500 iso    f 2.0   1/400 sec   50mm







man in the mirror

at this roadside restaurant, I had the most delicious indonesian style chicken and the "spesial" which was fishcake








dirty tourist
400 iso    f 5.6   1/800 sec   16mm
Virgin dance??? Took this when waiting for Rus to get her nails painted, a clothes shop called "Dirty Harry" was behind.






fresh from the sea
100 iso    f 5.6   1/800 sec   150mm
















checking the surf






125 iso    f 5.6   1/250 sec   300mm

young and old

The contrast between young and old, rich and poor made me sad. Indonesia I guess must have no pension for its old people, thus you see lots of old ladies in Bali selling stuff to tourists. This weather-beaten lady was selling what looked like pieces of coloured cloth, she looked quite tired and was taking a rest in the shade after walking from tourist to tourist trying to make a sale. I guess you can look at it from a more positive point of view in that shes atleast got a source of income than none at all.









this is Dreamland beach - well known to surfers, it was a long drive to get here, but worth it for the view









street food

100 iso    f 2.8   1/500 sec   16mm
This concoction of rice, green beans, nuts and a few other things looked really delicious, so I just had to stop and buy one. I took this shot of a mother and her son, as she was making it for me on the side of the road. This was real Balinese food geared toward a local palate more accustomed to eating chilli. My mouth was on fire after the first mouthful, and soon my nose was running, the locals seeing this were all in stitches laughing as I walked past them.








monkey handler

handlers are needed as sometimes the monkeys will frighten tourists by climbing on them and grabbing loose items








500 iso    f 2.8   1/160 sec   50mm


completely not bothered by my close proximity, these monkeys have long gotten used to the presence of humans.

Technical note, as I had decided on a aperture of f2.8 to make a shallow depth of focus shot and blur the background, I had to use manual focus to make sure the monkey's eyes were sharp and in focus, as the camera's own auto-focus system kept focusing in on the monkeys nose instead of the eyes.

photo courtesy of Koko







500 iso   f 2.0  1/125 sec  50mm


I was about 1 foot away from this mother and child who seem unfazed by my presence, so much so that I was able to spend a few minutes waiting for the right shot. I think I overstayed my welcomed as another monkey decided to put his hand on me, which funnily enough did little to distract me. My souvenir from this experience is this photo as well as 8 mosquito bites, I was scratching myself all the way back to the jeep!


photo courtesy of davin









cold drink
1600 iso    f 2.8   1/2500 sec   16mm
I have no idea what kind of fruits this woman was selling, but they looked locally produced and my friend Davin bought a who bunch to take back to the hotel to eat.







4 ladies
1600 iso    f 5.0   1/6 sec   16mm

Taken at a specialist art market, there were lots of paintings being sold, only a few caught my eye. It was here I saw the rich culture of bali, modern paintings mixed with old, such a variety, and all at reasonable prices. This area of Bali was definitely an art lovers dream.







chocolate cake
160 iso   f 2.8   1/1000 sec   17mm
This waiter was on his way to to a table... I was lucky to get this shot. This was at a famous Bali restaurant called The Dirty Duck, whos major speciality was "crispy duck"









get off me!
1600 iso   f 6.3   1/60 sec  16mm

photo courtesy of Rus
On the left here, is Rus' photo taken pretty much the exact moment when I was taking the above photo so you get a little bit of an idea what it was like (its great when you have friends with cameras!) note that I had my other lens in a black bag snuck under my armpit, I didnt have the time to put it in my bag as the energy and sponteneity of the kids would have been lost, I was really lucky the kids were not put off by my camera and still continued to play about. I guess they enjoyed larking about and seeing themselves on my camera as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

photo courtesy of Davin








funny face
1600 iso   f 6.3   1/60 sec  17mm
I was thinking about my camera lens and whether they were going to put their sandy hands on it, thankfully they didnt








grilled corn

I bought one cob from this guy, he would proceed chargrill it and smear with butter, very tasty








sunset dinner
1600 iso    f 2.8    1/3 sec   16mm
We ate grilled fish and crab on this beach restaurant. Initially we wanted to go eat at the one where the terrorists had bombed, but that was closed, probably still undergoing repairs
















wall to wall
1600 iso   f 2.8  1/500 sec  16mm
Dvds are very popular amongst the locals, and the holidaymakers too, it was noted that there is such any element of trust between that sellers and the buyers, that in one shop they were renting out dvd player at about 4 dollars a day and the shop owner didnt even ask for a deposit from the guy.








bacon and eggs

not a great photo, but is a reminder (for me atleast) of what I ate for 3 days, a great start to the day!








curves and lines

taken whilst waiting for the hotel elevator to come up








little green boy
100 iso   f 5.6  1/100 sec  300mm








pink lady

theres something I dont quite like about this shot, Im thinking of deleting it from this gallery








CHANEL : certificate of quality

haha ..... these were not displayed in a Chanel boutique, but on a stall on the side of the street
















beauty of motherhood
500 iso    f 2.0   1/800 sec   50mm
Its photos like this that makes photography so rewarding for me..... love, innocence, beauty, and gentleness, all in one shot, if you look closely you can see my reflection in this little baby's eye. If I ever go back to Bali one day I will definitely make sure I print out a large copy of this photo and give it back to this mother. She was working at her shop and was trying to sell nik naks, but was so kind to give me some of her time to let me take a photo of her and her daughter, she didnt even pester me to buy anything. I really learned something about the kindness of the balinese people from this one incident. It completely saddens me that terrorists come to this island to blow people up, and endanger the lives of the great Balinese.





cheeky boy
500 iso    f 1.4   1/250 sec   50mm








little buddies










As you can imagine, the balinese were angry at the bombings not only because balinese lives were lost, but it caused lost income as Bali gets most of its income from holiday makers, who have turned away in droves .







the field

can you imagine the amount of work needed to work this field? I think it was atleast 200m x 300m in size








the scooter is a very popular and cheap way of getting about, although I do question the safety aspect









the main religion in Bali is hinduism








Sunday dinner at Warung Made
1600 iso    f 6.3    1/2 sec   16mm

This was a well known restaruant that sold a very popular dish called mixed rice, and being Sunday night it would have been very busy if not for the bombings. In fact Rus and Davin told me that the last time they were in Bali, they only just gotten a table at this restaurant and that was one of the less desirable tables by the outside pavement. Now we waltz in at about 7pm, and are able to get one of the tables in the top mezzanine section.








Capsoul I

there are numerous live bands hitting out western tunes, this band was called Capsoul      iso 3200   1/20th sec   f 6.3  150mm






Capsoul II

iso 3200   1/15th sec   f 7.1   180mm








this is a daily tradition, to make like bamboo square baskets to contain the daily offerings








morning offering
200 iso   f 2.8  1/400 sec  16mm








can I help you?

like I have said before the balinese were very friendly and had amazing teeth :-)







gimme five

got this shot sticking my head outside a moving car window...another example of the friendly attitude of the balinese








$100 dollars please

upon departure, my friends where asked to pay a fee of $100 (SGD) to leave Bali (depends on passport type you carry)







the watchmen

security personel were in abundance


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The End, thanks for viewing!

To pre-empt any technical questions, the gear I used and carried every day was :

Canon EOS 5D digital camera
Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens
Canon 70-300mm DO IS lens
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 lens
Transcend 4Gb CF card
Lexar 2Gb CF card
BP511A battery x 3
Gitzo G1027 tripod (not used)
Optech classic strap (amazing performance)
Padded bag with strap just big enough to hold 2 lenses
No filters or lens hoods used

All photos shot in simultaneous Raw+jpeg mode but mostly worked with the jpegs during post processing as that was faster. Raw file was used once, and in that instance, used CanonDPP for the conversion to jpeg.

Photos edited with Adobe Photoshop7 and uploaded using Dreaweaver MX.


I need to learn to blend in better with the locals!   (photo courtesy of Rus)

Thanks for viewing.

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