able to go to school is a privilege - not a given.

With appreciation,
Monica, Switzerland

[791] K
las vegas, nv

Your pictures are excellent, moving, and tell a powerful and interesting story.

[790] some one like you....call me Ray

Zahra is a great person. She's educated and knows what suffering means. Hope she can take the message across... .

[789] Mikael Persson
Burbank Ca

i thank u.. i usually do not care for, well actually i guess i just dont stop 2 look. but your pictures and your easy flowin words just took me away...so thank u...btw i came across your page by using the stumble from mozilla

[788] Ralf
Frankfurt, Germany

Hey Julian,

great work, your pictures and your web style!

I found your site over a thread in dpreview.com.

We both share some similarities, so i decided to write you an email:

I spend and I am still spending a lot of time in Asia especially in Singapore for the last two years.

Here is a link to a web gallery:


The Singapore Gallery is still under construction, but will be comming soon...

Would be nice to hear some comments from you!

Maybe we can meet, we I am in Singapore the next time.



[787] Andrew Roberts
Adelaide, Australia

Feels like I'm walking around the streets of Vietnam and Cambodia. You have a great eye for life.
It is tragic that people have so little in some parts of the world, and yet you can still see happiness in some of their faces...

[786] Sebastian
Madrid, Spain

Thank you

[785] Chan
Fresno, USA

Your pictures are wonderful. Every inspiring and delightful.

[784] Collin Sam

How can I help?

[783] Cuong Mac
Seattle, US

Hi Julian,

Thank you for sharing your journey with us. The pictures are awsome, I love them all. I really admire your work.

[782] Yuli Maria

Hi Julian,

They are good shots! I love your 'tell-a-story' pics which contain people/animal in it. Glad to find your site. Regards.

[781] Jme


that was very touching thank you for reminding me that we really do take advatage of everything we have.. i will definately do everything in my power to help people like that.

[780] Soffy

Hi Julian,

I'm Soffy, Clarissa's friend, we met on her birthday.
I loved your photos, do let me know, when you will go to Cambodia, I want to donate for those children. GBU.

[779] melissa hinds
Belton Texas

The pictures that you took really got to me. I have been reading some things about Cambodia lately and it is very disturbing. I am sure that you are very aware of child prostitution in Cambodia. Are the authorities ever going to do anything about the horrible situation there? I was also wondering about the little boy that you photographed at the dump. He looked like he was about 3 years of age. Do you know if he had anyone taking care of him or no? I just want to save all of those children, it upsets me so much to see them live the way they are living. My kids have no idea how good they have it. Hopefully I will be able to teach them how to give to people that really need help. How can I help?

[778] Carel Schutte

Julian, I'm waiting for new photo's taken by your creative eyes.
If you have time, take a look at my new serie about Cuba.
greetings Carel.

[777] Marisol
Medford, Oregon

hey!..i jsut wanted to let u know that i was really touched by your pictures..It really inspires me to go there and help kids out..ever since i was little i've wanted to become a prediatrian and wanted to travel around the world and help those who NEED the help..and I still do..right now im 15 years old. but i still want to help out ..so plz keep in touch with me on my email..thnx!

[776] Jayne Goh

Hi, i'm a 2nd year nus student, got your link from a fellow philosophy classmate of mine. I'm making a trip down to phnom penh and siem reap alone from 2-9 Jan 2007. Would you be heading down anytime soon? This is in response to possible collections of old toys, clothes, etc. If you have any collected items perhaps I could bring it down for the kids? my msn is tis_jayne@hotmail.com, or you could call me at 91013399.

[775] Serj
Strasbourg, France

You did a great job here!
These pictures of these people digging in the dump are awesome.
Cruel world we are livin'in.


[774] smith julien
vietnam saigon / hanoi

Hi, I live in vietnam,I am french, I am photographer and architect...
I like your shoot, bcs I know all those places already and it is nice to see that with another eyes than mine !
maybe we can exchange feeling sensation and comments...
I have few pict too but do not put them online yet except a few there... but i am lazy with website...

hen gap lai nha


[773] Chris Lie

Hi Julian, I'm Chris the comic guy. Finally I have a chance to check out your website since I just got my internet access at home last week.
Your photos are beautiful man, I think you should do a photography exhibition and see how people's feedback.
I personally like the Cambodia's section although I'm very sad to see them. I don't know much about photography, but I can relate and appreciate the nice compositions in your works. Very nice work man.
I will check your site regulary and hope to see you again someday.

[772] Bryan Stephenson
Hamamatsu, Japan

Some excellent photography, thank you for sharing. I have only been to rural northern Cambodia around Angkor Wat and between Siem Riep and Poipet. I had only read about that famous trash dump, so it was interesting to see such great shots, even if the subject material is disheartening. I thought I'd pass along some info about a non-profit organization some of my fellow foreigners in Japan have going. The Pepy Ride (http://www.pepyride.org/the_pepy_ride.html) raises money to build schools and also to donate bicycles to rural children who would otherwise have no way to get to school. Just thought it might interest you...
Thanks again.
Bryan Stephenson

[771] Kunthea Prum
Malden, USA

Thanks for sharing your visionary photography. I've personally known such poverty as well, and it move me deeply. I've done more than my fair share to help poor people in Cambodia, giving thousands of dollars every year to various causes. But after seeing this, I know I need to do much more.

[770] Sophia Sour
Minnesota, USA

I really enjoyed your website. I was born in Cambodia but raised here in America. My family are all here. We are very fortunate to escape the killing fields. Just a couple of months ago I just saw a picture of my father for the first time. I am 34 years old and couldn't remember how he looked. Unfortunately my family got his picture through the killing fields archive in Tuol Sleng. For a couple of weeks I was numbed trying to sort out emotions. I really wanted to find out what the truth was. Until now I can't phathom the idea of what went on with the torturing of civilians during the killing fields. I feel saddness when I glance at my father's picture in passing. My son recently asked me to explain to him how his grandfather died. I told him when he is ready then I will tell him. He is only 4 1/2yrs old. I am not exaggerating but he is one smart little guy.
My family actually four of us--myself, my sister, my mom and my aunt are doing fundraising to help the people out in Cambodia. I am sending the money that we have raised to create a water well. Then my mother wanted to build a school for the children in Battombong. I told her that it is in Oprah's league with that one since I can't come up with enough ideas to raise that much money. The funny thing is that it would only be pocket change for Oprah.

Sorry I wrote a book but thank you for what you are doing to help. Let me know if there is anything you have questions about.

[769] Noliak Hong
Dallas, USA

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello my name is Noliak Hong, I'm interested in finding out more on how I can help these children. What are my options and how can i find more information about this organization? Please email me at Noliak79 @ yahoo.com. I would be most greatful.

Thank you ~ have a good day!

[768] Jon Chung
Orange, Ca 92868

I feel so sorry for our people. I wish we can do better things to help them overcome every obstacle they're facing everyday lives.
I am so touch when i see those kids, men and women doing what they doing that we don't do here. I take this moment to give them a blessing and hope their lives will be better.

[767] Justin
Cleveland, United States

I just wanted to say that those picture were absolutly amazing. I dont know if this site is still running but I felt compelled to say something. I am currently doing a research project for a college class on Cambodia/South East Asia and was blown away by your photos. I never knew that those were the conditions for many of the people, let alone kids. Again thank you for showing me a different perspective on Cambodia. These images will influence my paper greatly!

[766] Jenn

Your photographs are awesome. The way you capture pure emotions and the stark reality... Much respect.


[765] Jason Lim

Hi Julian,

Your pictures are really beautiful.
You have a great eye for detail.

Like yourself I too felt the pain of the people there.
I fell in love with the country and now, I have just opened a small guesthouse in Siem Reap, employing only Cambodians.

Like everyone else, these gentle people deserve the right to be here.
Bill Gates won't be bothered but guys like you and me, can make that difference.

Keep up the great work, your pictures are a real inspiration.
If you have more, do please let me know.

Best regards,

[764] Wayd Harris

You WILL make the difference.

[763] mardizone

it broke my heart as i shed tearz in my eyez 2c dat dumpster-boy...i shall return 1day 2da place i hardly knew...a place dat we all called 'home sweet home'....god blez those children....good effort w/ those pix....ur warmest n carin'-heart rockin me dearly....

[762] giana aleah zulkafli

hi, im heading off to cambodia & i really have enjoyed the picture's youve put up especially the downside of the country. I really would like to help donate some clothes or do something since i am visiting. could u recommend where and e-mail me about it. thank you!

[761] Erin
shoreline, usa

Great photos!! I just returned from Bali & saw all that beauty in person! Thanks

[760] Vernon Cheek
Punta Gorda, Florida USA

I am interested in what camera and lens you were using. I am assuming it is a high end Canon since you are getting full frame effect from your wide angle.

I have a D10 and L lenses (only one has IS)

I am debating between the D30 and the D5.

Enjoyed your images. I went to India twice in the early 90's and Lonely Planet was litrally my bible.

[759] Len Gilbey
United Kingdom (England)

Incredible photographs. Warming, jolly, funny, heartbreaking, tearjerking....you name it!...the full spectrum, and I thought I could take good pictures.
I learned a great deal from your shots, and I learnt a lot more about myself. Hopefully it will help me take better pictures in the future, and better yet, make me a nicer person. From now on I will look more closely at the lives of the people I photograph.
Many thanks,
(many of your photos and comments moved my wife Judy to tears, and dare I say it, myself also)

[758] matt concannon
columbia, missouri, USA

Julian, I don't know what your career is, but you are a talented photographer. Your pictures from Cambodia were very touching-- It prompted me to make a donation to the CCH orphantage for $1000. Thanks for telling these kids' story.


[757] matt concannon
columbia, missouri, USA

Very nice pictures and text-- made me want to go to Viet Nam.

[756] sklo
Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Mr. Daisaku Ikeda in his poem to Robert and Cornell Capa:-

A single photograph
- portrait of the moment -
is an inexhaustible epic,
a living tale beyone words
superior to a hundred volumes
written and fixed.

A photograph
is consciousness painting,
the instant's art that opens
on the unbounded vistas
of the inner life.

Your photographs are dialogs between hearts. Good works and I wish you can have your own photo exhibition in one day.

[755] Bryan Wells
Salem, Oregon, U.S.A.

Very very moving photos Julian, I am very impressed. Very nice photographs technically speaking as well; I'm glad to see you are using a Canon 5D because I am saving up for one right now. Nice to see the kind of quality that camera puts out. Keep up the good work!
Sincerely, Bryan Wells

[754] Paul Howard

Amazing pictures, At the age of 72 I have now started trying to take picures instead od 'snaps'
i have bought a really good digital camera but still end up taking snaps!
Your pics encourage me to take more care, thanks for sharing them

[753] enrico sacco
ravenna, italy

some shots very interesting, well done. Also, continue to shot and show poverty and misey around the world, will contribute to help relief this global problem.

[752] George Gvalia
Georgia; Tbilisi

i realy liked photos. truth some of them are very sad and depresing but still.
just wanted to thank you for shareing your experiense with us.
Im not a professional photgtapher, its a hobby for me.

thanks again...

[751] Fabian Reynoso

You have a great gift, thank you for sharing these images with us. :)

[750] Elvira

Dear Julian,

Thanks for filling the internet world with such a beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed viewing them.
I think you have something to see also in Russia and Kazakhstan and can have more interesting shots then!
Finally I found out that the modern Chinese wedding is similar to ours and that's great! Wish you all the best!

My best regards,

[749] Brian Timmins
Penzance, UK

Beautifully crafted photographs...
...it's a pity about your titles.
Get someone to write your English for you.

Best regards, Brian

[748] anish babu verghese
Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain


[747] Andreas

I see a lot of travelling photography pages but I really liked yours. They are not "just-artistic-like-made-only-to-impress" but real photos that give the feeling of the place, and also artisticaly successful.. I do take photographs when I travel but since I never travel alone, very few of my photos are this level. Wish you to continue like that...

[746] Shannon Siracuse
Whittier, CA - United States

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures (and helpful commentary) of two countries filled with such amazing people. The beauty is breathtaking.

[745] Chen Roufang
U.S. Arizona

These pictures are wonderful! I am glad you took these pictures because I really get to see how Cambodia really looks like instead of imagining it… you pictures are great keep up the good work.

[744] Mary Kundert
Mountain View, USA

Hello Julian,

I have browsed many different travel logs, and yours has been the most enjoyable. Great photos, plus the wonderful added plus of wonderful captions.

Thanks for sharing!


[743] adam

an exceptional website. your photos are quite moving and capture the real spirit of the countries you visited. kudos.

[742] Gianluca Chiarenza


the photos are simply fantastic, compliments!

[741] Weiwen

Hi Julian,

I just got back from Siem Reap a couple of days ago; I was there to visit the famous Angkor Wat.

Like most visitors to the country, I was really taken aback by the abject poverty that consumed the place. I saw kids bathing in mud ponds after a rain, women squatting by the dusty roadsides selling vegetables, beggars swarming tourists with their pleas...I guess I don't have to highlight more examples as you have seen them yourself and captured them so vividly with your lens.

Your photos are really good, and they really embody the stark poverty which the Cambodians face in their everyday life. As you have mentioned in one of your captions, what is really heartbreaking is the fact they revel in simple moments of pure happiness and play admist the devasting conditions they are in.

I believe most tourists to Angkor Wat take away another important lesson with them, and that is the world can certainly do more to help these poor cambodians.

[740] Luis Trujillo
Culiacan, Mexico

This pictures brought tears to my eyes, specially the one of the little girl in the tree. Tonight I'll go home early from work and kiss and hug my little daughter like never before.

Thank you.

[739] gordon stubbs
brisbane australia

julian,i spent most of my working life travelling around
asia, your photos have brought back some very special

[738] kim melia

Wow it was so great to look at the amazing photos that instantly bring me back to bali. I was last in bali the week after the 2005 bombings. Very sad to see what the damaged it has done to the balinese economy. Still amazing poeple, culture and faith. Thanks again Kim

[737] Wing Yen Cheung

Julian, I feel really sad after looking at your photos, you're so brave to go through the experience in Cambodia, all my respect!

Take care of yourself in Singapore and let us know when u visit UK :)

[736] Joseph Viste
Tel Aviv, Israel

I was just in Cambodia this summer, these images really capture the optomism of the Cambodians despite their modern history and everyday struggle. Incredible country. Great pictures and words.

[735] Dominic
Vancouver, Canada

Great photos!

[734] Brian Borell
Massillon, Ohio USA

Thank you so much for the beautiful photography. It truly is amazing how you were able to capture such beauty in the most horrifying circumstances. You are not only an artist but a healer in ways you may never truly understand. I will be donating to the orphanage because of your photos as I am sure hundreds of others will and have. Good Luck in all your endeavors.

Brian Borell
Koiya Creations - Go With Love!

[733] Caroline
Fairfax, USA

Your photos are incredible - in style and in content. They're eye opening, raw, and completely real. Keep up the excellent work.

[732] SL
Nimes, France

Your pictures absolutely left me flattened. I am very touched. Thank you.

[731] alicia
waterloo, ontario

amazing photography, inspirating
and heartaching.
thank you for deciding to share.

[730] Dave Therio
Newalla, Oklahoma, United States

Hello Julian.

I am a sophomore in Highschool.

Your gallery of Cambodia was very deeply reaching to me.

thank you for sharing this with us.

it makes me think of all the things I take for granted.

God Bless your work,

In Christ,

Dave Therio

[729] FaithC

I am thrilled and touched. Thank you for your pictures and heart full of love for people of Cambodia. I have been only in Thailand but that meant to me so much -as you wrote, it changed my set of values very much.

Take care, and I hope you will once get back there - ánd bring also finances there from people who have money but no goal or mission.

[728] Cedric Steven Irving
Sacramento, USA

It's good that you brought this to light. I admire your desire to travel and see for yourself what "truth" is. Your perception of reality is much more precise than anyone here, in the States.

[727] ewan martin quirk
richmond british columbia canada

thank you very much for sharing these photographs and for reminding me how lucky I am and how much responsibilty i carry for my brothers and sisters, peace and love in faith

[726] Petar Zelenovic
Belgrade, Serbia

It's nice that someone does try to help those people. I only didn't like one comment that you made about religion:
"I wanted to stay off talking about sensitive issues like religion, but I saw this makeshift worship alter made out of corrugated iron. It made me wonder about what drives people to think that a higher power exists in such a forsaken place like this rubbish dump."
It is definitely a rubbish dump, but for example Vatican is far from a dump, it is washed in gold, but for many the question of how can one believe that there exists a higher power in such a place still rings.
I don't want to state anything about Vatican in particular, I just think that the richness of the altar does not necessarily imply the divine presence.
In any case,
I hope you will succeed in your mission to help these poor people.
Best Regards,
Petar Zelenovic

[725] davidv

thanks for sharing this with the world.. i have 3 kids who think that they are badly off if they dont get the latest trainers/xbox etc.. will be showing them your pictures..

[724] Karen Sadowski
Snohomish, WA

I can't believe you saw so much and took so many amazing photographs in only 2 days. Most importantly, I bookmarked the orphanage's website and will be making a contribution shortly. Thank you so much for this.

[723] John Bonner
Houston, TX, USA

While these are very moving photographs, why not sprinkle in a little hope instead of only despair.

[722] clare
eastbourne england

wow... thank you, what an eye opener, i am a disabled person i suffered spinal injury 6 years ago and havent recoverd, your website has just given me the kick up the arse i needed, when i have some money i will donate to the orphanage and see how i can help.

those kids have made me very ashamed.

[721] John Gallino
New Milford, NJ, USA

Your work is amazing. I'm only 17 now, but I dream to someday travel the world and take pictures of the people of other societies like you do.

You should, (if you haven't already. I don't know much about you) try to get a book published with your photos from your travels. I'd be sure to buy it!

[720] Joel Magnusson
Worcester, MA, US

Beautiful pictures...you had me crying halfway down the page. Thank you for putting these online. People, espeically americans and europeans, need to see what the rest of the world outside of our bubble is really like. and then maybe we will learn to share.


[719] Natalie Juhlke
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

These photos are amazing. Not only in an artistic form but the way you've captured the emotions and pain of the people in Cambodia. It makes me sad that there are millions of people in the world and the ones who could spare some extra money never do anything for people in need; like the people in Cambodia.

You've done an excellent job exposing the poverty level in Cambodia. People should do something about it, so no child has to drink dirty water or eat stale bread or walk without shoes or go without medical attention.

Thank you for taking the time and exposing yourself to a world full of pain and suffering. You've definitely left an impact on myself and I'll definitely share this with others to expose what's really going on and what we need to do in order to fix this, either by sending games or donations.

Thank you.

[718] Jordan
Seattle, WA, USA

You have a real gift for photography. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me.

[717] conor buckley

lovely work, keep it up

[716] Martijn van der Bas
Den Bosch, Holland


Just a few months ago I spent some time visiting Cambodia and other countries. Indeed, mostly caused by the civil war and- caused by that- a lac of education and development, a LOT of poor people in this country. This you only will see when you arrange your own transport, because if you just visit the highlights like Siem Reap you won't see what the country really is like.
I remember one time having a flat tire with my push bike. Fortunately very friendly (and poor) people managed to arrange the hardware to fix my tire, putting me in the shadow of a tree and offering me a drink.
When my tire was fixed, I insisted on paying them a small amount of money to show them my gratitude but they wouldn't accept more then about 1 USD! Oh I love those people and it hurts to realize that every day people die in this country because of a lac of food and because of the land mines!

Next time when you're waiting in the cue of a fast food restaurant, just realize for a moment the luxury and the welfare we're living in and consider donating only a small amount of money to help this people.

[715] Erik Steinhardt
Miami, USA

i enjoyed your page. Although i would donate, i am currently sending funds to a refugee camp in india. however i will post the orphanage picture (with your permission) on my site with a link so others can donate.

please email me if this is okay.

[714] Chris C
Reading UK

A powerful and evocative that every person should be made to read through. Excellent work

[713] Ellen McCleery
Walla Walla, WA

I found this website after using the "stumble" button on my mozilla browser. Your photos are extremely beautiful and haunting. Thank you for allowing other people to see them. How would one send money to the orphanage?

[712] Maia Averyl Call
Washington, North Carolina, USA

These pictures are starkly beautiful...and painful in their clarity and the illumination they shed on the pitiful plight of so much of our world. I am too young to do anything, I think to myself, too young to make a difference here, but these children, almost infants, are out working for their existance. It really makes me wonder, am I really too young? Or should not the children of the world instead shoulder the burden of improving the world, for we can still dream grand dreams and perhaps we should be the heralds of a new age, as we are the future. We have not yet become lost in our own self absorbance, we still see how much can be done by a single pair of hands, and we can be those hands. I don't yet know what I can do to directly help these people, this world, but indirectly I will do all I can to make others have a life as worth living as mine.

[711] alfredo chizzoni
roma, italy

Dear julian, my deep thanks and congratulations for your work. I'm sure you had real intense days in Cambodia and your commitment to children is evident.

Thanks again for sharing, I'll try to help as possible

Alfredo Chizzoni, Roma

[710] Andrew
Oregon, USA


it is amazing.

[709] Jan B
Malaga, Spain


Some fantastic photos there..! It shows excactly how beautiful and how destoyed this country is.
My emotional spectre was definitely on high and lows..!

Most important was the last pictures, because no one really understands how this life is for these kids, neither me, but it shure helped me understand, that living in the western world, sometimes is a priviliege that you take for granted.

I have deep respect for your pictures and what you did to inform the rest of us.

Best Regards


[708] Lili Bale

Rancho Mirage, CA USA

It was good to see

[707] Al
Brisbane Australia

Thanks very much.

I am amazed by the way you have managed to capture the people in the rubbish tip - honest, open, raw.

I am about to travel to Cambodia in a few weeks. This gave me some great insights (compared with Travel Books). I lived in Bangkok for 18 months - I love the way you captured this place in such a short period of time.

[706] Howard Lancaster
Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA

"Loved the pictures" just doesnt seem to be the right phrase ...... More "I felt the pictures". I moved to USA from Europe many years ago ....... I know about poverty, I know about hard times, I know about despair ..... You made so many raw comments in your narrative of the pictures, it was almost like watching you grow.

Thank you for taking the time to put your pictures up for the world.

Good luck on your journey.

[705] Rachel

Moving images... Nice work.

[704] Joseph Gentry
Phoenix, AZ, United States

Thank you for reminding me of my disgusting, materialistic nature. Its so humbling knowing that there are people that get by on a dollar a day and I'm worried about making 5 times the minimum U.S. wage per hour. If you know of any, I would be interested in learning ways of helping beyond simple donations. Thank you,

[703] Allison Rossi

Such touching pictures, it really is a shame that so many families have to live the way that they do. Sometimes I wish I could do something to help, but I'm too young and my family is not doing so good financialy, but I still wish I could do something to help. Hopfully some of those children will have a good future and be able to make a change in the place that they live.

[702] Sam Lovett

Brighton, England

I just came across your website while using StumbleUpon on firefox, and i just wanted to say that these shots are really incredible. More emotive than anything i've ever seen before.

[701] Dawn Tyrrell
Fort Lauderdale, FL USA

You are a superb photographer. I was awed.
Don't stop.

[700] Harish Sharma

I am short of words to express my feelings. I am almost choking of emotions.

I have always believed that only humans can help humans and that there is no God. Your photographic journey has strengthened my belief.

Harish Sharma

[699] Guy Cruls
London, UK

Shocking. I had no idea of such poverty in Cambodia.
Thank you for these photos, devoid of pretension and fancy effects, depicting people.
They'are neighbours and we allow it to happen. Each one of us is an accomplice.

[698] Isaiah Vickers
Fresno, CA (USA)

It was really a humbling of sorts to view these images - especially as an employee of the United States Goverment (IRS, Treasury Department). It shows that people often think only of themselves instead of what they can do to better their fellow man.

That's not to say that one should be completely selfless, as that can be just as destructive. Even so, I will be thinking of ways I can help others less fortunate than I.

Thank you for this gallery.

[697] Ignacio Ramos Jr.
Alvin, TX USA

How can one donate?

[696] Lisa

Seattle, USA

Your photographs of such a special day were stunning. It doesn't matter that I don't know Cedric and his lovely bride, I feel like I do now and I wish them all the joy in their new life together.

[695] Dayana Francis
Beirut, Lebanon

I was completely touched when i saw these pictures. It is indeed sad to see children working in the garbage. I wish I could help from here. All I can do for now is pray and help the poor children around me... Great gallery indeed!

[694] Dave Pennington
Halifax, UK

What a wonderful moving site, I do hope that it promotes some soul searching and giving from those of us that have to those that have nothing!

[693] Grechen

Pacific Northwest, USA

Oh, so sad. They are all beautiful photographs and have left me in tears.

[692] Michael Q.


First, you have taken some awesome pictures. Cambodia is a tragic mess, a ravaged victim of its recent history. I feel like crying whenever I just think of the country itself. The case is all the worse given the glory and richness of Khmer civilization which became this country, and lent so much of itself to its neighbors. Cambodia needs all the help it can get, but not because its culture or religious traditions are somehow faulty or wrong. Christianity does not help these people anymore than Buddhism helps impoverished Paraguayans. All it does is undermine the culture and identity of a people in need. I applaud every effort that lessens the suffering of anyone, especially children... but when it is undertaken (as it all too often is) on the condition of conversion/renunciation (for people who can ill afford to decline assistance for themselves or their children) it reflects a true perversion of the human spirit.
I apologize to you because I understand that this webpage is not the product of misguided zeal. In fact, I greatly appreciate it simply for what it is. You have a wonderful talent, and the heart to put it to good use. I will make a donation to the orphanage you linked to. Thank you.

[691] James Fadely

Thank You!

[690] Ian Woolger
Budleigh Salterton, Devon,Great Britain

Humbling photos Julian, you have an eye for the type of photography that many steer away from. It is all to easy to show the rich and famous on film, much more worthwhile to highlight the poverty and injustice that still haunts our planet. keep it up.


[689] Matthew Giarra
Rochester, NY  

Your photo essay was like a cold shower... The difference in the qualities of life between western countries and the rest of the world is almost unbelievable. I am moved.


[688] Russell SCOTCHMER
perth , west australia

Hi,some really exceptional photos there. Keep it up.

[687] Matthew Jacobson
Phoenix, AZ

Really, moving pictures.

Only thing I didn't like was your comments to the tune of "I don't see how people can x.." or "People are so concerned with X they don't stop to think about Y", etc etc.

I think this kind of thinking is counterproductive. You can't really make an effective change to the world by insulting large groups of people ... yes, an individual can change themselves and become less fashion conscious, self-centered, etc. - but it is just not in human nature for you to yell "everyone, be better people" and expect to make any kind of difference.

I tend to think that Americans, and to a lesser extent countries within the sphere of it's companies' influence are very much slaves to consumerism, and it does not in any way lead to personal happiness. The minds of the population are controlled by subversive advertising.. and subversive advertising comes about because any company that tries to take the moral high road ends up getting steamrollered by companies that are willing to do whatever it takes to manipulate the populus into buying their products... it's almost inevitable - but the key to fighting the process, I believe, does not lie in self-righteous reproach of the people you are attempting to change.

[686] Pete Scheid

Rochester NY, USA

Thanks for sharing. More people need to be aware of how most of humanity lives.

[685] Nemo


Very good pictures showing a world which most people dont want to see ! NICE WORK !!

[684] Koun Khmer
phnom penh

I am sorry, I like those pics of cambodia but have you ever been in some good places in cambodia? or have you ever taken any good pictures of cambodia? it would help alot for improving those poor people's life if a professional photographer like you take some good photos to show tourist then they will go to visit Cambodia then .. you know what tourist gonna do down there in cambodia,right? Tourist always bring money even some bring a small amount. then those $$ will spread some to those poor people. I am appriciate it, and if you like this poor country, please try to help.

[683] Dave T

Beautiful pictures. You have a great eye, especially for the disturbing scenes you saw. You make them look real so we know it's real.

[682] Charlotte

Auckland, New Zealand

Julian, your photos are powerful and moving. I had nearly exactly the same experience when I visited a 5000 acre dump in south india while doing social work over there. It was the one thing I saw there that brought me to my knees, and I will never ever forget it. I'm glad that you can reach out to so many people with your beautiful photographs. Did you manage to talk to any of the workers?

[681] nancielise

Hi Julian:

Thank you for leaving that nice comment on my blog. I posted your Cambodian photos because I really thought it was moving and tastefully done. Consider me a fan!

Not sure how you found my review as I hadn't yet had a chance to sign your form there, but all the same it's great that you took the time to write me. My blog gets a fairly good amount of traffic (the one on Firefox's StumbleUpon, where the post about your photos was featured) so I hope that you got a bit of an upsurge in visitors right around then -- for a very great and humanitarian cause!

Nancielise (aka Caile-girl)

[680] richard tannery
austin, texas, usa

hi, I just stumbled on to your site and found it quite relieving actually. I just got back from working in Iraq and have similar sentiments towards the locals there in Kurdistan (the northern, Kurdish occupied area). I too took many pictures, and some of them are just gut-wrenching to look at sometimes. Thanks for having the courage to review your work, and to attempt to learn from it. I can see a transition in your mentality just from the first shot to the last, in the captions. Keep up your curiosity, keep the faith, and stay strong in your endeavors.
richard tannery

[679] Kate
Sydney, Australia

Dear Julian,


With my deepest respect,


[678] Livinjean

moving !!

[677] Ukko-Pekka Itäpelto
Helsinki, Finland


A friend of a friend of mine is building his own luxury mansion in Cambodia. These pictures make me think I don't want to go there if I don't have something to give to these children in your pictures.

I almost dropped some tears watching these... I want to thank you. -Now I understand somethings a bit better.

Regards, Upi

[676] Artur Nankran

Good pictures, but i am very sad to say that we also have people living in that kind of bad sutiations over here.

[675] Judi Sahlstrom
Brisbane Australia

Fantastic photo's.
look at a website www.livingsilk.com.au
and the tabitha foundation.
maybe there is something we can do together.

[674] Joel B
North bay,Calif.... USA

Thank you julian for sharing the range of photos on this website. I have been to Cambodia twice and have seen various sites. No, I must admit that I have never attended the dumps. But am very familiar with the swarms of needy people who engulfed my wife and I in the marketplaces of Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, it was not possible to give charity to all. But we did what we could. My wife is a native of Kampuchea, and a survivor of the KR. Sadly though, she has lost family members because of the Pol Pot regime. Your photography has served an important mission.. to open the eyes of anyone who seeks perfection in appearance, in occupation, in acceptance, and personal gain. There will be a part of me that will always feel linked to Cambodia. The hospitality excels,there are areas that are contrasted with beauty, degradation, incredible history and potential. I hope that the young generations will be respectful of traditions of those older and wiser. And that western vices are not adopted to the point of changing the natural heritage of this Unique country.

[673] Amy Maiello
Apple Valley, MN, USA

This photo gallery was touching and heart wrenching to see these children so oblivious to what was going on around them. I would like to help in any way possible. You said that you would be going back soon. If you have not, or if you plan on going back yet again, let me know and I will definately have some things you can take over for the children. Email me at the address above and we can make arrangements. Thank you for documenting your trip for others to see. So often, those who have so many things do not realize that there are others in thei world who don't half even a fraction of what they take for granted every day.

[672] William

Truely amazing. i was so amazing once again by it... althought i'm not an very arty person, but definately i can differniate this from novice work. wow....

btw, u should move on to be a professional photographer. not someone in Asia Export in PS role (dun quote me for saying this =o)

[671] Jack Smedley
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


This is a tremendous collection. I have never visited Cambodia, though I certainly hope to one day. Regarding S-21, you may be interested in the Documentary movie S-21 where a survivor discusses the treatment he received with several guards. It's an excellent documentary for the distubing subject.

Well done.


[670] Sam
Alexanderia, Egypt

Well, I think if you're Cambodian, it's really shame on you to show the people in the whole world, the dark side of your country, keep this to your government to try to find a solution for the poverty, use your Camera to show the beauty of your country, I know there's must be a really beautiful places there, so you encourage people to visit your country, and refresh the tourism industry in Cambodia, instead of standing and taking pictures of this low life, try to give them a hand.

[669] Donna Blahut


To say this is very sad would be a complete understatment. And its more than a tragity. I'm sure this trip has change your life. Just the comfort of our warm soft beds is something that is just taken for granted by most. I am glad I ran across your site. I had a experience in my own country very close to my home... feeding and clothing homeless people in the middle of a very cold winter. Going once a week with a small group of people. I would cry before, during and after my trip to the inner city. I remember sitting at the dinner table with my family feeling so guilty. I could not forget about the people I met with each week,(most of the same ones)out in the cold somewhere.
Thank you for sharing. I'm not even close to being wealthy, but forever grateful that I have had some small impact and compassion on this thing called humanity. My admiration goes out to you.

[668] Arabelle Sicardi
New York City, United States

Although I'm only 14, I believe photography imapacts everyone who sees it, no matter their age. Your work is an outstanding example of this and it's made me really, TRULY realize, I'm one of the luckiest kids in the world to have what I have. More people need to understand this and I'm going to send this link out to everyone I know. Hopefully they'll feel the inpact of it too. Thank you so much. You've changed my life.

[667] steffani cameron
vancouver, canada

Beautiful, harrowing photos. I commend you for seeking out some truth with your lenses. Far too few people realize the power they wield when they have a camera in-hand.

Images can change the world. Images are information, and they speak louder than heartfelt words will ever speak.

If you've never seen Baraka, the film, you should. Your garbage dump photos mixed in with the beauty of children playing evoked that movie for me. High praise, if you don't already know it.

Keep it up. Thank you.

[666] andrew smith
wrightsville beach

i enjoyed the photos you have presented, some as you noted were hard to look at but this is the reality of so many.

i will be traveling to southeast asia soon, will arrive in cambodia on nov. 4 - nov 17 where i will spread the word of god through our churches mission trip.

again i just wanted to say thankyou.


[665] Christopher Walker
Pittsburgh, USA

I'm not a man of words, but you photographs are beautiful, shocking, profound, and touching. Thank you.

[664] mads

Næstved, Denmark

great pictures!!!! really great

[663] niewo


great pics, touching, inspiring

[662] Fiona Skye

Tucson, AZ USA

What a moving, beautiful, haunting site you have here. It brought me to tears. Thank you so much for this experience.

[661] Roy Hansen


What a story you tell with your pictures. I really like them. You manage to capture the moment in a very fine way. It touches me a lot when I see the conditions these childrens are experiencing. Thumbs up for the good work! You are a excellent artist with the camera.

[660] Louise Moon


I went to Cambodia a few years a go and was also struck by the poverty of the people. However, more upsetting than the abject poverty was all the young children missing limbs from land mine explosions. I'm just suprised that you don't seem to have any pictures of them.

[659] sarah ong

hi julian..

i was surfing my friend's blog and she had a link to this page. i am really fascinated with the work u have done here - making known the poverty in cambodia and all that. the pictures are fantastic. i was wondering if u would allow me to use some of them as part of a presentation to share with singaporean youth about life away from our comfort zone and how we can do something about it. do let me noe k?

with sincere appreciation,

sarah :0)

[658] Jesse Stanley
Tucson, Arizona U.S.A.

Julian, your photographs are stunning. The beauty of the people really shine. The colors are brilliant and the suffering, haunting. Your humanity really comes through in your photos. You captured the dignity of poverty. To have those experiences and not leave feeling profoundly affected would be tragic.I am really glad you did not delete the images. They are important on so many levels. I live near Mexico, and I love to travel there. The warmest most generous people you could meet, and yet the poverty is overwhelming. Bright magical colors everywhere, amongst sewage and suffering. It is our duty to get involved every way we can. Feed people, hug them, celebrate our diverse planet, and end poverty and violence. Thanks for the insight to Cambodia. Youf friend and brother, Jesse

[657] Dominic Teo Jun Jie

Wow,your photo gallery made me wanna help them, thanks for the research,it tells me not to take anything for granted and for that i will appreciate...=)

[656] Michael Otto
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hello Julian,

I was forwarded your gallery by someone interested in sponsoring 2 children at CCH, and wanted to say thanks. The pictures are beautifully shot. I know the dump and CCH very well, having been working with them personally for the last year and a half, through the organization Bridges Across Borders (who has funded and provided technical assistance and training to all 3 CCH centers for over 3 years now).

I am heading back to NYC in about a month's time, and i was thinking that i might use your pictures/gallery for fundraising purposes while i am home. You have caught the scenery too well, so i thought i might ask if that would be ok.

Thanks, and be well,


[655] Aarika T
United States

I'm so overcome with emotion now... wow. Your pictures are amazing, and the subject matter deeply emotional. I commend you for spreading the word about these lives. Thank you, Aarika

[654] Davit Rostomashvili
Georgia, Tbilisi

very sad story :(

[653] Eddie
Crown Point, Indiana

I consider you a lucky man for your eyes have been forever opened in this dark world of ours. I wish these peoples fate on no one. You have done a wonderful job of enlightening us all on the reality of life. I, usually filled with emotion and words, have lost my tongue. I wish you well. Also I wish to know when you plan to return, as I have items which would gladly be donated. Thanks for Sharing Julian.

"Without suffering there would be no compassion"

May we soon know a day without such quotes.


[652] janeen delany
phoenix arizona usa

It is always the faces.......

Your compassion is apparent, and I fell compelled to see all that there was to see.
Much like my own experiance in India...the same looks, the same little faces of poverty that manage, often, to smile back at you.

Thank You, I will donate,although I am unable to send enough for a full year...

[651] Irene Gilb
Sanbornton, NH

amazing photographs. amazingly inspiring stories.

thank you.

[650] Dan McKechnie
Calgary, Canada

Thank you for posting this gallery and bringing a part of the world to which I was almost oblivious to light. Your photographs are stirring; perhaps the most powerful ones being the shot of the needle and of Srey Mom. Do you have an address to which I could send some money for "your" orphanage?

[649] Brian Cox
West Point, NE, USA

I admire your will and choices. You created a brilliant depiction of what is and is looking to forever be, sadly enough. I too hope to aspire to go and see and work and do many of the things yourself have done. I respect people like you very much. You are one of those few that I can still look up to... God knows I don't have anyone else. I truly do admire you and your images.

Very Sincerely,
Brian Cox

[648] Marisa Elliott
Warwick, NY

That was really very touching, thank you.

[647] Steven Walsh
Belfast, UK

Thanks Julian,
we in the west need to see more and more of this real life stuff. Your pictures have really touched me.

I hope I can use my resources and training for good use. I am doing a doctorate in computer networks. Who knows.

I sensed that you may be a Christian? Am I right?

Kind regards,

[646] alex sonbalee
Canyon Country, CA 91351

They are all great shots!!. You have done a great job. It's such a heartfelt to see the kids in such a unhealthy environments. I wish more people see these images and spare some of their overly consumption in this the US. back to those needy.

Wish you the best!

[645] oki
Utrecht, Holland

I salute you, youre a great person and I wish you and all those children all the best. beautiful pics, I stared at teh one with the bleeding foot for about 5 minutes.

[644] volkan

that's a rare serial that i could endurance to the end of it.not boring,not much cheerful... good.thanks

[643] matt

congrats man...everything you wrote is how i feel about such places in our world.

all we can do is our own little part to make things better.

i head to japan this week, and i am pretty sure i will not see the same scenes as portrayed here, but if you want to check out some flicks, my web address is http://mattgrant.gallery.netspace.net.au



[642] Onur Sener
Istanbul Turkey

Well Done and thanx my friend. 

[641] Simona Z.
Ottawa, Canada

thank you for these amazing photohraphs... i had the pleasure of visiting Hanoi when my grandfather was still an ambassador to the country. This just reminded me of the hospitality and beauty we discovered in the country.

[640] Elena Loftus

Waltham, MA

i was very struck by the beauty and courage of the Cambodian people and the dire need of the children in poverty, an dmoved to take immediate action. thank you for this very powerful photo essay.

[639] Ben Samuels
Lee, MA

Greats shots- thanks for sharing these very moving images

[638] J. E. Smokey Crabtree
Texarkana, USA

Your photos are very powerful and have moved me inside. I have a deep love for photography, but I now feel a deeper love for the Cambodian people. I did not realize that digging through trash could even be considered a job, much less a living. There must be some way to help these people in a large way. Thank you for the insightful perspective shift that you have given to me. -Jay

[637] Jay
San Clemente, CA, USA

Moving imagery, you have a great eye and soul for capturing life. I makes one recognize what is real and important in ones own life thanks for the experiance.

[636] kim isaksen
denmark and philippines

wow - some powerfull images you got there.

kids all over the world should not life in that kind of powerty.

[635] Jay
San Clemente, CA, USA

Moving imagery, you have a great eye and soul for capturing life. I makes one recognize what is real and important in ones own life thanks for the experiance.

[634] Ron Hunter

I have personally been touched by the photo's of the children working in the dump. Keeping a Higher Purpose first and foremost in my life Today, was again the message that I needed in a personal transition period of my own life.
Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


[633] Ilari Mikkilä
Espoo, Finland

That was an really good gallery. It really made me think about things outside my own country. Only thing that I can find to complain about (as there always is something), is the grammar. Please, next time, check the spelling. Other than that, very good job. I hope this gallery spreads.

[632] Nalin

Those are very discomforting but revealing photos u've shot there of Cambodia and u should host a gallery or something to share it amongst the masses. Technically (composition wise, etc.) they're all perfect and you're already a pro. In the end, it's the content that matters :)

Keep up the good work,
Best Wishes!

[631] ed
london, uk

my sister has just got back from cambodia and really enjoyed looking through your photos. You have a great eye for catching the beauty and the horror of the country. Very thought provoking. Good job.

[630] Robin Jørgensen
Copenhagen. Denmark

Hello Julian.

This is a werry strong and good photo serie you have taken here, it´s werry strong images ho make people think a lot about the werry bad and tuff situation some people live under in the world.

Keep up the werry good work.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards
Robin Jørgensen
Internet: www.buddha-photo.dk
E-mail: robin@vanlosenet.dk
Telefon / Phone +45 26 76 59 63

[629] John Roche
Avon, NY

Prof. Kannyo gave me the link to this site, Julian. What an accomplished photographer you are! These photos and the accompanying captions convey both the magnificence and the grim realities of Cambodia.


John Roche
RIT Dept. of English

[628] natasha rene'e
san antonio texas united states

this set of photography was amazing. painful at times but none the less amazing. it pains me to hear people complain about day to day bothers like "having to go work" or "can't find parking" and it irks me to know end to hear someone complain that they don't have enough... be it money, clothes, success etc...

i fall in love with people that can appreciate what they do have, even if it's only a job picking trash, and never stop working for something better.

these pictures have inspired me.

thank you

[627] tw

much needed reality check, thanks

[626] John McCarthy
Traverse City, Michigan

My wife sent me a link to these pictures about 24 hours ago. She and I are highly active with a an entity called Safe Passage, which works with dump children in Guatemala, seeking to give them an education. I happen to be on my way there in about 48 hours. Thank-you for bringing people's attention to the way things are in the Third World.

Your frustration and anger is very understandable. But I would hope that you will not be too anxious to find someone to blame for these children's predicament. Charity is wonderful. Charity is beautiful. But there really is only one thing that, in the end, can rescue these people, and that is a rising economy. And while this might offend some people, that means Capitalism. Free Enterprise Capitalism works, and Socialism and planned economies don't. That was demonstrated in the Soviet Block, and it was demonstrated in India and China. And yes, it was demonstrated in Cambodia. Don't forget that Pol Pot was a communist.

That guy who lives in the big house just may be the person who will build a factory so that these people will have jobs. I've personally seen this. I've been to Mother Teresa's orphanage in Delhi, and I've dined in an industrialist's mansion in Uttar Pradesh, which is one of the poorest places in the world. And you know what? The industrialist was providing lasting jobs for people, and the Sisters of Charity were keeping children in beds 24/7 just because the children were mentally retarded. So who's really doing more good?

[625] Gerald Welch
Grayslake, Illinois

your pictures are really wonderful and powerful. your work has helped me see another picture of the world and how people live i am extremely grateful for that.

[624] Bill Pearl

And yet so many smiles on their faces.

[623] Henry Bui
sugarland, us

thank you for sharing.

[622] Michael Okrentowich
Bethel, USA

Thank you.

[621] Empires Fall

Mr. Li, I found your photo elsewhere without a link. I'll put a link to it right away. These photos are amazing.

[620] Sylvia Magnúsdóttir

Hi Julian

You asked me on my blog about who I am using your photos. I live in Iceland and just came across your pictures via another blog and wanted to let others see them so they can be aware of these tragedies in Cambodia. I´m sorry, I should have asked for permission. Is it ok for me to have a link to your page?
Good pictures.

Kind regards, Sylvía.

[619] Henning Hansen

Strong pictures. Very emotional.

Regards from Denmark.

[618] Jason Bronson
Chicago, IL USA

I cried, these are moving photos, powerful, no words need to be spoken because you can see the emotion in the images....

the pain, and suffering that has grasped these people so long ago, still holds them to an extent, yet they smile in some of the photos....

thank you, for these photographs....


[617] et
cerritos, ca

beautiful photos. thanks for sharing your view. i was there last year with my new 20d...i would like to go back again this year hopefully. just want to let u know i like your photos.


[616] Eric Phelps
Norfolk, VA, US

moving images

[615] Emily Dunbar

Why do you say you felt powerless to help that baby?

Was anyone else going to?

Is this another example of "journalistic integrity"?

'Cause I'm getting tired of the BS hypocritical phrase.

[614] Peter Schrader
Maine, United States

I would just like to say that your photo graphs are really amazing. They really strike you the first time you look at them and realize the amount of poverty

[613] Michael Robinson
Winder, Georgia

I hope you don't mind, but I've placed the "Photos of Cambodia" gallery on StumbleUpon(http://www.stumbleupon.com/url/www.julian.li/cambodia/).

It's a good way to draw attention to important issues. =P

If you want to suggest a change to the summary I made for it, feel free to e-mail me.

[612] Reon

Wow, great pictures that tell some sad stories that makes you appreciate what you have. Really enjoy your work. Hoping to see more.

[611] Allen Kramer
Houston,Texas USA

Thanks so much for posting these-your work is spontaneous and so un-pretentous. It's inspiring to see real joy in photography which seems to be slipping away from me after 20+ years in the business. Thanks!

[610] Jon Wood
Norwich UK

Superb images, really pulled at my heart strings. Why in this horrible consumer society are people having to endure a life style like this? One day there will be some justice in the world.

[609] Andrew Gough


I have seen the same thing in India, it changes you... Putting up this gallery is a great thing, please keep it, people need to see.

Could you post the address of the orphanage, or a mechanism to donate (Bank info etc..)

Great Photos.


[608] Asher Kelman
Los Angeles USA


Hi Julian,

I really love your work. you have really paid attention to the great phortographers you listed.

I would like to share with you another.

I would like to correspond with you. could you please contact me via my website. I'm the Editor in Chief and I like the fact that your views and dedication are congruent with my feelings of responsibility for and to each other and the thin layer of life on this planet.

[607] Geert SOENENS
Lichtervelde - Belgium

Very nice work Julian! I can feel the athmosphere in your pictures. Congratulations!

[606] Luis Sisamon
Dubai, UAE

Your pictures are truly impressive and moving. I can understand that shooting them was not easy as I have felt uncomfortable in much easier conditions.
It is hard to think that you are carrying equipment that could feed one family maybe for several years.
In any case congratulations for a great technical and human work.

[605] Diego Garcia
Bristol. UK

Wow, simply stunning, emotive work and your ability is everything I strive for with my camera.

Thanks for sharing.....



[604] Jan Hordijk
Heel, The Netherlands

Very good photographs. With respect for the people.

I see that the Canon 5D is a possable a good choice for the Leica M-digital which is coming...

Good luck,

Jan Hordijk

[603] Rich Simons
Decatur, Georgia

You have a good compositional eye. Thanks for sharing.


[602] Deepal s
Colombo Sri Lanka

Very interesting and artistic capturing of a country.
well done

[601] Joseph Sim

your pieces "cracked hands" and especially "smiley eyes" are very well taken.

very impressive although i am not a photographer myself.

joseph sim

[600] phil monk
fredericksburg va usa

Very touching photos of cambodia. I was initially interested in the photo settings you included with each shot. I quickly forgot the reason I came to your site.

God's grace is often hard to see it this temporal world.

But I believe one day we will understand.

[599] bernd k.
worms, germany

Dear Julian,
Congratulations to this collection of deeply impressive photos from a country and life situation so completely different from whatever we experience day by day. The motifs presented are highly emotional and transport all these awful shortfalls in life conditions and welfare. I am deeply impressed-being a professional in pr and promotional design with own experience gained in low-developed countries. All the best/Bernd

[598] Elena Hvizd

Hi Julian,

It was nice to hear from you. Thanks for recommending your other photo journals of Cambodia and Vietnam. You are correct. They were phenomenal. What beautiful people. You have captured some amazing moments in people's lives. You take great candid shots of people, especially children. Their innocence and aliveness really transcends culture and their expressions go straight to the heart.
I was especially moved by your photos and commentary regarding the children (and families) living on the dump in Cambodia. I visited the website link of the school and orphanage that has taken in some of children from the dump. And I read a little of the children's story. What a travesty of humanity, but thank god for the school.

I know that there are far too many places in the world where this reality continues to exist for people who are displaced, disadvantaged and poor.

I have worked as a massage therapist for years and also as a mental health counselor in the human service field. Right now I am interested in helping to design and plan the building of very small energy efficient homes that are built in small neighborhoods of 6-12 homes with a common building and common open space. I have been studying green building techniques and passive solar design withthe intention of creating homes that use as little fossil fuel as possible. I am just in the study phase of this latest venue, but hope to participate in a more sane and sustainable and community-connecting home-building to some degree.

Thank you very much for sharing your photos. i appreciate your outlook on life and your endeavors while traveling to see the real sites and capture the real people of the lands you are visiting.



[597] Eléna
New York USA

I love Bali, and the Balinese, though I have never been there. I was very happy to come across your photo album of photos from Bali, because photos of everday people in Bali are harder to come across than the standard tourist temple/beach/landscape shots. I love all of your photos of the Balinese. They are a very special people, I have only met one in Massachusetts once and he was incredbily radiant and friendly. I dream of one day visiting Bali for an extended period of time.
Thank you so much for posting your beautiful photos on the web. I have put them in my bookmark page so I can look at them often.
When was the last time you were there? Have you traveled there often? Which country are you from?

Peace and light,


[596] Barry Choi
Toronto, Canada

Your photos are incredibly moving, Julian. These photos are truly those that speak many thousands of words for those whom many of us have never heard. Thank you for continuing to shoot and sharing with us.

[595] Duncan Stuart
Auckland, New Zealand

Julian, your photos are awesome, and they catch the beauty, the tragedy, the hope and - sadly - the despair that are present in today's Cambodia. What a talent you have, backed by a tangible sense of compassion. I was in Cambodia around the same time as you, but in Siem Reap. In my case I was struck by the hopefulness in the area - and through a good friend Svay Savong became involved, along with Japanese supporters in helping set up a volunteer language school for rural students. I think in Western countries we wear some of the guilt behind Cambodia's destruction under Pol Pot. After the Vietnam war - what they refer to as the American War - we turned a blind eye to Cambodia; washed our hands of the problem. One day in the deathcamp in Phnom Penh when i visited, I was in tears, just walking around - and a British guy and American man sat down and we were all crying. "How could we have let this happen?" we asked.

I hope your photos encourage others to do something practical. A little effort goes a long way in Cambodia.

Thank you for your photojournalism.


[594] Colin Ho

these pictures are awesome!
enjoyed viewing them all.
good job!

[593] daniel

nice pics! Eve directed me here... pls continue doing what you've been doing! Take care!

[592] Nancy
Fresno, CA USA

I am writing a paper on Cambodia and your photos have really moved me. What you have captured with images goes beyond the written word. Thank you

[591] Ramón Burgos-Ruíz
San Francisco, California

Excellent photographs!
Rather than delete the photograph of the woman, I would suggest a closer crop of the sides anf top, but still maintaining the print of the dress fabric.
I enjoyed the angle of "Morning Offering".
All the pics are special; thanks for sharing.

[590] Kashaf Aziz
Edinburgh, Scotland

Your pictures of Cambodia are very moving. There is a good contrast of every day life and how people regardless of where they are continue on in hope

[589] Dan Grove
Azusa, CA

This was a very moving experience. Um, I'm not real sure what to say, other than I now desire to learn more.

Part way through this page, I began thinking: I want to be where you have been, I want to see these people for myself, I want to smell the rotting hellhole of methane, I want to look into anothers eyes and be moved, be stirred, be brought to the brink of tears, yet still smile.

I will share this with my friends and may God continue to bless you, for he truly has with an amazing gift surpassed only by your heart.

A friend,
Dan Grove

[588] Antonio

Muito bom principalmente as com a rolleiflex

[587] Esther
Jakarta, Indonesia

nice n clear pictures of Bali you have. These pictures are taken in places mostly visited by tourists.
But I think you should go there once again to shoot the other side of Bali, its nook and cranies.

[586] le tuan anh
Ha Noi

Hi Julian!

I saw your images on vietnam and want to tell you its amazing!

by the way , wanna share my images of Vietnam with you here
Thank for sharing!
Best Regards

[585] Suhadi Lili
Surabaya, Indonesia

Very touching. Great photograph shots, Julian.

Best regards,

[584] s. rasch
berlin, germany

nice, raw and shocking...
just great pictures!
nice work!

[583] Felle
Bunbury, Western Australia/ Singapore

Awesome pictures! I was in Cambodia for 3 weeks myself. Travelled from Phnom Penh, to Kampong Cham and then to Siam Riep. I have dined at beautiful french restaurants to simple home-prepared meals (cooked over firewood and with water drawn from the well).

The most impressionistic part of the trip was the 2 weeks stay in Kampong Cham. The hospitality of the villagers warms my heart so much that it just brings me to tears when I have to bid goodbye to that place.

I would say that it doesnt necessarily mean that you are suffering even though you may be living in poverty. Yes, I can't deny that it is painful to struggle even to put a warm meal on the table or have a proper shelter over your head. People can still be happy because they have a closely-knitted family to come home to.

A group of Cambodian University students chiped in money to prepare an elaborated local fare for us. it IS considered as a big meal to the students as some of them had to sleep in pagodas because they cant afford housing in the capital city of Phnom Penh. The ability to give, despite of difficult circumstances, is true generousity. And one who possess such spirit can be considered as a truly happy soul! How many times have we heard people complaining about how much they have given but got nothing in return?? Are these people happy givers???

Life could be so simple but yet so beautiful.

Really, affluence is no justification for happiness. All we need is a thanksgiving and appreciative heart to be truly happy.

[582] May Franny Sepikit

I thank you for this gallery. Reminds me again that life (mine in particular) shouldn't be selfish. That we should wake up every day and be grateful that life is actually not so bad. That we should always be humble & gracious towards each other.

[581] Hasan Bilgehan
Istanbul, Turkey

Hello Julian,
I really liked your snapshots. I have never visited Combodia but I can feel the places you visited. In my opinion, this is your success. Poverty is the major problem, we live in our comfortable houses, maybe we work in airconditioned rooms. But outside of our lives, there are many people suffering, and this world is unjust. Your snaphots remind me again and again that we should be more sensitive to this worlid.


[580] Drew

Quite Sad but very beautifull pictures!

[579] Russell
Hamilton, NJ USA

Those were some amazing photos.

The way you described each photo and what you felt while taking it made for a very powerful story.

National Geographic ?!


[578] Robert Pinna

Wonderful shots.
I have been in the same places, and i appreciate your points of wiev.

[577] Ronika
Chandler, USA

Wow! I thought that was so insperaional of you to go over there help those kids out and support them! It's nice to see how my country is. (I am Cambodian) But then it's really sad to see how they suffer. Even when i look at the books based on the Khmer Rouge, it kinda hard to see what all those people have been through. Beacuse of you i hope to go and visit when I'm older.

[576] Luc Meisel
costa mesa, usa

I truly enjoyed your photos, I love all the wide shots and your brillant ability to capture all these wonderful people in the midst of their lives.

I am interested in photography and am about to buy some new lenses, etc.

I have to say that I found your work inspirational and wondered how brave and adept you were to capture them all.

I often am censored by worry that I am crowding people by taking their pictures.

thanks for the inspiration.

[575] Sokhena You
Beaverton, Oregon

wow, thanks for sharing your photos! i work in the garbage industry, and dayum that looks very sad.
i'm waiting for my citizenship to clear so i can visit camboida again. i would like to go where you went, just to see for myself!

again, thanks for sharing!

please write back!


[574] Sarin

Julian you photos speak a millions words, and emotions. I too am a fan of James Nachtwey's work. I am glad that you decided to put this gallery up (Cambodia) in the end, because the reality is poverty exist, like so many other countries.

It just takes one pic, to spark an emotion, an interest, an action....in hopes that we can each contribute some way (however big or small it maybe).

[573] Micah Weber
Buffalo, NY, USA

excellent captures.


[572] Sitha
USA, Cambodian

I love the photo, it capture so much of LIFE. Even though we can't save everyone, but we will always remember the memories. I can't thank you enough for the photo. I'm glad you've used a SLR.

[571] David Sok

your photos will only help push me to achieve my goals that much more, thanx and keep up the great work

[570] wattana

Hi Julian..I feel so sad inside seeing all these pictures. Thank q for putting this gallery up..it inspires me so much. Just wondering, r u cambodian?

[569] Nam Tran

Your photos are awesome. Very closed to professional photographing level.

[568] nathan

Powerful and heartbreaking. thankyou for posting these pics

[567] Arprim

Thank you for taking the time to show us these images. They are dishearthening to look at, but it's the reality of the world we are living in. Some people are more fortunate than others, but I hope by viewing these images the fortunate people will be more willing to help if they can help.

Wonderful pictures!

[566] Thnam Net

love your photos!

[565] Michael


[564] Chanly Bob
Portland, Oregon


These pictures are powerful and heart wrenching. This is the true color of poverty and no matter where poverty exists, the people, the faces, the sadness are similiar. Your pictures are stark reminders of what this world should not be, what suffering people should not have to face. But the reality is that this imperfect world is filled with people like these innocent and poor souls who see no HOPE. I can empathize with their suffering, because at one time, I too suffer as such.

With much thoughts and prayers for the people who suffer, and I thank you for putting these powerful images for everyone to see, to learn, and to be empowered to do something about it.


Chanly Bob
Cambodian-American Community of Oregon

[563] Pengchon


I really don't like your pictures, but I like your shots.
The object of the capture is to witness trash in cambodia. But really? why are there so many tourist? Try to capture that reason.

[562] Dina Kor
Denver, Colorado USA

Hello Julian,
I was given your website by a friend. I am myself Cambodian and I currently volunteer my time each year working with adopted Cambodian Children in the one and only Heritage Camp (www.heritagecamps.org). I just wanted to let you know that I was touched by your photos. It demostrated the positive side of Cambodia and sadly the negative side. You did a great job Julian. I will be passing along your links to my friends.

[561] Kimsua Chay
Aurora, CO USA

Just wanted to say that those are some incredible pictures from Cambodia. They definately show the daily struggles of the day to day life for many of the people in Cambodia. If you're interested in sharing your photos, I think I maybe able to help put you in contact with some people who would be willing to help you some donations for the children in Cambodia. Most of them are already helping by donating in one way or another but I think your pictures would offer them another way of helping.

[560] Tibor Karvaly
Budapest, Hungary

I'd been living together with two students from Cambodia in the university hostel, one of them was my room-mate for about three years. We all knew, that that their life was extremely hard in their country.

But now, almost two decades later, you showed me how hard it was (and still it is), in fact.

I respect them now more than ever.

Thank you.

[559] David Sutton
Los Angeles

I enjoyed these very much. You have a wonderful eye.

[558] Scott Youmans
Phoenix, USA

Have been thinking of buying and EOS 5D and was looking at reviews. Came upon your galleries and have looked at Vietnam and Bali so far. Rarely have I seen such a large precentage of excellent shots. I like your style of shooting very much and I think of myself as very critical. I will further explore your site.



[557] My-Tien Duong
MIssouri, USA

I like more pictures some of them are really pretty. I like the flower girl - sit facing to the left .., and some with the bride and groom.
i'm not an expert but I think the wedding should have more color, color of new exuberant beginning.

[556] Phil Balko
Johnstown, PA USA

Absolutely breathtaking, stunning and moving. Thank you so much for sharing.

[555] Klaus Schulte - Lünzum
48167 Münster, Germany

Hallo Julian,

I am very impressed of these pictures. You show with the pictures both sides of cambodia.

In June 2006 I will travel with my friend to cambodia as backpacker tourist. I have the same camera with 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200. But I believe that my photos will not have the same quality like yours.

Yours comments and photos fits together very good and hit me deep in my heart.

If you want, I send you my fotos of cambodia.

Question: Did the people or children there need pens, lighter or small things like that? So we take some with us.

I will be glad to hear something from you.



[554] konrad mattes
ludwigshafen, germany

hi julian,
this are incredible pictures you' ve made.
very awesome.
you captured the today's spirit of cambodia.
especially is going under my skin.
regards, konrad mattes

[553] blanquet.xavier

Thank you for your website. It was a quiet moment to discover it.

"superbes photos et généreuse" very beautifull photography and generous time.

Have a nice life


[552] Sara C.
Kuala Lumpur

Hello Julian... a friend of mine sent me the link to your webpage when I told him that I like photography (am still a newbie).
I don't know you personally, but you managed to reach out to your audience via your pictures, and somehow we "feel" to a certain extent, the impact Cambodia's plight had on you.
The baby's intense gaze especially, his eyes were so hard for one who spent hardly 3 or 4 years on Earth. And to think he never once smiled...
Thank you for reminding us that there are many more who need our help out there.


[551] Joy Lee

Hi Julian,

A friend passed me the link to your blog, said he was in Cambodia recently but his pictures aren't as good as yours.

I love your pictures, especially those of children. You seem to have captured their magic moments well.

Like many here, I cried to when I saw the ones of the children in the rubbish mound. "Red & Black", I remember.

My mum had recently started sponsoring a child in Cambodia, she's yet to meet him/her. When I showed her your pictures, she was in tears and she told me she was glad that one child, somewhere in Cambodia, possibly digging through the rubbish mound, will be going to school this year.

Thank you for your insight.

I feel lucky now, everyday.

[550] Marilyn Polito
Adelaide, South Australia

Hi Julian,


I have been to Bali many times, and both my fiance and I adore the place.

Your photography is absolutely amazing and captures the essence of Bali perfectly. Viewing your photos is like being there!!

I can't wait to get back there again, and I sure hope you will too!

I know I will be passing on your link to friends and family so they will hopefully work up the courage to go back to Bali, because the people are truly suffering.



[549] Coelho Adalina

You did an excellent job to capture the essence of the realities of the fate of people in Cambodia...

Looking and reading through your gallery brought a tear along with it...

Thanks for sharing your experiences and may God bless you..

[548] shyam kumar r s
hyderabad, india

its realy great & wonderful

[547] Madeleine

i really enjoyed looking at your photographs.
i am amazed, i think of how many pairs of shoes i have owned, and thrown out when they got too small, i really wish that i could of somehow given them to these children, it isnt safe for them to be in the rubish dumps.
1 AMERICAN DOLLAR, thats all it takes for one days work... in total $365 a year, to some that is a pair of shoes, if only everyone could view this website, then they would understand the meaning to the word 'tough'.
one day i wish to visit Cambodia, and i will be sure to bring any spare shoes and clothes.

[546] Xu Simin

this is how the pictures spoke to me.
Gleaming eyes
of precious Gems
Toothy smile
of pristine Pearls

Endurance cast in luminous Gold,
tried by fire
Honest windows to the soul, Crystal
pool of clarity

Treading through labyrinths of despair
Emerging from the darkest carbon
a Diamond,

A brilliance
within ten thousand worlds
Aspiring to shine, Reflect.
Master cutter, where art thee?

I have soft toys and books(English) and money (as much as an intern can afford) for perhaps books of the Khmer language. Link me up if you know of anyone who is going over from Singapore.

p/s: please do not publish this if possible, i'm web-shy.

[545] Russell Neu

Hi Julian,

I am a teacher and I used this site to teach my students about the dispararity between those who have and those who don't.

More importantly, about how lucky they are in Sg.

Hope it is alright.

It was definitely informative and thank you.

[544] Cleo Liu

Thank you for posting your pictures.. I've just came back from Siem Reap a few days ago.. a group of us went to screen the children's eyes. I just followed.. The school i've been is in a so-so state. The orphanage is doing quite well, with Singapore rotary club supporting it.. Along the way to tonle sap, we saw people in v bad conditions too.. While cycling, i pass by a mini killing fields in Siem Reap, saw the 3000 skulls they collected, my heart crys.. However, the photos you took even more so...
after coming back, I was asking myself..how much have i helped the children there? ....

[543] thivya venugopal...
sungai petani, kedah...malaysia

hello there...
really appreciate the time n effort that u actually took..
well done..

[542] ravnish s gandhi

hi julian great pictures. i just got a new canon kit with 2 5ds excellent camera isnt it...i travel to singapore often and has never visually done anything but you captured singapore well..
good on you

[541] Arthur Lam


Hi Julian,

What you have captured in Cambodia brings warmth and admiration to me. It must be hard for you to go thru' the journey with the kids but I am sure that it is harder to go thru' the sadness and pain in your heart.

Just out of curiousity, may I know where you are from and what led you to make this journey?

God Bless,


[540] M.C. Lee
Columbia, MD, USA

I have been following your galleries from dpreview. Truly impressive work. Hopefully one day I can get shots that are remotely clode to anything that you have done.

[539] Frédéric Langeron
Liège, Belgium

Hello Julian,

Photography is one of my hobbies (I own a Nikon D70). My girl friend who is on the forum www.terredaccueil.be told me that you did beautiful photos.

An that's true, I love your photos. Colors, compositions and texts are great. You take a lot of pictures of people. Personally, I sparely do that as I don't dare. I always fear to disturb people even if I know that they also could be happy of being photographed. One of my friend told me that if you publish a book with these pics, he'll buy it :). We wait the Korea gallery with impatience.

In the Bali gallery, you wrote that you carried a Gitzo G1027 tripod but you didn't use it. Why didn't you use it? How do you find it? Is it tall enough? All these questions since I want to buy a good and light tripod (a Gitzo I think) that I won't hesitate to carry but I don't know which one... Thanks for your answer and go on photographing!

[538] JY

Great pictures - keep it up. Your Cambodia set just re-emphasizes the abundance we have here in North America. Isn't it incredible how people with so little can make do, but those with so much want even more... what a reminder to be thankful for what one has.



[536] atiquetter jenter

its kinda horrible..i mean the poverty there rite...owh shit..make me cry

[535] aluciequetter jenter

i wanna cry seeing this...

[534] Babar Imam
Bangalore, India

The contrast of the mood of the photos are splendid. The two sides of the lives of the humans. Very moving. The heart feels the emotions you are trying to portray. Excellent photography too, very good composition.

[533] Tay Chee Kit

Thanks for these beautiful pictures, in a sense that they make me realised and know there are still very poor people exist in this world who doesn't has a proper job, shelter and food.

After seeing these pictures, I feel so desperate to contribute like shoes to the children collecting garbage so they won't get hurt and many more.

Please tell us how can we help you for them.

Thanks Julian.

[532] Danny Kim

Good Job in letting others know about how they need to respect and savior what they have.

[531] dd

its touched me a lot..feel like crying..
thanks God that my country isnt like this...

[530] eijie

thanks for sharing the photo...i learnt alot from this...

[529] afzan

Dear Julian,

You have remarkable talent.

And most importantly, you've touched my heart as well as thousands who must have seen these photos. They make me remember the people in need, and they also make me remember to be thankful to God.

Thank you for the eye-opener.

[528] Ang Choon Seong
Edinburgh, UK

Thanks for the photos. Very nice of you to show the two sides of the coins, of the people of Cambodia.

[527] joaquin tan

The contour, texture and perspective of your pictures are on par wit national geographic. Above the rest, your pictures convey information and reality stories. Excellent meticulous work and talents.

[526] ravin
kuala Lumpur

it was seriously an eye opener.guess i neva thought i felt it was gonna be this bad till i saw this pictures.Wil ve visiting cambodia in June ,i pray i will learn much

[525] Maciek Nowakowski

many thanks for sharing of those appealing photos!

Good luck and all the best,

[524] Khoa Nguyen


[523] Steve Lepouras

Hi Julian,

You have a spectacular collection of images that truly capture the spirit of Cambodia and it's people.

[522] John

Hi Julian,

I want to thank you for these images. I saw your post on dpr today as I was looking for some 5D samples.

I must say that my family and I are always praying for the world's children and your images help us to put faces to our prayers. I showed these images to my 7 yr. old today as he was acting up and complaining about how he hates to clean his room... He quickly apologized and became a joy to be around today - again I thank you.

I hope this is okay but I immediatley was reminded of one of my favorite songs by an artist named Derek Webb - the song is called "Rich Young Ruler", Here are the lyrics, they are quite bold and fitting to your gallery:

Derek Webb Rich Young Ruler Lyrics
(vs. 1)
poverty is so hard to see
when it’s only on your tv and twenty miles across town
where we’re all living so good
that we moved out of Jesus’ neighborhood
where he’s hungry and not feeling so good
from going through our trash
he says, more than just your cash and coin
i want your time, i want your voice
i want the things you just can’t give me

(vs. 2)
so what must we do
here in the west we want to follow you
we speak the language and we keep all the rules
even a few we made up
come on and follow me
but sell your house, sell your suv
sell your stocks, sell your security
and give it to the poor
what is this, hey what’s the deal
i don’t sleep around and i don’t steal
i want the things you just can’t give me

because what you do to the least of these
my brother’s, you have done it to me
because i want the things you just can’t give me

[521] Ng Siew Bee Andre
Singapore (based in Sydney)

Hi Juilan,

Thanks for posting photos on the Cambodia trip. It did make me reflect on myself, thus making me ashamed. If it had not been for Jorena's post on your website, i wouldnt know what cambodia looks like.

So if you are going back there, please let us know so that we can gather enough stuff that the kids might need.

And by the way, great photography skills! Keep posting such photos.. they do alter our minds in a practical way.


[520] John Nielsen
Hvalsoe, Denmark

Living a luxurious life with good paid work here in Denmark gives one second thoughts when watching your pictures. I’ve also been told as a child to put big efforts in my study to avoid ending as a garbage collector, off course I’ve seen pictures of children searching for things of little value in garbage dumps before. But your pictures brought my attention back to the issue of the approx. 100 million children worldwide who is not offered the opportunity of attending school.

I’ll show your pictures to my son who is 13 years of age to get him to appreciate the live he’s living with all the gadgets modern western children have without thinking about that not all children in the world are as fortunate as him.

When we’re going to Bolivia on vacation I’ll have your pictures in mind, and I’ll try to show him and of course my self similar locations in a way to feel and smell that kind of live.

Thanks for viewing your pictures.

[519] David Forbes
Rochester, NY

thanks for posting these. It is good to see what is going on.

[518] Greg Gilman

Great job, poverty is . . . .

[517] dom fuizzotto

nice work, keep it up

[516] Amanda M.
Jackson, MS

These are amazing pictures.
I am headed to west Africa to serve for two years and I completely understand your desire for people to see this side of the world.

God bless

[515] Frederique Lambooy
the netherlands

You make beautiful pictures, i was surprised by the intesity of the pictures you made in daylight with a 1600 (!) iso film!
This (Cambodja) is the first i see of your work,so i´m going to look further now, at your other albums.

Keep the beauiful picture´s coming, and keep the world awake! So we wont take "normal" life for granted!

Good luck, Frederique

[514] JB


Simple pictures, but really pretty trough theirnatural context!
Both weeding and travel moments enjoyed me
i keep your web site in my favorite ones....

I hope to see more again....

Thank you


[513] Sian Tjia
Cologne, Germany

I am originally come from Indonesia and lives since almost 40 years in germany. I like your pictures, your comments is true and objective. It is always a pleasure to understand how other people left their impression about Bali. I agree with you that the balinese people are friendly and create a good harmonious living style with a bounce of art. I hope that in this problematic world that Bali can overcome the terroristic severe and people will still visit bali again. I myself have also visit after the first bomb explode, and know how dreadful the effect ist, we still will visit next month to Bali.
Kind regards,


[512] Carsten Janiszewski
Wolfen, Germany

there ar some very affecting pictures you made.
Both technical and emotional pictures...realy great.



[511] C.H. Schouler

Congratulations! I really like your pictures. Not only that they are of high technical quality, they show your talent to find great images.

Please do not delete them, rather try to find new areas.

Well done!


[510] Carsten Bürgel
Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany

Hello Julian,

I'm deeply impressed!
I'll take my hat off!

Regards, Carsten

[509] Federico Zaza


First of all sorry for my poor English...I know i have to improve it!
You're really inspiring to me...this work is fantastic!
My dream is going to take pictures like these ,one day...there are several masterpieces between these shots!
And, most important, they've touched my soul, my heart, so deeply...
It's incredible how it's easy go throught the pictures and see a wonderful ( and painful...those children...) story, without the need of your text ( I've read your text the second time I've seen all the pictures... sorry but the first time...it's something that's left me breathless..)
I think this can be (even) a great social work...
Keep on sharing!!( is it right?!)
Thank you!

[508] Po Ai
London, UK

Awesome galleries. I particularly like your photojournalism entries (was also in Cambodia a few months back but didn't have much time on my own to wander round myself).

Are you from Edinburgh then? Have you been to Isle of Skye in Scotland? Might be heading there in a few months time and am wondering what gear to bring (upgrading to my first SLR soon)

[507] Alexander Ricci
Heidelberg, Germany

Salve Julian,

I found the link to your site in a forum about dslr-cameras.

Great work, great picutures. I felt a strong anger and darkness when I saw the poorness of these human beeings. As the same time I thought about my small "problems"...

I´m looking forward getting the world a better place for us all.

Best regards and always good light

[506] Christopher Terlau
Dülmen, NRW, Germany

Hey Wen Sheng,

a friend says to me: " hey chris, look to this side.It's really amazing what this guy shoots.

For me, as a hobbyfotograph, it is question, what a kind cam and objectiv you have used.

I would really be lucky about getting an answer.


[505] Sascha Koerner
Wuerzburg, Germany

Deep impressions, big emotions...makes me hurt :(

And someone here in Germany is crying about nothing...

Will visit your site again!


PS: If you send me an adress, I will try to collect something for the children...

[504] werner quantius

Thank you that you open my eyes for this other world. Thanks that I could see your excellent pictures. Sometimes I had to laugh, sometimes I have thought longer about the pictures and sometimes, I had to cry. But what all pictures have, is a mad expression strength.

Dear greetings from Cologne, Germany


[503] miriam choi
san diego, California

wow. your picture are amazing. im doing a 3o hour famine with my church, and i was lost in getting money, and making it a huge competition that i completely forgot about the kids...thanks for the wake up call. god bless.

[502] Joey Tang

Great photos! Superb composing skill. Somehow I could "see" a story in every pic. Really very well taken.

[501] Lavdim Elshani
Deutschland. Köln

Hallo die bilder sind echt schön aber auch so taurig wenn man überlegt das es so was in der welt giebt aber ich finde das sie es super mchen und ich hoffe sie machen so weiter=)

[500] david Howard

Very nice set of photos--The website below may be of interest to you. The Nooderlicht Photo Festival is held in Holland in September this year and the topic is Asia from the perspective of asian photographers.

You may want to get them something before the deadline which is in a couple of days (3 april). Good luck.


[499] Iam Nemo
Quebec,, Canada

Superb pictures of Cambodia and its people. Realistic yet artistic look at the life there, putting human faces to misery. The light is exceptional!

[498] JM

Great photos. We visited Siem Reap and Angkor Wat last Dec. I didn't know Phom Phen is this poor. It's quite sad. I hope Cambodia can get back on track.

[497] joelle bizet

The pictures are really wonderful; some of them are quit hard to look, as it's reality.

Thank you so much for your work

[496] Julian Porter
Southampton UK

Very mooving images, great photojournalism and very interesting,


[495] Silton Buendia
Hawaii, United States

Great photos and good work. I know how it feels to be in such a place, I've experienced something similar a couple years back in Vietnam. It makes you realize just how lucky we are and that you are greatful for all you have. Keep it up and its by doing this and exposing it that you are helping. If it changes just one person into helping even just a little, then it was all worth it. Good luck in the future.


[494] Peter Sarkany
Budapest, Hungary

hi Julian, thanx 4 the images, i like them just as much, as i like the movie "Donnie Darko", and i can tell You that i like that movie a lot...
..somehow i feel the persons You shoot just love You, and they don't see the "rich guy from a rich place with an expensive camera" thing in You, that is very nice...
sorry 4 the poor english,

[493] J Goodwin

Came from DP review, nice photography of a dreadful scene thanks for sharing we really have no idea how lucky we are.

[492] Bruce Conner
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Wonderful photos and these are some of the best of southeast asia that I've seen. Hopefully you are going to make a book of your travels there. You have a great eye for visual impact.

About 25% of the images failed to load but I went out of your site and then returned and all but one image loaded.


Bruce Conner

[491] Renaud LAFFONT
Sanary, France

Hello, thanks for this testimony of the situation in Cambodia. Your photos are very powerful, the wide angle putting the reality right in our face. I was moved by them.


kind regards

[490] Sean Taylor
Gold Coast, Australia

You are an inspiration!

I find it ridiculously stupid that I even care a fraction about what I wear to work or on the weekend or out for dinner, yet I do still care. Society demands it of me.

I care for my friends and family and see the joy in my 2 year old sons beautiful eyes and it makes me so sad and disillusioned to even contemplate my boy in that horrid and desolate environment or rather hopeless situation.

I have a number of Indian friends that have told me many stories about life in Mumbai and the surrounding areas and these images so perfectly reflect the mental pictures I have of their many disgusting tales. I am selfish and I am weak but I am aware and I am empathetic. I know you need more than words to help these wonderful and beautiful people but words are all I am prepared to give right now.

Please know that you have touched my soul with these images and that I truly hope one day when my own selfish desires are well behind me, that I proactively contribute to the solution and become more than an aware and sympathetic soul, but stand up by taking action and making a difference as you have.

I do not believe in God but I believe in pure people and you my friend are truly one of them.

My deepest thanks for your vision and kindest regards.


[489] Kim
St. Louis, MO

Wow! I am truly humbled by these photographs. You are very gifted and I believe that God gave you this talent for a reason. Please keep bringing your gifts to all of us, you have a great purpose, and it is appreciated.

[488] Gaye Miller
Melbourne Australia

Hi Julian
Congratulations on your wonderful photos.
I'm not Bill Gates, but I am trying to help the children of Cambodia.
I'm holding a fundraising dinner in July to raise funds to open a halfway house in Siem Reap. We are trying to put together a power point presentation. I would like your permission to reproduce some of your photos for this.
If you want to check my background?
www.yatesweb.com click on Cambodia, then click on Gaye Miller

If you agree, full acknowledgment will be given to you.

Best wishes.

Gaye Miller

[487] Valentina Yulita Dyah Utari
Surabaya, Indonesia

Dear Julian,

I am impressed by your pictures. I am sure you can spread the message to the world. That we have to work together to have a better world for our children. For they are the future. Good luck.

Best regards,
Valentina Yulita Dyah Utari

[486] Tiffany Schmitt
Wausau, Wi USA

Thank You for sharing this. I will be passing this on to everyone I know so that maybe we can all make a difference.

[485] Randy Dutton
Madison Heights, MI

Thank you!

[484] Lynn Cole
Houston, TX USA


I enjoyed the first post considerably and I see the few rough edges fading away as you continue your shooting.

I just looked at your Cambodian photos and find them to very powerful.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing more of your photos in the future.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Lynn Cole

[483] Felipe Rodriguez
Seville, Spain


I went here from your thread on dpreview. I am impressed. Good work. Great photojournalism. Sad and striking stories here, but also tenderness and empathy.

Best regards from Spain!


[482] Mark
Seattle, WA

Thanks for posting your portfolio on your trip to Cambodia - I very much enjoyed the photos as they were technically very good but more importantly emotionally stirring - great photography.

[481] Ben

(A silent, thoughtful:) Wow.

Accounts of situations like these are what every teenager in the western world needs to see, to regain a certain perspective, to put things into perspective. To create some self reflection when we can't afford that new camera or the 30th t-shirt. Heck, not just teenagers, everybody. I see myself as more aware of the larger world than most other people, but accounts like these rattle me awake just the same.

Thank you.

[480] Ernesto Feliciano
Humacao, Puerto Rico

Excellent photos and that is only on the Bali gallery, now I am going to look the other galleries. Thanks for letting me see all these wonderful photos. Ernesto

[479] dave sanders
vancouver, bc, canada

caught the link to your gallery on dpreview.com. i spent a month in cambodia in 2001 as part of a year-long asian trip and i must say that your images brought back many memories and feelings. you've captured the overall feeling of the country well and your photographs are excellent...well-composed, artistic and leagues above the schlock that usually clutters online forums. i do hope your are trying to sell these to a magazine, print or otherwise.

i have to say that you have most successfully captured the misery and happiness that exist together in such countries...burma was the country that captivated me like no other and i have since returned because i found the people, despite their crushing poverty friendly, warm and happy. in all honesty, i've heard more cambodians and burmese singing and dancing than i ever have canadians and americans. people go to these countries with fixed images in their mind and often seek out experiences that reinforce that image...if they want poverty, they find poverty; if they want mystery and mysticism, they find that too. you seem to have gone in with eyes open and captured something vital and real. or perhaps you sought and saw the same things that i did. regardless, it was in cambodia on the back of a motorcycle with countyside blinking by that the realization hit me that there is a real difference between intellectually knowing that it's a big, amazing, world and viscerally feeling it, really knowing it. your photos are a fantastic record of that visceral realization.


[478] Hung Tien Vo
Viet Nam

Great photos. They all impressed me lots.. Thanks for sharing

[477] Louis
New York City, USA

Great shots, how are you scanning your shots? and with what scanner?

Thanks, keep shooting!

[476] Cindy McDonald
Kaniva Australia

I am a photo journalist
I have just viewed your gallery or should I say documentary and I can only say one thing to you.

Well done.

[475] Roland Pallagi
Budapest, Hungary

Thank you for sharing this exceptional photo series with us. Looking forward to see more from you in the future.
Greetings from Hungary

[474] Mark Leister
Ohio, USA

Very touching photographs, you have quite the eye.

[473] fuaad alattas

you have a marvellous picture here!
i admire your collection!
wish that i can shoot pictures like you!

fuaad alattas

[472] rebekah

hey julian,

i'm a friend of cynthia and she recommended me your site. this is the second comment from me, but since i looked through your pictures again this morning a little more carefully, i thought i should write a lbit more.

i'm glad you didn't delete the cambodia's gallery, even if it was painful for you to see it again. some of the pictures are heartbreaking, but you juxtaposed it with hopeful ones as well. together, they make a powerful message. i understand how much courage it takes to point a camera at human suffering. i can't do that yet. it's much easier to take happy faces...pretty things.

but if these pictures can move people into donating or volunteering their time, then i think you would have given to the children back for the moment you captured from them.

[471] Francesco Gallarotti
New York, USA

An incredible page, worth of National Geographic... I am really impressed by your work.

[470] Tom Melanson
Old Saybrook, CT USA

Outstanding work!
Were it not for the stark nature of the subject matter, one could say beautiful work.

[469] Henrik Nilsson
North Vancouver, BC

You know, this is the best use of a camera I have seen in a long, very long, time. A large degree of life is about perspective. What you've done with this work should certainly serve as a reminder of how fortunate many of us are.

[468] Tommi

wow.. I'm speechless. Great, powerful photos. It's good to see some reality for once in a while, really gets your feet back on the ground - at least for a while.
Thanks. Tommi

[467] Yan
Virginia ,US

Well done.You stoped me buying $50.00 shoes after seeing the bleeding foot of the child in Bali. Very touching pictures,I should be thankful and happy about my life.Thank you.

[466] Kao Wen Sheng

Was archiving some slide film when i remembered the trip to Cambodia, will link this site to my blog & really appreciate the photographs you have taken, touching they are.

[465] Robert Schinner

Hello Julian,
I thank you for this deep reportage.
Please keep on this work.
greetings from paris

[464] Andre Virmond Lima Bittencourt
Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil

Unfortunatly that is the rality of many countrys from southern hemisfere to northern hemisphere. Each one that comes to show that reality is contributing greatly to change the facts by showing the hypocrisy of the governments and the policy regimes of economical groups that have the power of money all around the world.
Congratulations Sheng

[463] Tom Farrelly
London ...UK

All i can say is "Wow", what a great Photo-journalist site into the way of life in Cambodia, you really brought home the struggle in everyday life here, whish we all so easily take for grated, its a place i am really hoping one day i can visit and take in the life out there ........ all the best ........Tom

[462] lim keidi

Your pictures made me tear,
and pierced through my heart
like the words of Jesus.

These chidren ought to be receiving education and going to school..

But I know God will provide them,
surely and eventually.
They are children of heaven!

Great works.
May God continue to use your talents to serve him and the people around you.

[461] le tuan anh
Viet Nam

Hi Julian!

Photos about Vietnam very nice! I like its!

Thanks for sharing!

[460] Firishta
Québec Canada

OUF ! In french....

I am completely touched by your photos... Thank you for sharing those moments...

Life blessed you...


[459] Craig Lewis
Phila. USA

Very impressive work. I look at many travel photos and they start to look alike (ie. the mountians, waterfalls, streems, flowers ), you get the picture. These picture capture the essence of the Cambodian culture. As I scrolled down I couldn't wait to see the next picture, I was captivated.

[458] Robert Peters


"Unprotected" is both artistically and emotionally so on target. Great job.

[457] Boris Filipov Hadzhipetkov
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Hi Wen Sheng,

I am a regular visitor of dpreview.com where I read reviews and browse the forums. I am very keen on travelling photography but don't owe a camera so I am just enjoying others' people work and try to learn from them. I am really impressed with the Cambodian pics and watchnig them I was instantly brought to this far country, getting a lot from the atmosphere you captured during your trip. Undoubtedly, the quality of the pics is stunning but in my oppinion,what makes them stand out is this mixture of various emotions, ranging from pure joy to the life-burden of those marginalized people you so precisely transmitted to us.

keep up with the good work

much luck


[456] rebekah

aizu, japan

great pictures you have julian. very expressive. you capture emotions well.

[455] H Shahani
Los Angeles

keep up the good work buddy.


[454] Benny

I really like your photos, they show the poverty in the third world very good. As I'm currently reading 'The End of Poverty : Economic Possibilities for Our Time' it's even harder to watch at your photos.
Maybe you are going to look at our Website en.sonne-international.org - we're trying to help poor people in Africa...

[453]Andreas Janiak

very nice pics

[452] Marcel Rothmund

Many thanks for showing me your beautiful and touching pictures. The world would be a better place, if we were willing to share our richness.

[451] krissi klinaftakis
chilliwack, BC, Canada

hi I'm Krissi, I'm 16 years old and I am one of those people that like looking good with the fashion these's days. After I was reading over your site it made me look at things in a different perspective. I also read that you would like donations... I would be more than happy to give my stuff away to help others around the world, if you can get back to me and let me know how I can do this to help that would be great!
please e-mail me bk!
krissi k.

[450] T. O. Nash
Everett, WA, U.S.A.

Thank you for sharing your pictures and trip with us. So many of the pictures did not show up tho. If you were to upload them at about 72/96 ppi, they would load faster and most likely all show up.
There are so many conditions like this around the world.
Even afte looking for full time employment for 4 yrs and not being able to pay my bills here in America, I am better off.
Tom Nash

[449] Michael Spotts
Temecula, California, USA

Incredible work. I run a journalism team that documents missioaries and relief situations around the world, so I can empathize with your feelings. I just returned from Moscow a month ago and I am always repulsed at even my own demand for liesure when so many others have nothing. Truly the Lord is good, making a way for man to be saved from the horrors of this world. The Bible promises that the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of all men (including those children) convicting them of sin and drawing them toward a confession of their need for His forgiveness.

Thanks so much.

[448] Sihol HS

Great touching pictures..
Almost same conditions happened in our country.

What an unfair world..

[447] Tony
San Francisco, USA

And I thought Isaan areas of Thailand was bad, which made me cried.

[446] Alec Ee

Hi Julian,

I had a quick look at this folder about Cambodia. Some lovely photo journalistic images and great wide angle compositions. You have potential. Will look at more folders soon. Thanks for sharing.

Alec Ee Photography

[445] Deepak Rao
Bangalore India

Very moving gallery. Not easy to see these images without a feeling of guilt that there should be this much disparity in the world.

Its a bit like that in India too but not so bad [at least in the urban areas], and I guess we get into the habit of looking but not 'seeing'

[444] Blake

Your pictures cause emotions of all kinds to rush to the surface. Thank you for taking the time to make this gallery knowing full well that it wouldn't be easy for you to do. Americans and other countries alike forget their position in life and perspective like the ones here force the viewers to question themselves and their lives.
Thank you

[443] Russell McBride
Denville, USA

Simply wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to put this together; it reminds me why I love photography so much....


[442] mirko
Freiburg - Germany

Great work Julian.
Again congratulations!
Thanks for visiting the dforum again and showing your pictures!
Good luck!

[441] julian
isle of man

hi julian.

great name by the way.

i have come across some of your photo sets before and have always enjoyed looking through them.

these pics from cambodia are amazing. i love the way you get up close and involved with your subjects. the photos have a very personal feel to them and it comes through strongly in the pics themselves and your descriptions.

i think your work can bring home the plight of these people in as pleasant a way as possible.

i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future

[440] Anette Monroe
Clearwater, Florida

Beautiful !!

[439] Tomasz Domagalski
Warsaw, Poland

Great pictures, sad by I have enjoyed them a lot. Regards,

[438] antonio cilona
palermo italy

poorness is a step behind the real paradise...

my compliments


[437] Tara Jasper
Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you for sharing your work with the world. It's very hard to take a look at what's really going happening. Anyone who sees your photos will be moved to make their lives more meaningful.

[436] Anil K Bouri
Chicago, USA

Well thought arrangement of photos. Excellent narratives to accompany your work. Very nice compositions and you really caught the emotion of the moment in a still picture. Job well done. I really enjoyed this collection and look forward to passing it on to others.

[435] Vaclav Vlk

very impressive!!

[434] Dimitri Callens
Deerlijk, Belgium

I was looking for great pictures and found them. As an extra, my conscience was kicked.

[433] Robert Hall
Lancaster, SC USA

Very touching photographs...and sad. Thank you for sharing.


[432] Malcolm Moore
London, England

What amazing photo's - True photo journalism.....!

The powerful pictures from the rubbish dump remind us of our own wealth and compancency.

Many thanks.

- I'll be thinking of your pictures for awhile...


[431] Richard McCabe
Commerce twp. Michigan USA

May God Bless them and you for bringing the message. I'll do what I can.

[430] M. A. Novoselac
Chicago, USA

Incredible photo's! You have a wonderful talent for showing life as it is lived.... be it good, bad, happy or sad.

[429] Brian Turner
Griffin, Georgia USA

This is a very moving essay. Very well photographed..::The latter pictures brought me to tears...

[428] Ronald
Moon Twp, USA

Very nice photo shoot. I wish my abilities with a camera would match halve of yours. In addition, you did not only take great pcitures, but you captured the audience (me in this case) with great explanations of why you took certain pictures.


[427] Erik Hejl
Kansas City, USA

Greetings Julian,

I found your gallery from DPReview, as I'm sure many people have. Living in relative wealth here in the US, here we often forget (or never become aware) that places like this exist.

Thank you.

[426] roland vandenbulcke

wet eyes are the results from your beautiful pictures, I am speechless
Respekt roland

[425] Silas Denny
Bradley CA, USA

Your pictures are amazing. We just don’t know what to say. I feel sorry for those poor children in the garbage dump.

[424] Peter Witzke
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Julian,

firstly congratulations with some really "nice" pictures from a technical point of view.
When this is said I must admit that you've just made my day worse. Life and the real world really goes beyond my fantasy and I'm shocked to see kids like this.
Nevertheless I believe we need to see pictures from the real world in order to make it better - it just hurts a lot.

Keep on taking such pictures!

Best regards from Denmark,

PS: I saw the original link from Dpreview.

[423] john clay

a fantastic set of photos - excellent work and interesting narrative

[422] Bac Lam
Darwin Australia

Good photos but excellent heart

[421] Dave Worboys
London, England

Some truly inspirational photos, and also some moving ones. Made me look at things around here in a different light.

Keep at it :)

[420] yiannis christodoulides
Nicosia, Cyprus

Absolutely heartbreaking

[419] Ken Carson

Thanks for the pictures, I have wanted to go to Cambodia because at present it looks like the Bangkok / Thailand that I grew up in late sixties early seventies, less commercial. The people at the tip same world over I remember seeing kids families like that in Bangkok even at a young age I realised how fortunate I was.

Kind Regards Ken Carson

[418] John Wang
San Diego, CA

great pictures.

[417] Simon Ritchie
Sydney, Australia

Well done, exceptional work.

Now those are photographs !

[416] Janet Mah
Calgary, Canada

I am a friend of Cynthia's. We work in Japan together. She sent me your Cambodia pictures because I'm going there in a couple of days. I'll be going there with a group called GGM (Greatest Gift Ministries). There will be 9 of us going this time around. We're delivering gift boxes that we've collected in the past 6 months to children at an orphanage (Rescue) and an HIV/AIDS hospice. We'll also be reaching out to these children by sharing the Gospel with them. We'll be working with about 150 children.

This will be my first time in South East Asia and my first time to be standing face to face with poverty. Your photo gallery gave me a taste of what I may be seeing. It was painful but touching. Seeing the big smiles on those kids' faces in spite of their struggles to survive amazes me. I find myself with a mix of emotions, seeing such sadness in some of the children's eyes and yet, so much contentment in the others.
I'm looking forward to the experience!

God Bless,

[415] stephen mclaren

Hi Julian,

From one scottish 5d owner to another......well done, a very brave piece of work...why not send them to Panos Picture Agency (pics@panos.co.uk). They have twelve shots from the same location in their stock, but I think some of yours are stronger.

If you are in London in the future, drop me an email, I'd like to hear more about your future assignments. I'm just back from Cuba (pre getting my 5d)...some results at (www.flickr.com/photos/djdeeprub)

Best of luck


PS I'm using the 16-35 a lot and like you am always tempted to go very wide with the result of a bit of distortion on people's faces...I keep trying to remind myself to not got go so wide....

[414] amanda nguyen
seattle wa usa

i just went on a trip in december to vietnam...i brought about 2000 dollars back to the orphanages that my family in vietnam are aquianted with. this is what southeast asia looks like...my friend emailed me this link i saw your first couple of pictures and i thought oh white guy going to fucking cambodia and romantizing the shit out of 3 world poverty...but then i started reading the commentary...thanks for checking your first world prilievge at the door. im a photography and film student and i processed my film from my trip but i can't push my self to print them because i hate artists photographers to go to the exotic and bank off of 3rd world realities to go home to comfort and forget. for me vietnam is my people...we should talk about the politics of art and the 3rd world movement...oh and the 3rd world exists in the us its called the south ...i don't even wanna get started on iraq...

in peace and solidarity


[413] J Cobb
Tulsa, USA

Very moving photo essay. I've made a donation to the CCH general fund in your name, and encourage everyone else who sees this to do the same. $25 is nothing if it saves and enriches a life. Thank you.

[412] yonatan sutono
Tangerang, Indonesia

It's really sad to know that there are so many people in the world livin in the situation like it. And you know something, it's not only in Cambodia, back to my own country, it's also have the same situation...

Well, can't say anything more, it's sad but thats life...

[411] Darko Zivkovic
Backa Palanka, Serbia

Dear Julian,
I found the link to this gallery on the Dpreview forum. This gallery is magnificent and is a true photojournalism report. I hope you will have time to go again and take some old toys for those kids. Best photo for me is "survival". It tells a lot.
Well done Julian, I will send this link to my photography friends here in Serbia, so I am sure it will be visited a lot.

[410] Michel Cadoret
Québec Canada

I am very much mouve by your pictures. thanks for doing them and thanks shoing them.
Michel C.

[409] Hilary Dillah

Very good gallary, thank you for sharing with us.

[408] david
belle mead USA

powerful stuff!

[407] Bill Johnson

Great Work.....

[406] Turi Syahdarina

I love all your foto Wen Sheng...!!
Those are great fotos.
Nice color and humanis...
But I dont know...why many fotos be distortion ?

[405] Bradley Spare
Los Angeles, California, USA

Touching gallery, Julian. This makes me feel frivolous when buy fancy camera gear. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip...


BTW - I found your site via dpreview.com.

[404] budi
jakarta Indonesia

Very nice pic...
Great jobs Julian....

[403] Derek Hampson
Sylvan Lake, USA

Wow! You did a great job of documenting your experience. I'm sure that being there watching those kids spending their days at the garbage dump was 100 times harder than my viewing your pictures and reading your comments.

You must have a great Sunday School teacher!

I know you struggled with this but thanks for posting. dh

[402] khairil hatta

i am very touched with all the pictures shown here, especially those depicting the poor condition of their live. it makes me feel that with all the money that some countries spent on engaging themselves into unneccessary war should be channelled to these unfortunates.

kudos to you.

[401] DAve Cheatham
Phoenix AZ

Your style of photography is my favorite...contact me by e-mail and I will donate to this organization

[400] Hung

Thank you for sharing a wonderful portfolio.

All the best.


[399] Kristianto Gunawan T
Semarang, Indonesia

Very nice shot, there are many humanism photo and have been taken with a good angle and dramatically moment, Good Job, Regards

[398] Mark Eastaugh
BATAM Indonesia


Very moving, very powerfully told story - this is photojournalism at it's best and most useful, showing facets of a world we don't know about, or perhaps don't want to think about.

You are very talented.


[397] Larry Hughes
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Very moving photos

[396] chatri


[395] James Pyun

New York, NY

Hello Julian. I was browsing through dpreview.com when I saw the word Cambodia. Immediately, I clicked on it and saw your gallery.

Let me just say that after watching Seoul Train and seeing your gallery to compound on top of that, it really stirred me up; here I am worrying about my grades and my career when there are people who don't have an education and can't even enjoy things like art, science and photography.

It's galleries like yours that cause people to go into action and do things to make this world a better place for all. For that, I thank you and I encourage you to continue to hone your skills and use all that full frame sensor to its fullest!!! I look forward to your next gallery and wish all the best for you.

[394] Patrick Svenburg
Washington, DC


just found your Cambodia folder today via a link on DWF. I must congratulate you on a phenomenal reportage. Not only do you posess excellent technical skills in your photography, but you obviously have a strong and natural connection to your subjects and a wonderful story telling ability.

Most of all, the topic is ever so important.
Thank you for using your creative eye and passion to bring attention to the situation of the children of Cambodia.

Washington, DC

[393] jane scott

Excellent work. Iam a school teacher in London and done similar projects where the kids here have donated their shoes to children in need in Africa. The kids love being involved and even though they are inner city relatively poor kids they want to give so much. I am going to Cambodia in August would welcome being of any assistance to benefit both partys. Communication is the best thing in the world

[392] Ruut Bol
Schiedam, The Netyherlands

I was attended to your photo's by the posting on Dpreview. Your material is realy very impressive. Combined with the capture info it lets people think... this is a completely different world then most of us are living in.

Very impressive, thank you for sharing!


[391] Rick Sostaric
Cleveland, United States

I was very moved by your photos. I too am a photographer and own a small studio in the Cleveland area. I also belong to a running club. Each year we have a banquet and the members bring in there old shoes and we donate them to a local agency. We get lots of shoes at this event. If there was a way to get these into the hands (and on the feet) of the children that needed them I would pay to have them shipped. Excellent photos and narative. Photography at its finest. Please let me know if I can help.

Rick Sostaric

[390] Günther Ciupka

Hallo Julian,
a very good work, your serie about Cambodia. Congratulation. I like specialy the Fotostil with the 16/35 Lins.
I also will buy me the 5d, with the same linses you have, but also with a 100 Macro. Your Fotos have give me good inspiration. Excuse my english.
Best regards
günther ciupka
If you want you can take a look on my side.
www.fotocommunity.de or dot com.

[389] md
calif, usa

Nice narritive, nice pics...

[388] Robert L.
Chicago, Illinois

Thank You for posting your images. You have an excellent eye for a good image and a compassion for your subject. Please post more images whenever the inspiration comes. The 5D is obviously very capable. But it's just a tool...you are the important one in making these images. Thanks Again.

[387] aravind

Great pictures man. Reall liked the pictures of kids!. Wonderful expression on their faces. Thanks for sharing, aravind

[386] Nina
Washington DC

Great shots! I looove travelling too! Interesting comments under the photos. Seeing you through your pictures..you seem like a very positive person :) Best!

[385] Eric Fung
Vancouver, Canada

Great pictures

[384] John Hurley

Very moving. It must have been very difficult to make some of these images. I have photographed childern with very serious illness and it can be quite Humbling. It almost brings me to tears just writting about it. Great work

[383] Peter L. Wong

One of the greatest story to be told. This is one of the best starting point to tell that story.

I am speechless. I can't say anything more. I have nothing to add. The images told the story. I hope you are willing to display all your shots from Cambodia...even the 'bad' (techinically bad) ones. I want to experience as much as I can. I want to learn. I want to see what you saw.


[382] Jason Evans
Vancouver, Canada

Wow!, incredible photo essay. You have inspired me to be more pro-active and support a child in Cambodia.

Best Regards, Jason Evans.

[381] Mark Shannon
Oxfordshire UK

A superb inciteful collection, particularly find the rubbish dump sequence a compelling and moving piece of work. For me, the best photographs are Inside, Red and Black and Rich Mans house for distilling the hardships and painful realities of these peoples existence into individual excellent compositions. Would easily find their way into a NG article.

Keep Recording

Mark Shannon

[380] Stacy Baird
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for sharing this amazing experience. Through your eyes the world can learn. You are a bold and capable photographer and your images as your actions are compelling.

[379] Marcellino Santoso
Delft, the Netherlands

i... am... speechless....

I had a relationship with a Cambodian college girl like several months back, now i somehow understand her point of view of what she said back then....

Dude... superb job !!

[378] Mats Christensson
Malmo, Sweden

Im glad that i saw ur photos.
Makes me think.
So much talk about lenses and photos
of nature, already here at DPreview.
Ur photos and text are very good.
Also much needed.
Thanks for sharing. U made my day.

[377] Olli Kuitunen
Jyväskylä, Finland

Great gallery, you have some very powerful photos. You've really managed to do something that most photogs can't, that is seized the moment as it is. As a result, these photos seem very natural - not artificial of theatrical - and I actually felt as if I were there in person. I can't even begin to imagine how life must be for these poor souls, but you did pretty great job conveying the atmosphere.


[376] Andrea Kaciniel

What beautiful powerful photographs.

They made me feel so strongly, so ashamed that in this day and age we can allow this to happen in a world that has an abundance of so much. What are we playing at?

[375] Michael Schwiefert
Arlesheim Switzerland

Hello Julian

verry impressive pictures but very sad one.Perhaps I could help a little by a sponsorship.
Please let me know how much monney is needed for one child and one year.
And I would like to know, are you a professionel photographer?
Best regards



[373] Daday Rahmat Hidayat
Jakarta, Indonesia

Very humanis portraiture..
Good shoot..

[372] Stephen McCurry
Coleraine, UK


I always watch the DPReview boards waiting for your next lot of photographs. I think you are an amazing photographer and as good a documentary image maker as I have seen.

This photo story, however, blew me away. You have transmitted a real connection to the subject matter with perfectly composed and intriguing shots. But, for me you have managed to make much more than just good photographs, you have made me feel certain emotions through viewing the images and to me that is what being an artist is all about.

You are a true artist and I have enjoyed taking the time to look at your site once again.

I wish you all the best for your future and I believe it when you say you will return to the areas you have photographed here. The connection you have shown through your images is a permanent one I feel.

Kind regards,

Stephen McCurry.

[371] Andreas Schober


very good pictures! Really!

Best from germany!

Andi Schober

[370] Andrea Vicentini

Very very very good Job!!!!

[369] Magdy Aly

excellent very well done, so are you happy with d5 :)

[368] farid maruf
Jakarta, Indonesia

Amazing how your photos touch my emotion.

Thanks for sharing.

[367] Scott J Miller

The photographs are beautiful in a sad way.

[366] Ted Salveta
Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Powerful images. A very moving journal. Well done.

[365] Uus Gumilar
Doha, Qatar

Great Picture and naration..pall

nice to see your webpage



[364] John Rodriguez

Your photos tell a very touching story. Thank you for sharing them. John

[363] Liat Barda


I liked the pictures and the stories comes with them.
It is amazing how different our life can be......

I felt as if i was there...

keep on with the great work

[362] AGabriel

Awesome pictures....

[361] Kevin Bryan
Gray, Tennessee

your pictures are very moving and reveal to me how fortunate I am.

[360] Martin Eisenhawer

Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland

Dear Julian,

congratulations to a good presentations of life in Cambodia and for your good eye. I appreciated seeing your work a lot, having been in Cambodia myself.
Keep up the good work.

Best wishes

[359] Gianfranco Gonzales
Milan - Italy

Very deep pictures, nothig less of Salgado could have done.
My congratualtion.

[358] John

Very moving images,I have small children and felt very, very protective of my own children whilst viewing your shots. What is going on in the world when this is going on under our very noses.

Stunning image quality. Your a very skilled guy

[357] cdp
santa ana, ca usa

I think that your three in a basket picture, here http://www.julian.li/cambodia/IMG_3541a.jpg is awesome. it makes me smile and laugh a little. it is a very strong message towards hope

[356] Rusiatie Suryadi

He Julian.... great photos... and "very julian!"... thanks for sharing your stories while we were in Manila and for the very touching pics.

[355] Terry Amos

Budapest , Hungary

Your style and work are trully amazing, well done,I have great respect for photographers that can handle this kind of reportage work (and you are on holiday)which makes it even more unbelievable. More people in this world need to open their eyes to such problems, keep up the good work.

[354] Henry Adebonojo

I like the pictures you have displayed here. Overall they are very thoughtfully created and they celebrate life as well as challenge the viewer to contend with what they are looking at. Well done.


[353] Jesper de Jong

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hello Julian,

Beautiful and emotional photo's. Thank you.

I have been in Laos and Cambodia for a month myself (8 February - 9 March). I have some photos on http://jesper.fotopic.net

In Cambodia I have also been to Tuol Sleng and the Choeng Ek killing field. It's very impressive and unimaginable what happened there between 1975 and 1979.

Yet the people there are so friendly and happy, even though many of them are very poor and have almost nothing to live from. I hope the future will be better for them.

Here are two of the photos I made at Tuol Sleng:


[352] Elia Van Tuyl
Palo Alto, CA

Dear Jason,
Thanks for your work. I work closely with Mech Sokha, the director of CCH to help shape its future and to fundraise.

I was just there in November, and will return in June.

You may be interested in the internet slideshow I did about Steung Meanchey and CCH . If so, go to:


Best wishes,

Elia Van Tuyl

[351] Tony Quan
San Diego, CA

I'm truely amazed with your ability to retell your adventure. It really inspired me to visit all this exotic place. Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with me. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see more goodie from you. - Tony Quan (http://www.tonyquan.com)

[350] Rosalind Van Tuyl
Chicago IL

Truly remarkable work. I am blown away.

[349] Anhul Chauhan

Simply Brilliant. I love the kind of subjects you choose.Please keep it up - I am spending a lot of time looking at your photos.

[348] Peter
Perth, Australia

Incredible pictures - thanks for sharing them. Everyone should see them...

[347] richard overtoom
frauenfeld, switzerland

hi Julian

congratulations on this gallery, its stunning!
very well documented and terrific pics.
all the best, richard

[346] Anthony Chiusano
Staten Island, NY USA

Thank you for sharing such a moving gallery.
Very disturbing to see how these people live in a garbage dump.

But OTOH, I have to question their inner desire to improve on this...because they keep having more children!

I guess this is life as they know it, and accept it.

Thanks again.

[345] John Doyle
Montreal Canada

I got the link from http://www.dpreview.com/ forums for the Cambodia pictures. They are amazing. I was expecting the usual holiday pictures and I was floored. I have been back to look athem a few times and am showing them to others. I would like to be able to do half as well as you.
Thank you for sharing you are very inspiring.

John Doyle

[344] Stephen Powers
San Diego

WOW! Great picks! I love them all...

Stephen Powers

[343] Tim Feak
Guernsey UK

Lovely work and a worthwhile and thought provoking subject. Great to see someone using a camera in a way that makes you think.

Thanks for the inspiration

[342] Steffen

This is photography! Great ..... and the tool isn't important, but it supports the message well.

Thanks a lot, for that journey!

You don't just document, you bring life of another part of the world in our hearts. I think that this is the best what a photographer can achieve!

= You are at the top. Congratulations!

[341] Alex Robinson
San Francisco

Were all these photos taken in phnom pen? ::::where are you located? I work with a travel site InsideOut www.insideoutmag.com and we have events a couple times a year in San Francisco.::::I am on my way to Cambodia and Burma.


[340] Bekki Misiorowski
Encinitas, CA, USA

A friend I used to work with forwarded me the link to your Cambodia photos. They are truly beautiful and surreal... sad and sobering. I'm endlessly impressed with people such as yourself who have the fortitude to go to places like these and bring those of us in the priviledged world a glimpse into another reality that exists all around us. It's easy to forget how lucky we are. Thank you.

[339] Richard M Ricchiuti
Fort Collins, CO USA

Red and Black is a wonderful shot...my fav of this excellent collection. I love shooting people too. I recently purchased a 5D and amwaiting my Canon 24-70 2.8L to show on Friday. Good glass certainly makes a difference. Thanks for the views. I understnad your comment on shoes or pedicures for the sake of fashion, but I like fashion too. I am balanced and many may not see it that way.espect for people and what people do as long as they are not attacking others needlessly.

Why did you shoot "red and black" at iso 640?


[338] Thomas
Toronto, Canada

So stunning....

I marvel at your work. I'm going to pass on your website link to a couple of people as i think that its definately worth having your photos shown to a wider audience.



[337] Morten Byskov
Vernon B.C.

I left you a message at DP Review also. I have looked throught these photos a few times now and read your gripping story. I am amazed at what you've captured here in just two days. I have forwarded this link to all my friends who needs to see this. I am ashamed to say I read your post at DP Review as I was looking for shots taken with the 5D... I came out with so much more and lesson in life... your shots has been an inspiration for me to excel with my photography... Morten

[336] Tack Soon

I find your photos story interesting and gave me an insight to Cambodia. I will vist one day not too far in the future.

[335] Lord Malone

Colorado Springs

Your work is awesome. As an aspiring photojournalist myself, I can only hope to acheive this level of excellence. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to this website at photography-on-the.net in the People section. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll show you some examples of my work.

[334] Bill Peace
Cincinnati Ohio, USA

Julian, you never cease to amaze me - a great portfolio on Cambodia. If you weren't so darn good at P&G and if we didn't need you so much to run the Business, I'd reco a job for you at National Geographic. Awesome, Dude!

Cheers, Peaceman

[333] Klaus Peter Telge
Winterberg, Germany

Beeindruckende Fotos. Die Aufnahmen der müllsuchenden Kinder haben mich sprach- und fassungslos gemacht...

Alles Gute fuer die Zukunft

Klaus Peter Telge

[332] Faisal Mohsin
Danville, VA USA

Superb work. Your pictures have captured the highs and lows of humanity so vividly. This is National Geopgraphic material for sure. There is nothing to critique.

If I may, could you please comment on your post processing workflow. Thanks.


[331] Miguel
Costa Lisbon, Portugal

Astonishing gallery, either by its dramatic contents and also for the wonderfull approach to the subject. Very well accomplished. This work is worth the first prize for the World Press Photo award.

Best regards.

Miguel Costa

[330] Brian Wedge
Maine, USA

Stunning work.... just stunning. I appreciate your efforts, your thought and your honesty. Great job. Found your link through dpreview while looking for some info on a new 5D. Like you, it makes me realize how ridiculous my wants are in this world. Your photography communicates beautifully. Who cares about the ISO's when your work does what it does.

Great job. Best and worst part of my day.

[329] Tseng Lo
Rowland Heights, California, USA

I knew that I should stop there when the warning sign while scroll down this album, I did not think anyone with HEART would stop there, we all know that the pictures will make you CRY. Yes, I am crying in my heart writing this message. How could God, could put people in that harsh part of the world? My poodle lives like a princess, compare to those human beings. What a shame! Who should we blame for the situations? I do not know? How much we could help? not even B Gates could DO much about it... You pull someone out of the smoking mountain(the rubbish site), more will go there.. Ah, it is the life. Still, we should do somthing about it. Thanks for the photos shared. I definitely could do collect a lot of stuff, let me know how could I send it to?

[328] Ivan Trombley (dotborg)
Riverside, California, USA


Your photos are truly amazing. I wish I had a fraction of your talent and humanity.

[327] Jerome
Ottawa, Canada

Hello Julian,

I enjoyed looking at your pictures... My favorite being the little girl hugging the tree.

The part in the dump should make it to a Mag or newspaper, espacially in Cambodia!

Good luck with your future endeavor.


[326] rich kent
seattle, WA

a moving essay in photographs, I can feel your emotions through the camera lens... great images

[325] Tony Quan
San Diego, CA

Thank you for sharing your wonderful but yet painful experience from Cambodia. It is photographer like you who truely put photography to good use and for a good purpose. I sincerely wish those kids a better future. Your pictures really tell the story well. Again, thank you for sharing. Truely is emotional.

Tony Quan (http://www.tonyquan.com)

[324] Steve
Jamaica, NY

Awesome pictures! I went to Tanzania, Africa in 1999 on a missions trip and have long since forgotten the poverty and hardship that so many experience around the world. Being back in the luxury and wealth of America makes for a strong sedative to the realities of this world. Thanks for reminding me that there is so much to do and so much to pray for. I hope your faith was not shakened by your experience. Be reminded that if everything was equal then there would be no room for God's grace and yours as well. Take care and God bless.

[323] huang

Sheng, congrats on your great, amazing and breath taking work. Very well done, perfect framing and timing. Thanks for sharing your photos and your experience in Cambodia...

[322] Joey

Amazing shots. Very touching, and reminicent of Manila, where I spent my early childhood.

[321] jeffrey c
ny, usa

great pics that tell a great story. good use of the lenses. 3 lenses are really all one needs.

[320] Joachim Lange
Berlin, Germany

Thx for sharing.
I´m crying..... right now.
Unbelieveable and intense pictures..... deep and powerful.
Your pictures are touching my heart and my soul.
Again, thx for showing us the real Cambodia.
Best wishes

[319] Frank P

I am truely touched at heart by your excellent pictures. Well done indeed, as well spoken. Please don't let go of matters like this....
Maybe you are not aware of the coming fact: it's far much easier to get "embedded" when man is from similar ethnic appearance when if not. Plus the fact that folks like Europeans have to be from a certain kind of breed to get emphatic like you are; those are hard to find because we are generally poisoned by hositle capatalistic influences.

Many thanks for your High Quality and hopefully in a broader, wider perspective educating work.

[318] Sven Stauffer
Stockholm SWEDEN

Hi Julian
Very good pictures, but some ot them are painful to see. Of course this is your mission. Thank you. I have been travelling a lot in India taking pictures, but hardly seen things like these.
The time for down loading was short, less than 3 minutes.

[317] Toan Nguyen
Chicoutimi, Canada

Once again Julian, you made my day with those beautiful but also hard pictures. It makes me once again see my life and the world differently...

Thanks again,


[316] alouette

schocking for a "rhich" person as me who is in train to decide between a Zuiko Digtal ED 300/2.8 and a C* 5D + IS L 300/2.8...the photos let me feel quite bad and helpless.

Thank you for sharing...


[315] Umesh Phadke
Bangkok, Thailand

Great pictures but more importantly, great perspective.


[314] Dany


Still amaze that you took photography for just a hobby.

Your (cambodia) shot is very dramatic and involving to me as a viewer.

It's sad to see what happened in the other - but happy to see how vivid it was told.

Anytime you going back there - I have tons of things that might be helpful.

[313] Manjula

Hey Julian..as always excellent photos and beautiful commentary! You shd seriously consider a career change:)

[312] John Boulden
Orlando, Florida, USA

Thanks so very much for recommending Discovery Hotel! I was there a couple weeks ago and was overwhelmed by the kindness of the owner. It was very cold and rainy when I arrived and he loaned me his new windbreaker, as well as loaning me money so I could go search for a coat to buy before the shops closed that night. He arranged a trip to Halong Bay for me, too. He and his wife are so nice and I wanted to bring their little boy home with me, because he is so cute! Looking at your pictures of Vietnam again, I am amazed anew by your talent. I thought I got some good shots, but you have such an ability to capture great images! Thank you.

[311] Jason Alderman
Los Angeles, USA

Your gallery is truly inspiring! This is the third time I've visited this page, and each time I notice something new and interesting in a few of the photos. Thanks for sharing, and keep up the good work.

[310] Steve Huff

Awesome work. I wish you the best of luck.

[309] Barry Cockburn
Galashiels, Scotland

Julian, as always your photography is some of the best I've ever seen. The photos are of National Geographic quality!!! I love the layout of the new site and have enjoyed looking at the photos. Never stop pressing that shutter button!

P.S. Email me sometime soon and we'll catch up!

[308] Wing Yen Cheung
Manchester, London UK

Hi Julian

Amazing photos, defintely inspired me to visit Hanoi....miss our brief trip to Chiang Mai :)

Keep on taking your cool photos man!

Hope to see you soon.


[307] Chuong Doan
Kansas City, USA

Wonderful gallery. I love the story you told at the bride's locked door!

[306] Mina Kadooka

The pictures is what I saw in Bali before, during SARS and ad just after 1st bombing. Not much people there even at most busiest beach. Some of beach ladies ware really aggresive to sell batiques, accesarries and massage for foreigner for their daily income.
I do hope there will be no more damage by terrorism and come back "Paradise" some day.
*My excolleague, around 75 years old man if he still alive, told Bali is "Last Paradise in the world" and Bali is where he wanted to visit once in his life.

I like the pictures kid's on the beach and exiting with a few their friends. Please keep shooting lively pictures!

[305] Guy Jordan
Minneapolis USA

A delightful window on a place I never think much about. You showed me joy and life where I didn't expect it. Thank you.

[304] Jasen Anderson

Brilliant work Julian. Nice framing of your subjects and providing a feel for the country you visited. I feel like I've been there myself now.

[303] Bob
Newbury Park, California, USA

A link to your website was provided on a post, in the newsgroup REC.PHOTO.DIGITAL.SLR-SYSTEMS.

I really enjoyed your pictures of Vietnam, and especially the descriptions that you provided for the pictures.

I know it takes a lot of work to put together a website, and I really appreciate your efforts.


[302] John Horton
Belém, Brazil

Julian, 01/03/06

Very well done! I especially enjoyed the street shots. Reminds me of my city alot. Thanks for sharring them!


[301] Fang

Hi Julian, this is fang, not sure if u know my name,anyway u should find the email address familiar heehe. I m your png fren from 19th floor who happen to discover your website. I love the one which u capture your dad's hometown, and the words that u wrote.It really set my heart thinking, if my dad did not move to singapore, what state would i be in.

Hope u can capture more, i will always visit your site for your new addition.

[300] Julian Habed
Gambara, Italy

very nice

[299] Jay Chagnon
Vallejo, CA USA

Hi Julian, You did a wonderful photo essay of your trip. Thanks for the recommendations for discoveryhotel9. I hope to do some extensive travels in the near future - 1 or 2 years to retirement! I am an amatuer with a love for travel, perspectives, people and nature.
Jay Chagnon.

[298] Kay Harzmann

Hallo und schöne Grüsse aus Rathenow
Klasse Page hast Du hier...
Gruß Kay


[297] Don Blake

I very much like your coverage of this wedding, and especially the beautiful tones you produced. Very well done.
I'll bet you were very tired after this assignment. db
My website is www.pbase.com/waymire

[296] Sheldon H
Sunnyvale, USA

Simply AWSOME work (Vietnam)! My shots pale in comparison - http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=525200

You make me want to go back tomorrow!


[295] Cedric

Hey hey.. never could thank you enough for the wedding pics. Am pretty glad that you still decided on B&W film for my wedding, somehow, I still feel prefer film over digital, and the way you scan them always makes it different vs other scans. Oh, and now that you have a brand new advert/popup free website, I can start directing my traffic to you. :D

[294] Tim Frank
Pforzheim, Germany / Pokhara, Nepal

Hi Julian,

I came across your website reading some of your comments in a thread on dpreview. I like your photos very much, particularly the older ones in your Scotland gallery, but also your England and Indonesia ones.

I am a German graphic designer and live and work mostly in Nepal. Together with my Australian friend Chris Dixon I have a photographic website here: www.frankndixon.com (click on the guns). I enjoy good photography very much :) - you've got a lot of it!



[293] Richard Young
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

A powerful set of photos, just incredible. Inspires me to keep clicking and improving .

Thanks for sharing ...

[292] marc

Very good - my favourites: trio, needlework, oblivious, look back.

[291] Cherian
Toronto, Canada

I hope you dont mind. I normally forward links to my friends of photographs that I enjoy. Yours are just truly amazing. I loved looking at them. Thanks for helping me to spend the best 5 minutes of my life in a long time!


[290] Phi Pham
Aurora, CO, US

great series from a place i called home the first 9 years of my life.

[289] photoshutter
Toronto, Canada

Super, WOW!!!

[288] Joe
Brooklyn NY


Great shots.
I'm an owner of a Minolta 7D but those shots are enough to make me sell my gear and go Canon 5D.
There seems to be a smoothness .....not soft...about the 5D's pictures.Is it the full frame sensor? The added pixels?
The size of the pixels?
Beautiful, sharp and colorful photos.

[287] Joe Muschinske
jersey city, new jersey, USA

great galleries. thanks for sharing your work. to me it doesn't look like the weather in Vietnam hampered your capturing beautiful scenes at all.



Simply put, Excellent work.

[285] Steve Gordon
Cape Town, South Africa

Hi Julian -

Have so enjoyed this and your previous "galleries". Thanks.

Commenting on the layout vs bandwidth discussion on dpreview...

I think the layout ("one-click-loads-all"), with interwoven annotations works superbly: there is minimal opportunity for the viewer to "select" (and thereby 'passively edit' your storyboard).

The "thumbnail gallery" model may be more efficient bandwidth wise, but by clicking onto thumbnails, the sequential order is lost. Anybody visiting a "gallery" clicks on the thumbnails which catch their eye (ie. selects). That process also often results in the distraction of multiple windows/frames.

So, content aside, the linear scroll-only model works best.

Thanks again for posting your pics!


[284] Pedro

Nice photo's

[283] Khanh
Brisbane, Australia

Love your photos and travelog.

[282] John Willems
Belgium - Europe

Dear Julian,

I'm looking for a telezoom lense like the Canon 70-300mm DO IS lens, you have.
Is these lense a very good lens for example for fashion of is the 100-400 a better lense.

Thxs for Your answer.

John Willems

[281] Georgi Penev

Outside Charlotte, NC, USA

Great Stuff!

Mind you, this comes from a person that doesn't much like street shots and I have never really done any of that myself :)


[280] brian stirling
Las Vegas, USA

Julian, I posted a more detailed response on the NatureScapes.net website but in short -- keep up the good work!


[279] Nina Ludwig

London, UK

Superb gallery Julian. I went to Thailand in the same year and your images bring back memories. Have you seen my Thailand galleries? Very different to yours as I mostly concentrated on landscapes.

[278] Colin Eaton
Hockley, UK

A very competent gallery; just the type of documentary photography I like to take myself showing everyday people in their daily routine, largely oblivious to the camera's stare. I like the way it gives an insight into lives so different from our own.

[277] Davin Tan

Hi Julian,
Excellent. Bali Bali & Bali...unforgetable trip (after bomb blasted)
The fiscal not $100 but $200 :)
New York? Next...... :)

[276] Davin Tan

Wooow great photos........& country with your last minutes costums from your hotel owner :)
Where's your next trip? Taipei/New York... :)Wanna join..


[275] trinh luu
Ottawa, Canada

Very nice and warm shots. Well-captured movements and emotions. As you have discovered, Vietnam's street life abounds in humour and candid moments. Where else in the world does the public display of the private occur with such astonishing ease on a daily basis? You also show that it is the insignificant in life that makes life's significance.

Witty, snappy titles and jokey, enlivening commentary sure add a smile to the vision's delights. Attraction and You Lookin At Me are my favorites, in terms of subject and composition. The first one is tender and sweet, the other simply hilarious. The last title must have been inspired by Robert De Niro's famous line" You Talkin' To Me?" in Taxi Driver? :)

Technically speaking, I marveled at your ability to shoot in extremely low lights, with smooth, ungrainy results, at a 3200 ISO setting! An experience I would die for. I guess that is only feasible with high-resolution digital cams. Which dig cam were you using in VN? Mine is a Canon Powershot A 510 3.2 MP, with only an ISO max of 400, which is the highest ISO I have ever used manually and digitally, save for one disastrous occasion, where I tried out for the first time an ISO 1000 film on my manual SLR. The prints turned up horribly grainy.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots. It was a pleasure viewing them.


[274] Bac Nguyen
Fountain Valley, CA

Interesting fotos! I went thru this experience 10 yrs ago and was very captivated. Beautiful place isn't it?

[273] mark nguyen
Kingdom of Bahrain

Very nice photos and narratives. My friends and I enjoyed them all. I'm always partial to shots of the facial expressions, and yours express a lot of depth.

[272] Trang Ouk
Virginia, USA

Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures of your visit to Vietnam. Your interest in the people really came across, and I enjoyed the commentary. I love the Halong Bay picture! Keep up the good work.

[271] Hugo van Vliet
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Te fruit in your Cold Drink picture is called SALAK and grows in a palmtree. Type in Salak in google and pictures and you will see a lot more of it.

Very nice pictures,

From Ecuador.

[270] Angus

Edinburgh, Scotland

hi Julian - saw your post on DP Review! great website you have here.....liked the shots from your various trips, particularly, Thailand and Bali. Beautiful.

Your shot of the Bookle (as you rightly refer to it!) is great....I've climbed it many times but mainly in winter via climbing routes, or in summer on the steep Rannoch Wall face.

to answer your question - born Singapore (Mt Vernon hospital!) and lived there until I was nearly 4 - we moved to Australia but came back when I was 11 until 17. Great upbringing! Once upon a time I spoke Malay but I've forgotten it all now although I imagine I could pick it up again!

Q? where did you do your studio portrature course in Scotland?



[269] Dick R.

Very impressive!

[268] @arel Schutte

Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

Hello Julian,
I looked at your new and amazing gallery of your visit at Vietnam. I like your style of making photo's. The way of your looking at people is very interesting for me. You've made many different views and also you have a very strong eye to catching details.

many greetings from Carel!

and also member of

[267] Yashub Isaiah

Completely as expected.

Brilliant photo's Julian. And what makes it even better is your commentary in your own way. It makes the country come alive for us, and if I had the time, I would've been on the next flight there.

Thank you

[266] philip debbas
munich, germany

hi there,
really nice pictures. some very nice drammatic views. nevertheless, i would have used less the wide angle zoom.

all in all it reminds me of my honey moon trip in vietnam a few years ago:


stay cool

[265] Sam Stimson
Austin, Texas

I enjoyed all of your photographs. I am still a novice and taking a course in photography. many of your shots are perfect, however, many are not as good. You should remember the rule of thirds and simplify....

By the way, I have never seen Hanoi at ground level.

Nice work.

[264] jeff welsh
livingston, scotland

Loved the site.

I learned a lot from looking at your photo's.

Best wishes


[263] bobby r. jones
chicago ill usa

I thank your photographs are great. great job. great color.

[262] Eduardo Cervantes
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


Excellent pictures.
I like how you frame slanted though not always.

The way you aproach your subjects are direct, I like that.

I do mainly landscape with no people. I want to incursion into people photography now that I got a 5D.

My website is under construction, but you can see some of my work here. www.galeriamerida.com



[261] Ted Appel

Port Charlotte FL

I rarely bother with this type of album (most are terrable) but I found this fasinating you captured the people as happy engaging citizens of the world.
Thank You for sharing this with us.

[260] Mike Delaney


I spent some time in VietNam, nice pictures. One thing that puzzles me though, I can't recall ever seeing beef as a typical VietNamese dish, no matter how it was prepared.

[259] Sean Than Win


I love your pictures that you are taking.

[258] Kirill

nice pictures. bridge in particular :) although would question the use of 16mm when making picture of a girl with a tie - massive distortion. not nice at all!!! she is disfugured greatly with a help of those 16mm. understand that U wanted to fit more info in the picture but U overcooked. and still too much emphasis on 16mm in other pics. although liked as a report. thank you for sharing :)

[257] Matija Barbic, Ph.D., M.D.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nice! I used to be amateur treveler photographer myself, and I think you do it well!

[256] Bob England
California, USA

Fantastic photography and a well written expose of your trip. Great job.


[255] Kevin Tat

Very neat! Great perspective! Great use of colors as well!
I was from the South, never been up North, here they are:

[254] Andre Nagel

Thanks for being brave.I can see that you enjoyed the ability to use 16mm properly and I can only percieve vigneting on your 150 mm lense.

This portfolio is what I needed to see. I am contemplating the purchase of either the 5D, 1D Mk IIN or the Nikon D200.( I cannot afford the 1Ds Mk II option)I need a camera that can work in bad conditions and still deliver the goods! I am impressed with the low noise levels at relatively high ISO's. How is the 5D taking the handling and bad weather conditions

[253] Mirko
Freiburg, Germany

you took very nice shots of Thailand!
Your whole website is a pleasure to visit.
I found you in the dforum.
I love South-East-Asia and will (hopefully) be there soon again.
Feel free to visit my website at: www.worldwidepic.de
There you can find some pictures of Thailand (Laos, and a few from angkor wat) (http://www.worldwidepic.de/South-East%20Asia/index.html).
Hope to seey soon more pictures from you!

[252] Della Wiraja
Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi Julian,

still remember me? ex-P&G Indonesia team?
So enjoyable to see your amazing pictures with their stories behind it. Keep me updated with your upcoming photos ;)


[251] Mark Gillett
Woking, UK

Wow, this one is fantastic. Do you crop any of your photos? To me they all look a regualar size as if perfectly composed every time.


[250] Kent Whiting
Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

very nice photos - i really like your use of slow shutter speeds.

Kent Whiting

[249] Sundar
Vancouver, Canada

Well done Julian. I shoot with a 20D myself, and your pictures are great. Keep up the good work.

[248] Jim Lewis
Lewis Oswego, Oregon, USA

Thank you for sharing these rich, wonderful shots. Very nice work.

[247] Rob Evans
Cambridge, UK

These photos are wonderful, they make we want to drop everything and travel.

[246] lang,Nguyen

excellent pictures-Canon 5D is indeed an very good camera.

[245] Robert Wienia
Utrecht, Netherlands

Reading you're thread on dpreview first and the commend you got, I was interested in you're photo's.

And I didn't get disappointed. In fact I like them very much and they sure ask for watching over and over again.

Must be nice to know that many people like you're work.

I myself am ready now to sell my 20d and go for either the 5d or the 1d II N. Can't decide yet. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps pictures like yours might help to choose.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Wienia.

[244] Matt
South Florida

Great pictures, good eye. Nice descriptions. I like your humor.

[243] tim Koverman
Sarasota Florida

I enjoyed your Vietnam pictures. Your pictures make one fell like they have been there. If I could, I would like to go there and stay at Discovery Hotel.

I shoot with a Canon Rebel XT and I like your shots with the 5D. I like the clean high ISO shots.

My site www.DigitalSarasota.com


[242] brad kugler
palm harbor, fl. USA

Wonderful shots, great Camera!


[241] Siddhartha Jain
Bombay, India

Very nice street photography. Please also mention the lenses used.

[240] Abel Kan
Irvine, CA

Simply wonderful photos that captured the essense of the locations you visited. I really appreciated your selection of the photos, as I'm sure you took far more than you displayed. The colors and the subject matters were simply so expressive in showing what jumped out at you - they also gave me the feeling that those are the moments in the trip you remembered the most.

[239] Kevin Bui
Mission Viejo, CA, USA

I just respond to your posting those photos above, what a great images. I was wonder are you a professional photopgrapher or just for fun. Anyway, thanks

[238] Patrick Kerber
San Diego, CA, USA

You've renewed my desire to someday visit
Vietnam. Great photos......I enjoyed the tour very much!

[237] Earl Paulich
Milwaukee WI USA

Very nice. I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and descriptions. It makes me want to go there myself. Thank you.

[236] Priscilla

You make me wanna go
Vietnam!!!!! Nicez nicez & still nicez pics.... U really hv an eye fr details......

[235] fritz n simanjuntak
jakarta, indonesia

Hei Julian,
Nice to know you and i like your pic capture
Now i still looking forward to have a journey to vietnam for photography as my hobby....well from your pic its inspiring me


[234] Tomas
, Japan


Nice pictures, more then half I consider very nice. Continue your "takingpicturetour" :-).

[233] Sönke Peters
Düsseldorf, Germany

Great pics, amazing! Very vivid, ultra wide is not my favourite, I would have taken app. 35mm instead of 16mm for some shots, but anyway: I like your pics.

[232] Grant Hill

Wayzata MN USA

very nice. wonderful trip.

[231] michel cloquet

I really did like very much the pictures shown, specially those about
The comments given are very intresting.
Were all these pictures taken with a digital camera?

with kind regards

[230] Dave Reichlein
Reading Pa

WOW Julian: I love the sights you captured. To me your shots beg to be viewed for what they are, a trip to another land and a close up of its life and people. In that I say BRAVO, mission accomplished. If I came back from a trip with these images on my CF cards, I would be ecstatic.

I did notice you use of shallow depth of field, again BRAVO.

There were so many great shots, one that stands out in my mind is the hand worn by working on the boats.

I spent two years in
Thailand during the viet-nam war. I think you captured perfectly what my minds eye recalls from my time in the orient. Again BRAVO

A few photos of mine at www.pbase.com/dave986
And my partime sales sight at yourphotograph.com

Canon 1DII, 50 1.8, 28-135 IS, 135 f2, 70-200 2.8 S, 300 2.8 IS 100-400. And other stuff.

[229] Kevin Walsh

Great pics double J

So you're sunning (freezing) yourself in Vietnam and I'm running about in the icy weather here trying to get pictures of Club 85 who celebrated their 25th anniversary in December. I certainly know where I'd rather be - although I agree with your friend Rus and snake blood would certainly be off the menu for me.
It's January 2nd and I'm back to work on the fourth.
Until then all the best and drop us a line if you get the chance. Margaret would love to hear from you.
How's your job going in
Singapore. Is it warmer there than in Vietnam?
Happy New Year Jules


[228] Francisco Abreu

Great, great work.The time flew away watching your work!
The addition of comments made it a pleasent journey.


[227] Jim Rais
Groningen, The Netherlands

Dynamic way of photographing. Really great! I like the way the photographs change from one mood to another, but the main stream is still consequently there: they all tell about the places and the people you visited in a dynamic and fresh manner. The use of 16mm lens is too daring IMHO, especially when photographing persons from a short distance give them "pancake head" look. Personally I'd limit this to about 18mm (which is also too daring already). Great photographs of one talented photographer. Keep up the good work, Julian.

[226] Kenneth Eremko

Enjoyed your
Vietnam photos very much.


[225] John Boulden
Orlando FL USA

GREAT photos! Thanks for sharing them. What kind of camera do you use? I was in
Hanoi January 2005 and got some really good shots and am planning to go back in February 2006. I have been emailing with a tour guide who is supposed to be booking a hotel for us, but will take the Discovery Hotel information along, just in case. I am also hoping to visit Halong Bay on this trip. Thanks again!

[224] Victor de Bruyne
London, UK

Thanks, a great set of pictures full of life and fun. Love the high ISO shots and I could smell and hear the markets and streets. Those mantis prawns look wonderful, the dog less so.

Hope that you take many more, just off to see your
BALI page.



[223] Cynthia

Happy New Year too! Really like your photos here.
It's amazing how you meet such cute kids everywhere. :p

[222] Olivier

Quito, Ecuador

Never been to
Viet Nam, more i see your pictures more i want to go their one day.
Very good shoots indeed.

All the best for 2006



[221] James van Dyke
Raleigh, NC, USA

You have some very interesting and well composed shots. I'm a big fan of impromptu photos and anything that's done on a whim. I'm actually happy when I see that you still display somewhat (and I do mean very minutely) blurred photos. Sometimes those are the best and tell the most about what's going on.

Please keep up the work and tell us when you create other galleries like this one!

[220] Dan Martin


Hi, nice pictures!! Im just wondering how you edit your pictures?
Do you work in PS or some other program?


[219] Amelia
, Indonesia

All of the pictures are simply astonishing. I enjoy every single picture - all of them have their own uniqueness and strong point, either in the expression of the subject, the all little detail, the colour, the composition, and most importantly the moment... I really love all the moment you captured in your pictures.

As usual, I always have my favourite pictures - although it's very difficult to do this time because so many wonderful pictures :-) In this Vietnam Gallery, my fave are Raise the Red Lantern, Irreverence, The Best Days of Your Life,
Hoan Kim Lake, and Wide!!!

Well done!!!

[218] Michael Roche

Really enjoyed this wonderful photo record of what was obviously a wonderful trip.Great photo journalistic shots,the people seem very friendly.Would love to go sometime must check flights and costs.Regards Michael

[217] stephen g


what a beautiful collection
thanks for sharing

[216] james madden
south carolina, USA

was a pleasure leafing through your galleries

[215] James Mason
Alaska, USA

Very nice photos. You've got a great eye. I'd be curious to know if you speak Vietnamese and what you do for a living.

Also, your point is well made about auto-focus digital cameras. The cameras of the past have been left in the dust.


James Mason

[214] Rob

Thanks for the beautiful tour--nice shots


[213] Carl Hoang
Maple Grove, MN

The photos are very nice and I like your commentary notes.
I came from VN and came to US in '75 and haven't been back since. But someday my family will visit there when we can afford it. I never been to Ha Noi where my Dad was born and would love to visit there.
Very nice trip and photos. Thanks for sharing.

Sanford Brotman
Los Angeles, USA

Absolutely fantastic photos and great commentary!
Thanks for sharing these.

[211] Don Goodner
Riverside, Ca

I enjoyed the pictures, thought they were great.........

[210] Dror Talon

A great gallery! You are blessed with an amazing photographic eye.



[209] Josef Moelelr


I like your pictures!

[208] Eddie

amazing work!

[207] Fernando
Rome, Italy

Those are very good shots!
They drag the viewer into the scene, and allows one who never saw
Hanoi (that's me) to somehow appreciate the "taste" of visiting it.
You made me curious about going to Vietnam. :)


[206] Steve
, France

Your photos of
Hanoi are outstanding. You've captured the true spirit of the most industrious, hard working people that anyone will find anywhere on Earth.

[205] Mark McNeilly


I followed this link from dpreview. I am very glad I did.

Excellent work. The 5D is a great fit for you. I would love to see you with a good 2,8 70-200... or some really fast primes as you do more travel work because I liked your low light work.

Love the wide stuff too. Always a fan of getting yourself in a few shots too.

Drop me a line if you have more to post. And feel free to peek at my site. Feedback is alwasy welcome.

cheers and Happy New Year

[204] Robert Whittaker


Hi Happy New Year. Really liked your nam pics so full of life makes u wanna book a holiday straight away Thanks Rob.


[203] Richard Reusser
Seattle, WA.

Nicely done photographs. Terrific job capturing some slices of life in
Vietnam. I hope to one day go myself.
Rich Reusser

[202] Kristoff Meller


fantastic travel-pictures which are presented very professional- I especially liked the exif-dates, very informative.
great camera ;-)

greetings kristoff

[201] Frank Krumbach



looks like you've enjoyed your trip to
Vietnam. A very impressive gallery, full of emotive pictures, a great advertising for this wonderful country. I like to see your very special photographic speech.

My honest compliment.


[200] Mike Blackburn

Freiburg, Germany

One of the very best travelogues I have seen/read. Great pictures, I wouldn't have dared take some of them, and excellent description.
Thanks for posting, I enjoyed my trip a lot.


[199] Roman F. Hümbs

Have a nice day. There are nice photos, a good serial.

Best regards, Roman


[198] Jeremy Streeter

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Great set of photographs.
Keep up the high standard.

[197] Douglas Boyd

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Wonderful pictures

[196] john czyz


Awesome...really liked the captions, even more than the pics. The travel experience you had and the descriptions prodded me to continue reading...all the way to the end. You could put these into a book...with a few more helpful hints...and sell it.
Now I want to go there!

[195] Karl
Stuttgart / Germany


very, very good pictures withs a really good camera (i also used it and like is soo mutch).



[194] Don Jagoe
Newport RI and Paris

I found this via dpreview and absolutely loved it. Please visit our
Newport Art Museum Photoguild website, at www.newportphotoguild.org, and we would love to have you as a member! I think your photography is simply superb, and as I also use a 5D, I think you've more than adequately proven it as a professional's tool for PJ. Your photos are brilliant. I particularly love Wide and Attraction! Thanks so much, Don

[193] roland vandenbulcke

realy great pictures, congrats

[192] Kiet Lu

Batavia, NY

Thank you for sharing your REMARKABLE, TALENTED & BEAUTIFUL WORK OF ART in photography. They are ALL WELL DONE. I am an American-Vietnamese, came to the
US 25 years ago. I am from Nha Trang (South Vietnam) & have not got the chance to visit the North Vietnam nor back to Vietnam since. Your images reminded me of those old days, & the life style that we forgot how we used to live. Once again, thank you for sharing.

P.S. I am currently using a 20D. How is the 5D compares to the 20D in term of DR, AF, AF accuracy, iso noise & prints.

[191] Willem Wernsen

Yje Netherlands

Nice work Julian I enjoy it J Happy new year and have a good light

Greetings from the Netherlands



[190] joe johnson

Southington, CT - US

Enjoyed your pics, especially the gal on the bike looking back. Thanks also for the recommendation of the Discovery Hotel, he seems like a nice chap.
Thanks again.


[189] Denny
, Indonesia

Very nice gallery!
Feels like a tour :o) Thanks for sharing!

[188] Sonny T. Senser

Thanks so much for your images of
Hanoi. I will forward your page to my family, we are Vietnamese, and because my mom was born and raised in the North, I'm certain she will appreciate your pics. Your pics are wonderful, and the editorial adds so much life to them. I wish you great continual success in your photography.


Sonny T. Senser
Orlando, FLorida,

[187] Chris Davis

Great work, thanks for sharing.

[186] Juan A. Roman
Brentwood, MD USA

I am very impressed with your Vietnam 2005 gallery. Your pictures have given me a fantastic view of that country.
Many thanks for posting...

[185] Alan Klaw
Rio Rancho New Mexico

Thanks for the E-Mail-First Happy New Year and Best Wishes to You and all your loved ones.Your Soccer shots(football) shots are breathtaking -the one of the elderly lady crossing the street captures so much of old and new that you might want to submit it.IMHO you captured an essential and fine pictorial history of contemporary Hanoi and its populace.We just got back from Oaxaca Mexico whose indigenous population bubbles,sparkes and roars out life in myriads of forms and colors.New shots- Pbase Cactus Klaw- tried to incorporporate some of your helpful suggestion.Again a Really Successful photoshoot and albiet a bit chilly vacation -I look forward to more of your travels.Best Alan

[184] Toan Nguyen
Chicoutimi, Canada

I really like your pictures where we can see the humain side of a trip in a foreign country. How can you approach people so close with your camera with so much ease?

I am planning a trip to Viet-Nam this spring and your pictures really helped me to have an idea about the photography possibilities of this country.

This is the first time I will visit my country of birth. My dad told me that April is better to visit Viet-Nam, not too hot and not too humid.

Thanks again,


[183] Frank Sheffield
san diego, usa

Julian, thank you so much for another fascinating, instructive, and artistically fulfilling tour. I do appreciate your work, or play, and your generosity in sharing it.
Happy New Year, Frank

[182] Michael Pfau

Lovely country portrayed by your wonderful photos!

[181] Miguel Angel
California - USA

nice work, i really like all the pics!

[180] Greg Newby
Liverpool, UK


Pretty fantastic shots you got there in a nice journalistic fashion.
I almost feel like I've been there because your images portrayed the place like I was stood next to you.

Well Done


[179] Mark
, France

Nice pictures Julian.

Offers a nice view of "people in action" if you know what I mean.


[178] c.suresh

hi there ,
excellent stuff, was thinking of going to vietnam next year ... u have just reassured me that i should ..... thanks

[177] Panir G K

Excellent pictures especially the caves and the
Halong Bay. You should have drunk the snakes blood.......Cheers and have a great new year ahead


One of the countries in my list to visit in the near future.. needless to say that your photos will just accelerate the plans .. and it is worth repeating - you have really a hidden third eye for capturing unforgettable moments ! My first preferences are the 'Shy' and 'Best Days in your Life' ...

[175] emi

Sigh,,, so good photos again. I have been to
Hanoi 3 times and even stayed for a while in the student area to study Vietnamese at one of those occasions. I am sure that I have witnessed all scenes here, but couldn't notice as you did. How can you make ordinary scenes into "something" really cathcy?!
I really like the one in the cave, the color comparison is super good. Also 'walking home' looks good as it appears so sharp even shutter speed is slow.
Don't you use tripod? Envy your unshakeable arms=)

[174] hirokazu yagi

Julian, they are vey nice photos. I envy you you were able to go to
Halong Bay. I was not able to go there when I visited Hanoi due to storm on the coast..

[173] Kao Wen Sheng

Hey there Julian, great gallery from your travels, continue to share your photographs, its inspiring :)

[172] Gavin

Julian - so many photos! Requires more than one sitting. Looks like youve improved from the old days. Only joking you were as good then.

Vincent de Groot
Louis, France

Hello Julian, I have been looking at your photographs and site. Both are excelent artwork! Greetings from France, Vinc

[170] Romain

very nice!

[169] Maxie Payne
Northern Beaches NSW, Australia

A truly beautiful collection of photographs Julian, an inspiring touch of life in every gallery!! Keep up the good work and Ill make sure I keep checking up :)

[168] Carmen

Ive discovered your website by chance when looking for something else and I have found your pictures amazing. Please keep up taking pictures, you should make this your profession!
Carmen (a Spaniard living in France).

[167] Leanne Cheung
Sydney, Australia

Hi Cous, I loved the
Bali photos-especially the personality pouring out of the faces of the Balinese people-well done (PS I just bought a Canon350D to and enrolled in a photography course-am loving it)

[166] sue anne rush

Julian, great pictures - you capture a great view ! I enjoyed seeing your pictures, especially
Singapore and the babies. sue anne

[165] Priscilla

Ive been to
Bali...never realised its such a beautiful and warm place...until I entered your Bali gallery that make me realised. ^____^....Damn the terrorists!!!

[164] William Peace
Loveland, Ohio

Your pics always brighten my day, my Friend.
Absolutely brilliant! Cheers, Peaceman

[163] Bob Schwartz
Long Island, NY, USA

Very nice gallery, Julian.
Looks like a great place to visit.

[162] Robin

Loved the
Bali pics. Re: The last photo, blending in, I think its the hat ;-)

[161] Denny
, Indonesia

Very nice gallery! The Bali collection really showed that youre able to capture people photo, their emotion n also interact with them. Thanks for sharing. I wish someday I could take photos like you - denny

[160] Leslie
Melbourne, FL USA

Thanks for posting! I really enjoyed viewing your gallery and it is nice to see other parts of the world and to read your commentary. It does seem like a nice and friendly place and it is sad that terrorists targeted them. Again, thanks for sharing.

Sturgeon Bay

Really enjoyed your
Bali photos. They brought back fond memories of a month I spent there more than 30 years ago. Travelled throughout S.E Asia for a couple of years at that time and thought Bali was a virtual paradise back then.

[158] Miguel Angel
Caracas, Venezuela

Your photos remind me of National Geographics images that deeply impressed me when I was a child. Your wide angle views clearly demonstrate that the best pictures are taken when the photographer blends with his subject.

[157] Bob Cleary
Denver, CO, USA

Greatly enjoyed your
Bali photo journal. Thanks for making it availabe for view through dpreview.com. Bob

[156] Rita

Gorgeous photos! I love your eye for composition.
Very well done. :)

[155] Frank S
California, USA

Your work gives great pleasure. I hope you reap in proportion to what you sew.
Thank you.

[154] Kevin Thornton
Pasadena, CA, USA

Only had time to view Bali & Wedding images. Just super! I like they way you see things. Are you continuing to use the 70-300DO? Also, I have to ask you, but do you have a Scottish accent?

James Ross
, Scotland

Some amazing pictures, Keep up the great work

Oklahoma, USA

Beautiful photos. Made my day, looking thru them.
Great job.

[151] Glenn
NJ, United States

Great photos, full of life.
I really enjoyed them.

[150] Jay
New York USA

Ive enjoyed many photo on the web, but yours is the first photo gallery I have enjoyed enough to actually comment on.
Thank you for sharing.

[149] Péter
, Hungary

Hi! Nothing new to say, but i have to say: great moments are that You frame/capture with your equipment, especialy i like the wide angle ones, bye peter

[148] Jason
Hong Kong

I follow you from
Bali to everywhere and I saw lots of heart in your pictures.

[147] Paul Selden

Nice pics. Just got a 5D and am delighted with the results, as no doubt you are too!

[146] Augustine

Very good eye, its a joy to see your collection.
Looking forward to more pics from you!

[145] Paul
, NY

I looked at your
Bali gallery -- looks like you had a great trip, and your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

[144] Elliott Mitchell

from one pro to another - YOU SHOULD BE
great stuff

[143] Charles

Some great shots, the
Bali set were very inspiring, amusing and unpretentious. Good luck...

[142] Owen Brown
Denton Texas USA

Very nice set of images. I found the composition and overall feeling of the images very warm.
Great Job Hope you had fun.

[141] Bakul Jani

Hey nice pics and wonderful warm personal enagaging eye you have and great that there no preconceived set pictures most them extempor . happy clicking Bakul

[140] James

Bali 2005, simply impressive. One of the best narrations Ive seen and impressive photos.
Thank you.

[139] Tristan
Scotts Valley, California

I greatly enjoyed looking through all of your photos. Each set has something special about it. I look forward to seeing more.

[138] Budy

Your latest photos in Bali make me want to go to Bali :) I like it a lot !

Don Pullem
Rochester Hills
, Michigan

Julian, Excellent work.
I also like the informative comments.

[136] Kevin Mok
Windsor, Canada

Great work! What an inspiration you are!

[135] Patrick Asensio
Los Angeles, USA

You have quite a collection of very inspiring photos, and youre an excellent photographer....
please, keep shooting :-)

[134] Neil Buchan-Grant
York, England

Great shots, great choice of shots!

[133] Wing-Kee Lee
Witten, Germany

Julian, the quality just gets better and better. Your photos are *amazing*...I hope my photos turn out like yours someday...take care and keep snapping!

[132] Arturo Fukuda
Lima, Peru

Im a Nikonian guy but I have to praise your job and no matter what camera you use...you are simply a great shooter.
Excellent composition. Congrats.

[131] Bryan A Downes
Nottingham, UK

Julian, Thank you for the very enjoyable experience of joining you in far off places. Even those of
UK were different and interesting. Congratulations on seeing these photographs and for allowing us into your life. A most enjoyable experience. Bryan

[130] Lennart K. Meinz
Osnabrueck, Germany 

Hey Julian! You have a very awesome gallery. I love your photography, you know how to use f/stops correctly. A nice thing is also the image quality in most of your shots. If I had the money, my wapon of choice would be the 5D aswell... seems to be a very

[129] MAtt
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Julian, very much enjoyed browsing through your photos.
Consider me a returning visitor from now on!

[128] stefano rubele
verona ITALY

What to say more? My compliments. You love people and we can see it. You love the heart and we can see. Great images!

[127] George Woo
San Francisco, CA USA

Great work! You have good eyes and great affinity with people, especially kids. I like very much the way you use empty space in your photos.
Thanks for sharing.

[126] Toan Nguyen
Chicoutimi, Canada

Your pictures are very intimates and the way you use wide angle and small DOF is out of the ordinary.
I really enjoyed your gallery.

[125] Daniel Yong

Excellent work Julian. I like especially your close ups with people.

[124] Mark Antony Smith

East Anglia, UK

Great Pics, I love the way you interact with the kids in the Bali Gallery.
You have a good eye.

[123] anand
london, uk

Bali gallery! Very much enjoyed it! Was wondering if I could ask you about prices in Singapore (forgive the assumption) for your 5D and lenses? Cheers!

[122] Vinny Formosa
Leeds Uk

Just looked at Bali and the comfort amongst all the mayhem was there for all to see.Beautifull presentation of a devistated community.Well done.When i find the time looking forward to looking through the rest of your site

[121] Joachim
, Austria

Wonderful! These are the best travel images I have ever seen. Great work. And the design of your website is brilliant: clean and very effective.
It´s a joy to look at your images.

[120] Andrea Buso
new york

You have done many nice photos. Your gallery was very enterteining, I looked at them all.
Thank you for sharing your traveling esperiences. Andrea.

[119] Dan
Raleigh NC, USA

Im impressed with how close you get to your subjects yet seem to have little impact on the images.
Nice work.

[118] Philip Diaz
Jersey City, NJ


[117] TY Leong

Julian, I came through to your site via your post in DPReview... you have a great set of shots of Bali. Beautiful... not because of the scenary but I think you have captured the human side of Bali very, very well. Keep up the good work. Do drop me an email

[116] chocko on DPReview
San Francisco, USA

Just saw the
Bali pics. Wonderful work, very inspiring to a beginning photographer. Thanks for posting!

[115] Yash

Theres a consistent theme appearing in all the comments, and its saying come up with a photo book. Ill be the 1st buyer, i love your photos esp the
Bali...keep it up!

[114] Patrick

I agree with them,
Bali is by far the best collection. You rock, Julian!..As much as your Camera. hehe

[113] Peter

Bali pics is some of your best work yet Julian - your eye for the shot is getting even better with experience!

[112] Emi

Seems like your new toy works pretty good!! All photos are nice, but I like the sunglasses with a certification the best as those frames far behind looks to emerge up!!

[111] Willem Wernsen

Beautiful work, my compliments;-)

[110] Carel Schutte
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Julian, thanks for visiting my site and for your note. Of course I take a look at your photowork, and in one word: AMAZING! You have a great look how to catch peoples life. Your black and white photos are from a high level.
I like this creatief way of loo

[109] Alan KLaw
Rio Rancho New Mexico

Wonderful depth-subject matter and composition. I felt I was at the wedding,You have a wonderfuleye. Keep running for you are passing and capturing the wonderful feast of life.

[108] haziel

- Impressive picture composition - Each and everyone of your photo tells a story.

[107] Priscilla

Wow wow wow....U really shld hv chrg Cedric and Shi Lim $$....They are lucky man....Excellent pics!!! Shld consider taking wedding pics with chrgs!! You are definitely up to it....

, India

Julian, I came to see your snaps from your dpreview message. I lost track of time going through your pages. They are wonderful and unique. BTW the guy on dpreview, think of him as a bad snap and chuck him out of your mind.
Keep shooting...

[105] Yannis

In Greek the word for amateur is erasitechnis, which means lover of art. Thank god you are a true erisitechnis, and even if you end up making loads of money from your shots, try to always stay one.

[104] Art Rosch
Woodacre, USA

Julian, youre an amazing photographer! Sorry that fellow at the forum got you so peed off. Your talent is deep, well rounded and based in sincere feeling.
Art www.artsdigitalphoto.com

[103] fritz

julian if you need more view come to my village at toba...enjoy man!

[102] John Goldie
Perth, Scotland

Well Julian. Im still amazed by how you seem to have such an eye for an instantaneous moment. It is a subtle skill but and obvious talent. Hopefully I will see you again before not too long and we can investigate sights together.

[101] Gilbert Paul Gelario
Manila, Philippines

Very beautiful pics! You work like a pro. Its nice to get to other parts of the world and take pictures.
Seeing the pics makes me feel Im there. =)

[100] Leong Woon Chee

The pictures are nice.
Good attempt.

[99] Suryana

Passion thats reflected in all your pictures..

[98] Hannah

Love your photos Julian!

[97] Charmaine Koh


, UK

With the Internet so full of rubbish its great to see places where things are done well.

[95] Lynette Yong

Kin Mo, life is short. Dont waste it. Carpe diem, my friend.

Jeanette Alvarez Garcia
Cebu City
, Philippines

Hey, I strongly agree with my kababayan who also posted their comments here. You should drop by in our country. We have a lot of amazing views for you to capture. Youve got an awesome talent, i wish i could paint all these pics!

[93] Ridwan
Sydney, Oz

We wonder with that kind of talent, what is he doing in P&G =p

Sharon Ho

Not really good in words & expressing my thots. What I can is that, after looking at your pics I felt so tiny at the same time motivated!
Am honor to receive your mail. BEAUTIFUL WORK!

[91] Eva
Hong Kong

wow, the pictures are awoesomes, even ive been all the places u mentioned, but i cant capture the image and angle like u do. Really admire the telant you have, keep it up and post more photo and show to us.

[90] Vivian

nice photographs...that is my first impression when l reached the site...

[89] Melina

Loved your pictures so much that they left me gobsmacked!
=) God bless!

[88] Kevin Walsh

Great Pics Jules. I checked out the
Singapore and the Scotland Pics and there are some really nice shots. Shame about the shutter problem on your Rollieflex. Can it not be fixed instead of spending ,000 USD on a new one. Ill check out your other pics

[87] Emi

Hey hey, thanks for uploading all the photos on SGO day!! The lady who has better camera than yours (hihi) is my yoga mate actually. Good to know there are lots more ppl dedicating their passion for photography, eh?
Look forward to your next album=)

New York, US

WOW, your photos are totally awesome, i love them, keep it up, much love and respect... peace

[85] jeanette

i love your photos, wish i could have more hours in a day to pursue photography but training takes up everything ive got. thanks for visiting my site too!

[84] Rachel Lim

Your pictures are really classic, they tell a thousand words.
Each one of them tell a story. Great pictures!

[83] Siska Soesanti


Your photos are amazing and very inspiring... great job!

, Japan

I like your picture very much!!

[81] Charlize

Man...these photos are amazing! You gotta teach me some photo-taking techniques!
God bless!


wow!! Thats good photo and really great work! keep its well go on,julian!! :)

[79] boonee

Great stuff!!!....really enjoy going thru these photos and your comments....
Keep it up !!!

[78] Javier

Hi Julian, Julies friend here. I saw your superb pictures and what the hell are they doing on a website only!!! The pictures gave us an opportunity to view stuffs around us in a different perspective.
Good work and cheers..

[76] Alice

Awesome pictures. Im amazed. Captivating. Our world is so beautiful, sometimes we dont realise it till someone comes along and capture those moments. :) Keep it up.

[75] Natalie
Los Angeles, USA

hey, found your msg. you take really good photographs!

[74] Budianto

What a wonderful life!
Simple, artistic, and inspiring!

[73] Erwati

Wow! Great photos! You have a great talent!


Beautiful photos. You have an eye for details.

[71] JOPA

Inspired and inspiring...

[70] Sau Ching

Your 1 in 10 Billion chance came out!
Great work Julian.

[69] Mary Cheung
Toronto Canada

Julian, amazing work.Your pictures gives colours, life, emotion with great details. Much better than many professionals.Dont waste time. Pick up your career This belongs to you.

[68] Zura Kassim
Manchester, United Kingdom

Immaculately captured pictures.. if a picture is worth a thousand words, yours definitely worth a million.. keep up the fantastic work!

[67] Lina

jakarta - indonesia

great pictures. so simple yet beautiful and full of emotions. a good photographer i think. hope can be his model someday, hahaha..

[66] diane c

this is hannys friend! she shared with me your site & all i can say is wow :) very nice photos :) ive probably been to 60% of those countries but it looked so different in the photos (especially the novena photos!)

[65] joelina chen

errrr,,,,,keep going....

Preston Sennett
Ontario, Canada

hey cousin hows it going? youve got a really nice page going here and quite the hobby!...well since i cant go over the 8 line limit ill end my entry here :) take care now and God bless!

[63] Yohanna

thats a great photos, good Job, and keep up your work with your talent. :)

[62] Ken Lee
london, uk

you have a true talent, well done!

[61] David Kuan

Hi there..., very natural pictures..right on the spot..really like it. Keep up the good work and hope you can take my picture too...!By the way..you should visit
australia mate! There are plenty of awsome views for you to take.

[60] Diane

Hi Julian, its very artistic!!~
Good work! :)

[59] Chris Ng

Hi,Im Julies friend!! I love your photos all are very well taken!! I love the bodily warmth at Thai... the animals look soooooo cute!! ;-) looking forward seeing more of your master piece! ...

[58] Christy Martalina Ng

Absolutely splendid pictures you have there Julian... love the way you combined the colours :) My favourite is the bodily warmth (
Thailand) where you managed to capture the precious moment. Keep the talent going and pictures flowing... :P

[57] Rus

Julian, brilliant!!! I enjoy all the pics so much. What can I say, all seem to be my favourite.
Your pics can really tell...Two thumbs-up!!!

[56] Budy Widjaya

Julian, sorry it took so long to sign your guest book. What can I say? The pictures that you captured were absolutely pro quality :) And, hey thanks for your support in our wedding in
Jakarta. Sorry for the mosquito bites :)

[55] Dany Setiawanto
Singapore, GO

Awesome man. Very Dramatic and lots of deep story telling.
Keep it going.

[54] Lik, X-Trekkers

Great pics!

[53] Eve Teo

Hi Julian.. Julies friend here. When would you be making me look pretty with your fantastic skills? Its a pleasure to have seen those pictures youve taken.

[52] Vanessa Teo
Fried Rice Paradise

Awesome pictures Julian!! i think you take better pictures than some of the so-called professional photographers here in
Singapore...haha :D Cant wait to see more!!!

[51] Lola

Julian... Finally Ive got
ur website to comment upon :). Great collections of pictures...which reminds me that life is indeed very colourful and has to be treasured. Keep it alive!!!

[50] Mabel Huang

Hi Julian!
Im introduced to view your homepage by our friend Julie. I saw many wonderful pictures youve taken. Impressive. You must have spent lotsa money on buying films and cameras huh? =) Keep up the good work! Ill visit your webbie again...

[49] Allen Cheung
Sydney, Australia

Mate...didnt realise youre so talented. Stop mucking around & become a travel photographer. Then again, its much more fun doing it as a hobby than as a job...

[48] Pete
New Zealand

Inspiring pics Julian. When are you coming to NZ to capture the amazing scenery and people here?

[47] poh yin

oh gosh, kinda surprise to see
ur webby.. excellent pictures u got there.. really well done.. i wish i can travel around the world like u man.. rock on =P

[46] cindy


ok you are officially now one of my favorite photographer. :D excellent pictures and tittle to go with. Hope to see more of
ur work!!

[45] Tabitha Lee


Beautiful, Simple, nice...

[44] Ariel Ng

Yo ~~ ThE pHotoS tAkeN aRe rEaLlY fAnTaStIc!! **^~~sOmE sHoTs aRe rEaLlY aWesOme~~^** (,) jUsT wOndEriNg dO I hAvE tHiS hOnoR to iNviTe yOu tO bE mY wEdDinG pHoTogRapHeR tOo?? :p

[43] Nadira

I love the pics, especially those with children, very aptly captured with great intensity and depth... really hope to see more of those! ;)

[42] Jari Juha Kalajainen

Espoo, Finland

good photos, and a great hobby you have there. your part of the world sure looks inviting, seeing as its the middle of winter here right now... though, this winters been easy on us :)

, Philippines

Julian! You are definitely in the wrong profession! :D You should drop by the Philippines sometime and take some pictures from here! :)

[40] Emilyn

I saw your profile at Friendster so thought of paying this web site a visit.Very well-taken photo. Since Chinese New Year is coming, maybe you will like to take picture at
Chinatown. It is just a suggestion

[39] Alssa

Hi, Im a friend of Julie. Glad she sent me the link to your website. Very interesting pictures youve captured and witty titles youve named them!

[38] Elaine Yeo


Im a friend of Juli who recommends me to surf your webpage. Fantastic photos taken!!! I like the scenary photos and those that reflect the lifestyle of the people in various countries.

[37] Cath Walker


Hey Julian, great to hear from you after all these years. Great site,great shots and great sense of humour! Oh and pretty good subject matter wouldnt you say!? :-)Take care, Cath

[36] Lina

Julian, i think your photos are totally awesome..and you have heard what Sue has said :D Follow your dream...your passion ...

[35] Mary Makin


Wow!!!! what great photos Julian, I had no idea of this hidden talent of yours (what are you doing working in an office?) Regards Mary

[34] Leanne Cheung
Sydney, Australia

Hi Cous, Fantastic job-I really loved your photos, and having been to
Thailand, I thought you captured the essence of the place beautifully. Congrats!

[33] Barry Cockburn


Julian, old friend, you are an amazing and talented photographer and Ive always believed that you should be making it your profession. Many of your photographs remind me of the ones I see in National Geographic.

[32] Queennie Bermas


With all the countries that youve been, theres one more country that you should explore..
PHILIPPINES!!! Its so beautiful! You will be amazed on the things that you will see there. With the very good talent that you have (an eye for beauty), one day, you will have exhibits and other gallery shows.. don't forget to invite me, okay? Cheers!

[31] erni


hey julian, what can i say? im so honoured to have my wedding pics and even geordi pic at your page. if you asked me erni+philip=geordi is my favorite!! but each picture is a masterpiece, not a pure luck shot. thanks for being my family official photograper

[30] Kim Myung Joo


Julian I am so proud of you. Great job! I still want to take a lesson from you....

[29] Ken Lee
London, UK

Great work, the timing & essence of each photo is superb! I think a family album should be in your upcoming works. Take Care.

[28] Jeslyn


Hi, am a friend of Ju. She was the one who email this site to me... i think the photo looks great. I thot the one
Singapore the uncle on the motorcycle with the arrow on the traffic is well taken.. well i dunno much about photography just like that pcs. :

[27] Karen Zheng

Im really glad that I pluck up my courage to ask for the photos else Ill never get to appreciate such stark beauty taken so innocently, out of lifes simple creations. Uve got a talent there!

[26] Mandy


Great work Julian... you managed to capture the human emotions so well! Ever considered taking your hobby further? :-)

[25] Manjula


Hey Julian...great stuff and you are definitely in the wrong profession!

[24] Michelle Tan

Hi, i just think tat yr pics are real fantastic...very great!!!pics are very vivid n some of e pics reali captured my heart...makes me feel tat im at e plc reit now..great job...

[23] Panir G K


Looks very cool ! Superb job !I like the ones titled colours and paint and the one you took at Glencoe
Scotland. They look very natural, candid and picturesque. It captures the moment very well. Keep up the good work !

[22] Fiona Harris

United Kingdom

Julian, U r in the wrong job! Your photos are simply beautiful! U should have taken a few photos for me on my wedding day. Anyway, you can make it up the next time you are here in
UK or when i am back in Singapore!

[21] emi


hi, I linked this site to mine. I wait for your completing C-license done in near future, ok?

, Indonesia

WOW! Your pictures are amazing (as always). I really enjoy your newly posted pictures
Thailand, especially the one titled colours and local ladies. I think the composition is excellent and the colour is wonderful.

[19] Nick Kambounias


Awesome photos Julian. These are professional quality. Thought of taking your hobby further?

[18] Joan Wheaton

Adelaide, Australia

Julian, Your photos are awesome, you have managed to capture so much emotion in so many. Your comments are quite interesting and completes the picture. Happy Snapping!!

[17] Julie Sin [ JS ]


Frankly, altho I never said it..(ok, now I am saying it..) I really enjoy looking at your Photos and reading your Commentaries ...Very Entertaining ;) But I also wanna Complain! How come our photos taken on the recent KL trip is not being posted??? I know i wasnt a good model but give me some face yah??? hahaha

, Australia

Nice! Looks like a fantatic experience. Though the elephant poo does not seem to be tempting me to the water.

[15] Pierre Carlo Conde

Manila, Philippines

These photos are simply amazing. Are you using a digital camera or the old school film camera? You should visit the
Philippines soon and take some photos. There are a lot of neat places here.

[14] Lukito


Fabulous photos pal! I couldnt agree more...

[13] Deborah Hanson


These are just the best photos. I agree, your in the wrong job. I loved what you wrote as well. Im still excited by the photos!!! Keep me posted. Ha! It was good to see what you look like! Ie spoken to you so many time. I was not expecting chinese with the scottish accent.

[12] Martina


Hey - youre in the wrong job ! Why are you not being paid mega dollars to take photos like this ? Fantastic shots.

[11] Hanny Widjaja


Hey Julian..why the one under
Indonesia still under construction????!!! Are you still traumatised with the sore throat? Hahaha :) Anyway, love your picture on Thailand..I thot they were postcard....

[10] Bill Peace


Fantastic photos! You are a Master.

, Philippines

Nice photos, J. More than a hobby, eh?

[8] Wing-Kee Lee

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hi Julian!! We remembered your URL!! :) Hope you had a great bamboo rafting today..we got absolutely soaked! Not got enough time to go through your photos but the ones I have seen so far are fantastic! Take care and drop me a mail if you have time, Wing-K

[7] Ananthi Singayyan


Great Stuff, Julian!!!

[6] Jessie


Is it you? hehe...

[5] Pierre Carlo Conde

Manila Philippines

great collection of photographs! your photos are full of emotion. you should put up an exhibit mr. julian.

[4] meg

melbourne australia

Julian Thank you for inviting me to visit your Gallery. I am always delighted when someone who I know in one capacity (in your case through P&G) reveals a whole otherside to themselves - in your case your art. Wonderful images and I love the comments you

[3] hasui yoko

Julian, It was great to see such a good works. Each photos are simple, but can feel your emotion behind it. Together with small comments with white background, the photo outstands for its brightness and monochrome. It is like gentle comfortable BGM. yo

[2] Hiro


I like my photo on your home page. But isnt it against copy right?? I have never heared anything from you that you put my photo on it!!

[1] Alisa Suttiwong

Im so surprised what you make this webpage ....... so warmed and familywise. Very nice to know you.


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