Cedric & Shi Min



In June 2005, Cedric invited me to his wedding, and since Ive taken photos at weddings before, I offered to help him out and bring my cameras along to take some snapshots....please note I dont do this professionally or for money, its just to help out friends.

[ sidenote : most of the below photos were taken using black and white film, this will probably be the last time I use film, as its a bit too time consuming firstly, to buy, then take to lab and develop, then take home and individually scan! This process will be cut out when I move fully to digital ]



Relaxing with friends at home.




time to start getting ready







Has everyone got everything?




Yup, Ive got the pig!!




Cedric thinks over his last days as a bachelor




arrival at bride’s house




the posse follows behind




And now begins the traditional chinese game of trying to get into the brides house



The brides door minders force one friend to paint his nails





then demand Cedric serenade his bride with some Chinese love songs





Have you boys heard about leg wax?




all the guys carefully read the instructions



everyone has lots of hair to wax off








hey aunty, can you help me, they wont let me in












 The decisive moment, will she accept the flowers?











Cedric feels the strain




time to drink soup




Cedric does his best to not spill any, as mother in law  looks on in approval








time to leave








Checking that everything is ok before people arrive











Guest start to arrive




Some P&Gers





graffiti artist




radiant ladies I




radiant ladies II




someone is going to sleep right though this…..










Not everyone is here yet, we will have to delay !!




Cedric calling up the wedding planner




Last minute touch ups




















Portrait of a flower girl




Uncles getting their cameras ready




whilst Cedric tries to not look too nervous




Last minute touchups part II



Shi Min checking if everyone is here









This is it ….. Cedric takes a deep breath




Cue the music…..here comes the bride….




















standing together as one




with this ring, I thee wed…..






The body of christ…



…the blood of Christ



its official!!!




Shi Min’s friends sing a special song for her









Just happy its done






Flower girl , bubble girl








formal portrait for friends




going home with Dad….




Everyone is really tired




Cedric changes into something more comfortable

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